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  1. Confused.com
    Are you both saying that you won’t accept any criticism of the owners, members the board.

    • Our position is clear if you read it Nigel: “Hugh and Iain Dale should make a new statement of respect towards our owners and board. That’s not to say do not criticise them just to do it respectfully”

      • whose the judge on respectful,
        I don’t generally go in for the name calling of them but i will accuse them of being economical with the truth, and in actually destroying part of the club in the move.
        Now i know you will disagree with that.
        I think before defending the owners though perhaps the two of you should of stamped out on both sites the mud slinging that has gone on for ages.

        • I think we will allow people individually to decide on what is dignified criticism —I think you know the sort of stuff we are talking about. There’s enough of it out there. Who will judge it? The people who made the statement given they are the site owners.

        • The two of us …did that several weeks ago. It was on both sites

        • Pot and Kettle young Nigel,i see to recall you in one of your many guises on the other site being less than complimentary about here when you were banned lol

          • no pot or kettle
            i have only 2 guises, mywhufc or my actual name.
            I was banned from here for personal reasons that are best left un-said.
            I never had a pop at individuals who comment on here or partook in it.

          • Well I’ll say it for you Nigel/mywhufc: You were banned for relentless trolling of me and the site claiming consistently that I, it, and Sean by implication, therefore,were in the pocket of the owners despite much evidence to the contrary. Nothing personal at all. Just a pain and out of order. You were also rung with messages left and olive branches offeredwhich were rejected. So please stop playing the usual victim role . It honestly doesn’t suit you given everything.

          • Oh please Nigel i have much respect for you and your comitment to our club but dont bs an old goat like me.You were always having a go when banned.
            This place is all the better for you being on it in my opinion but dont try to give me the Snow White Kahn story lol

  2. Final paragraph reads: We are as one on this – it stops here and going forward, whilst criticism is obviously going to arise, please ensure it is respectful and considered…we move on with dignity please!

  3. Well said Iain and Hugh. We can all criticise but not just for the sake of it. If we agreed on everything about WH how boring life would be. But justify what you are saying and not by just saying their Sh..e or its never been any different. We have come so far since the Icelantic lot were in charge and no it isn’t perfect now but we have progressed and we have 3 guys in charge in the two David’s and Slaven who really care about the club. So if the only thing you can do is swear and cuss and not give constructive criticism then there are plenty of other sites out there who allow you to do so.

  4. Hugh, I love your website. I really do. You have eclipsed KUMB for me but I must confess to being a bit confused by this article. You are all over the place. Maybe it is because I have not read the content you are refering to (I can guess what it might be and that it is Jermain related?) but I don’t see how we get from that ‘crticism’ of him in particular to a general condemnation of all ‘criticism’ ie of the two Davids. I agree that there is no place for foul mouthed, ill informed ‘trolling’ and it does us no good as a club to be associated with this and so, yes, absolutely you should moderate, but I would caution against the slippery slope. Apologies, if it is me misunderstanding and maybe I am failing to get the point here but I am worried about what you are saying. If you are saying ‘Jermain is a nice man, as evidenced by his behaviour and so is beyond critcism’ I would have to take you to task over that. As far as I am concerned he has no place ever wearing a West Ham shirt again, even if he is nice to his Mum as well. I feel that as every bit as strongly as you feel he should. Now, I may be wrong (but I don’t think I am) and I may be misguided (again, I don’t think so) but surely we are a broad church, broad enough to disagree but still remain a family? Moderate the language, the vitriol, by all means, but please, not the content. Those that criticise the Davids (‘They haven’t spent enough money’… oh, but they have… look at the facts) will inevitable condem themsleves out of their own mouths. Let them do that… just censor the ‘potty mouths’. Good luck! Oh, and he has not been canonised… and he is old… and he would be a ‘weed in the garden’… and it gives out all the wrong messages to the younger players… and he is not one for the future…

    • This is not about trolling Jermain …but his example recently prompted us to call time on the sort of foul mouthed abuse which the boardand others in the club – manager, mark Noble have suffered. The reader who asked us to do this is quoted and that is what we are reacting to. It’s about criticising with dignity and respect – not STOPPING CRITICISM. Nobody is saying that Iron Man and if you read carefully towards the end that is made clear. It reads:Final paragraph reads: We are as one on this – it stops here and going forward, whilst criticism is obviously going to arise, please ensure it is respectful and considered…we move on with dignity please!

      • Understood. Personnaly, I think we have a lot to be gateful for… I know it doesn’t seem like it at times, but would any of us rather support Chelski? No, people get divorced but they don’t change their football club. I told my wife that once… I’ll let you know how that went down if you like. Anyway, the incessant negativity is certainly draining and as you say, unwarranted and foul mouthed abuse, belittles us all. Is it practicle for you and Ian to moderate in ‘real time’? If so, brilliant. Again. good luck and thanks for all your WHU related hard work. COYI !

  5. I wish I could understand anything that’s been said above but I’m totally confused with the article it’s all over the place?😕

  6. Well it seems pretty clear to me,mkst of us have had enough of idiots with their comstant Porn Twins,Dumb and Dumber,Dildo Twins rubbish on sites.
    If you cant be critical or criticise without coming out with that drivel there is something wrong with you lol

    No surprise to see Nigel first out of the traps lol

  7. How difficult is it to understand..
    Put simply most of us are totally peed off with reading abuse thrown whether at the owners,Brady or even our captain.It doesnt mean we support or indeed like them but there is no need for the ridiculous name calling.
    It has got to the stage where it isnt even consrtuctive,just pure childish bs.

  8. Lol well as an illiterate C&H user it makes perfect sense to me.Its made me come over all love & peace.I feel like Dillon off the Magic Roundabout 😂😂

  9. What’s this all about – someone crossing the line or what – a bit of a mystery to me!!

  10. I can not understand the sheer hatred some display against the owners & Brady. The two D’s came in & literally saved the club, I can’t remember which one said this but he said “from a business point of view it’s madness buying the club but we are fans”.
    They put their money where their mouth is & invested tens of millions of their own money in to the club they loved. How many other’s would have done the same?? how many would buy a business that was in £100m+ in debt & everything that was owned was mortgaged up to their eyeballs?

  11. Do most fans even take notice of what supporters say on our sites.
    I dont think most fans even use them for the very reason that that they are a playground for the moaners and windbags.
    It isnt a hard thing to do is it to be critical without the name calling.

  12. It’s a sign of the times that this request even has to be made. Constructive criticism is fine and often helps, blatant rudeness doesn’t achieve anything. I wish the constant moaners would put as much energy into backing the team as they do into their moaning. I certainly don’t agree with a lot of the decisions that the Board have made, but I respect the fact that they are trying to improve the club (yes, with many mistakes along the way). So, a reasonable request that hopefully everyone will understand. COYI

  13. You just know it.The Guardians will be flapping while snorts of derision are heard from behind them 😂😂😂😂
    No doubt this joint statement will be our fault as we are the rabid ones 😁😁

    • Its a good job you lads are only joking or it could qualify for a ban lol
      Im not in to the blame game neither site came out of it smelling of roses before,its why i stopped reading both sites.

  14. Actually Hugh, since you mentioned it, you banned me after i made a cheap gag on Facebook at your expense.
    Yeah i had a pop at this site when you banned me, but not individual posters
    i don’t imply anything. i come out with it, ask Sean, he knows what i call him.
    I don’t play the victim at all sticks and stones and all that, but we both know why i was let back in.

    • You are gilding the lily of course. It was regular trolling on at least three occasions. It wasn’t I who let you back in. So have no idea what you are on about and don’t care very much ether cos it can always be reverted

  15. I have watched many people play the victim over the years on sites.In some cases the personal abuse can be over the top but most who get it are also very good at giving it out in their own ways even if they dont do it overtly.
    They will start to cause the users they dont like problems on sites,make false accusations about them,accuse them of being trolls or being other people they previously fell out with just to get them banned
    I have seen it all before so i never have much time for these ‘victims’.

  16. I think the reason some people get so riled up and resort to name calling is out of frustration that so many of the major West Ham sites are constantly seen endorsing the board or defending players like Jermain. This ultimately makes people feel they cant trust the site or give an unbiased view. For many, what Jermain did was unforgivable and the board have not made anywhere near the investment they made many believe they would. I realise this is no reason to use the language that is sometimes used but I think it’s worth remembering that this is Football we’re talking about and foul language is often the norm. Furthermore some people are perhaps not quite as intellectually gifted as the moderators so use the sort of language they use in their circles. It’s your site so moderate it as you feel fit but please dont disinfect it to the point where there is no alternative point of view.

    • So u r suggesting that we should not ask people to act with dignity because swearing and abuse is the norm in football? Nobody is banning alternative points of view so the premise on which your comment hangs is false. We are just askining prople to act in a decent manner. when criticising. Wrong?

      • No problem with asking for dignity as some people go too far but if someone were to say something as simple as “I think the board are p****s”, are you going to ban them? Clarify your rules and move on remembering it’s Football not The Great British Bake Off.

        • Do you think calling people p***** is not being abusive?
          This may not be ‘Bake Off’, but I think the idea is to show some control, and restraint, over the language used.

        • I think the clarification of rules has been made. Calling people p….s See u next Tuesday and effing k…heads etc isn’t required. And we have moved on on that basis

  17. Can’t we just go back to having a laugh and a joke a bit of banter and not taking life so bloody seriously? I miss the good old days of cake recipes, Bubs donkey and Matte’s weekend shenanigans😀

    • Its been quite funny tonight actually GW reading fans who blatantly called them the Porn Twins and other shyte now applauding this new show of respect.Two faced bellends 😂
      Do we have to show the same respect to Sammy Baby as well 😂😂

      • We should all show Sluggy respect though Rads shouldn’t we or we’ll all be classed as haters, inbreds, Neanderthals etc etc 😂😂

    • One man’s banter is another man’s insult. Nobody has said you can’ tbut we will not put up with the sort of filth and abuse we have often seen.

      • Point taken Hugh😀 Just meant the days of a good cake recipe are sorely missed 😂😂

        • Banter is always good, if you read something and it makes you laugh like many of Matte’s posts, it enriches the experiences for regular visitors of the site.

  18. I feel a bit like an outsider watching in on a family argument.

    I think I have got it. Criticism is fine. Just keep it polite. What’s difficult about that.

    On a different but related point- what’s all this about how Defoe can never be forgiven. Let it go you blokes. What things can never be forgiven. Murder, child abuse, robbing an old person. Yes there are some things. But come on, this is football ffs. We love it & for me playing it was the best thing I did with my clothes on. Once I was too old to play watching was next best. But it is a great game to enjoy. Not to get all bitter & twisted about.

  19. And no sarcastic comments Radai about the best thing I did with my clothes off. Having a bath- obviously.

    • Lol 1864 as if i would be sarcastic to you.Dont know what you mean 😂

  20. As if you would. Yes perish the thought. Damn! Now you have got me doing it…

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