SHUT UP MIRALLES – Let the Tomkins thing go

Everton’s Kevin Miralles has chosen to gob off about James Tomkins ahead of his team’s clash with Spurs this afternoon !

A week on it seems, he can’t let it go and takes the moral high ground by claiming that our central defender set a terrible example for kids.

One answer to that: “Do you think that by reminding them – as you pursue an easy headline and attract some attention to yourself – is a good idea then mate?”

He rants on about “going out there to be the best role model you can – not just for the fans but for the millions of children watching the game at home.”

That last week’s game wasn’t on TV and that his rather unnecessary words may attract pictures of the event in The Sun – thus reminding those “millions of kids”  about the event – doesn’t appear to occur to him.

It isn’t until the twelfth paragraph of the story that he apologises for his own part in the events that stirred up the storm and fails to mention that Irons boss Sam Allardyce sorted things out with HIS player very sharply after the match.

We note he has absolutely nothing to say about the activities of James McCarthy who produced a shocking challenge on Morgan Amolfitano or of any other Everton-induced incidents.

The whole affair ceased to be an  of Miralles’ business the minute it was over so three words seem a lot more appropriate than his many – JUST SHUT UP!


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4 comments on “SHUT UP MIRALLES – Let the Tomkins thing go

  1. And more to the point he might have added “and I’ll be speaking to that toe rag scouser team mate of mine Barkley for his blatant dive”

    Credit to Sam for condemning Tonks for his actions, shame on Martinez for excusing Barkley. Martinez went down in my estimation last week more than TOMKINS did for that very reason, again Tonks has held his hand up and said yeah I did wrong. West Ham actually come out of the affair very well IMO.

  2. The phrase pot calling kettle springs to mind!
    If I remember correctly both he and McCathy were lucky to be on the pitch by this time after their disgusting horror “tackles”! Not go mention barkleys Mark spitz impersonation!

    But the real villains of the piece were the officials. Now I’m not one for always blaming the officials but if they were doing there job properly our players would have been protected and all the nonsense avoided, not to mention we would have gotten at least a well deserved draw from the game. COYI!

  3. Agree again Phil. The officials are poor this year. Did you see Sunderland Chelsea? The wrestling that went on in the box. Costa could have had 2 red cards! What is going on? They need to be accountable more in my view.

  4. Miralles is so concerned about being this great role model for the kids that he got booked yesterday for booting the ball away after getting a freekick given against him.Do hope none of these kids he is so aware of being looked up to by dont think this is now acceptable behaviour next time they play.Practice what you preach you muppet 🙂

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