Signing Chicharito is key to West Ham transfer success

HernandezSigning Javier Hernandez would a massive coup which could make or break this summer transfer window for West Ham in the eyes of the supporters.

The signing of Pablo Zabaleta on a free transfer and the probable imminent loan signing of  Joe Hart are both massively welcomed and will add the promised quality to the squad but we also need a marquee signing who is a proven goal scorer to make this summer a perceived success.

The signing of Chicharito is as much a statement of a player of his quality actually wanting to come to West Ham as it is about his proven ability. He has been offered big money to play in the MLS for L.A Galaxy but if he chooses the London Stadium instead it send out a big message to the footballing community.

Sure he wants massive wages and understandably the club are reluctant to break the current wage structure for fear of upsetting other star players but there are always creative ways around this. A signing on bonus spread over three years like Fehougli is one option open to them but a Payet type wage deal with a lower basic of say £90,000 per week plus appearance bonuses of £30,000 per game and £50,000 per goal could get him in theory to the £140,000 to £150,000 per he is quoted as wanting.


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37 comments on “Signing Chicharito is key to West Ham transfer success

  1. Well if he is going to get paid big money for every goal scored will he pass the ball or go it alone . It’s a team game . Hopefully that won’t be the case if the signing gets over the line .

  2. While I agree we need a top striker and he fits that bill $140k a week plus bonuses etc is crazy
    We would be better with two decent championship strikers for the same money plus Carrol Sakho and youth
    The forest striker and Leeds striker combined gives us options and competition both score goals and stepping up as Antonio has shown is very possible
    Also keeps the peace with the squad which is worth 10 goals a season at least
    We pay that money and how soon before half a dozen players start asking for parity
    I would also still look at Giroud who would be far lower wages

  3. We already have Sakho and Carroll-lets see what Gary Lewin can do with them..
    Add to them, we have Toni Martinez and Ashley Fletcher- given half a chance, they may come good.
    That said, I’m still biased in favor of a ‘Payet-like payment deal’ for Chicharito..

    Could we then still afford Amautovic as a left-winger?
    The guys from Forest and Leeds are additional options, but would not be cheap!

    • Sorry max but fletcher is no way good enough IMO… if chicharito want to com e and we want to go up a level then find a way and pay the money they have been talking for a while now and and someone will gazump us in a min also get Marko too ..hopefully its not just smoke and mirrors from our owners and we will actually get this done soon

    • Are you really saying that we should keep what we got? That worked out well for the last couple of season didn’t it?

    • AC hasn’t been fit in the 5 years he has been here I like him but he hasn’t every scored over 9 goals. And nevered played more than 25% on avg of season. Lewin is good but not a magician. And AC will never stay fit best as an Impact sub. Sahko has to prove himself this year or career in top flight is over.
      But even with them we need a Striker and Chic at only £13m is a bargain. Like me and Marko spoke of pay him Sign on Bonus and keep his wages around £90k and then have small performance based or if he gets 15 goals he gets 50k. Which would be worth it.
      He is proven and we need that with have gone a decade with out a striker who can get over 10 goals.
      He is worth £20m plus and if he can give us 15 goals plus then £125k-140k is worth it.
      I will take him Keita Balde for LW and he two footed can cover up front and CF. Those two with Antonio would blast thru defenders

  4. Maybe £10k per goal OR assist would do the trick.

  5. I hope they’ve got other ‘irons’ (see what I did there!) in the fire – I’ve always thought he was a lightweight – not for me!

  6. I would take him all day long,end of the day he scores goals & has done wherever he has been.

  7. I have to wonder the reason for some of these articles. I do not fancy this guy at all. If you asked me to spend this sort of money I would prefer to splash double the transfer fee on martial or Bats rather than spend 30 million on a player who I just cant see making a difference to us. I really like Sigurdson and for me I would be very happy if the club spent their entire budget on Sigurdson and Bats. Lets not spend crazy money on players who are simply not moving us anywhere near top 6. Look at Everton, 40m bid for Sigurdson – they have no intention of wasting their money, they will spend big on the right players, quality over quantity is what we need. I like Zabelleta, I also like the Joe Hart signing. I think we then need 3 top players, a centre forward (martial for me then Bats), a playmaker (Sigurdson all that long) and then a pacey wide player (left footer the lad from Columbia could be a good signing). I would be happy then. David’s don’t buy second rate players.

    • Martial cost 36 (i think) mil when utd bought him before the increase in transfer fees. we would be looking for atleast £50 plus now for him. we couldn’t afford him.

      Sigurdson would be the same. No point of comparing to everton, there owners are loaded. We already have a playmaker, lanzini!

    • We need a CB too with 3 @ the back 4 centre halves 2 over 30 others injury prone. Would could use Rice and another CB doe back up.
      Which Zab might do like him as signing but don’t see him as wing back. But could work he can cover at CB. But Tom Lees for £5m at 25 would be good

  8. The longer it drags on the more we seem to be heading towards a Carlos Bacca situation, we could have signed Bacca for about 45k a week less than Hernandez, we could have signed Ayew on a free transfer with 110k a week basic which would have seemed a no brainer to me, instead we end up paying 20.5 million and probably the same salary or slightly more (one way or another) history seems to repeat itself, whether we like it or not the transfer market has changed a lot in the last two seasons we need to align ourselves to be more competitive within it, I don’t envy the chairmen that’s for sure because the money is astronomical now.

  9. I don’t get why we’re not spending more money – surely the Davids have enough to be bidding 30-40m for top players? Sullivan’s a billionaire…

  10. I am in favour of a bit of caution when it comes to accepting massive wage demands. But I saw figures the other day comparing wage bills/revenue etc in the Prem.Our wage to revenue ratio was by no means near the top & was below several of our rivals for top half. To be fair it was for 2015/16 season & some of last season’s deals may have worsened the ratio- I have no idea. I am not in the ‘give them whatever they ask for’ camp but I think most players in the end go where the money is & we may have to push the boat out a bit to get a top striker or playmaker.

  11. I do not understand how anyone can moan about us potentially signing him.

    Is he better than what we have now: YES.
    Is he a proven premier league goalscorer: YES
    Does he normally stay fit: YES
    Transfer fee cost effective: YES

    The only downside I can see is his wages BUT if he comes in and scores goals WHO CARES!

    If we can sign Hart, Hernandez & Arnautovic we have strengthened 3 of our starting 11 positions. Add in Zab and that’s 4 of our starting 11. At least we are not buying squad players again!

    • Totally agree mate 😉

    • His wages are a big problem. We have recently agreed new deals with a few first team players and they are going to have the hump if someone is brought in on double their wages. It could have a sever impact upon squad morale. The last thing we need after last season is half a dozen players acting like Payet did on the pitch.

  12. Pay him what he wants through appearance bonuses and goals scored ….we are willlling to pay 25/30m for a proven striker ? Well we get chicharito for 13m and give him what he wants in wages what’s the bloody problem..doesn’t it all amount to the same thing?????…get it done before he goes somewhere else like every other player we want/wanted before he someone else beats us to it

  13. Much better to just plod on with the Poppodom and his 100k a week deal for sitting on his arse and doing nothing 😀 How dare we think about getting a forward who’s fit and can score when we’ve got the unplayable, unique, relegation busting long haired demi God on our payroll already 😆😆

    • 🙂 not sending him no more get well soon cards then GW 🙂 I’ve heard through the club insider that they have grafted china,s back onto the sak to make a complete striker ready for Fulham on the 20 th 🙂 but I think he was pulling me leg 🙂

      • I was ****** off when the slug and Curtis lumbered us with him in the first place 😡😡 Now that he’s been here raking millions in for doing *** all I couldn’t care a toss if he never played another game for us 😀😀

  14. No thanks, he’s not worth the money and will struggle to fit into our set up anyway.

    • All that experience of winning medals and playing in Europe while scoring a fair amount of goals ain’t good enough for us 😄😀 Much better sticking with what we’ve got 😂

  15. Lmao are you a world renowned scouting icon sparrow because you sound like you should be.

    • It’s a forum for opinions not sarcasm and insult. Grow up.

      • That was i like,people not taking themselves or comments seriously.Good on you sparrow,epic fail.

        • Instead of slagging other people, why don’t you offer a constructive opinion of your own? Although looking at your latest comment, I appreciate that it is probably a bit challenging for you to write something coherent.

  16. Bring back the biscuitmen owners…they were free and easy with the cash…that should please some of you…if you want a club destablised and in debt…but we will be buying £40 million players and giving them £180 k wages… yippee…

  17. If the comparable salary clause is an issue and they want to get around the salary thing they could pay him £3million a year in loyalty bonuses at the end of each season which would take him down to the 80k a week basic mark.

  18. And Gylfi who I love would have him here in a second but Everton are set to offer him £132k wages. Sonwe would still have to pay wages.
    We should have gone in big for him last summer over Ayew better chances then. Know he will go for close to £50m and we have £80m kitty after sales.
    I like Michy too but we would have to be on Loan. And only way I would want that is with Option to Buy. Bc he will cost £33m too.
    And high wages.
    So no kayyer the route if Bilic doesn’t want to play youngsters and buy unknown players we will pay big wages.
    And take a pole with the squad and I guarantee they will not care if he is paid more if he is scoring goals and nice which he is. They didn’t care with Payet until he became an pric

  19. A Hammer’s Fan twitted to Gold that if he wouldnt pay for Chicharito wages the fans would help chip in with 1-10 quid each. Already had 300 fans say that would do £10 quid and that’s £3k. And count me in.
    Be interesting to see how Gold responds bc really they could help bridge the gap but shouldn’t have to but I’d 5,000 fans do 10 that’s £50k off at 90k affordable. And think their are some rich West Ham fans out there I Know the Actor Comedian in a lot of Movies can’t think of his name but seen him at games. He could chip in that be nice.
    Smart tweet by a good fan

    • what, every week,
      I think we need to wise up here
      paying 1 player 140 grand means those on less money will want more. will the fans cover all their wage rises as well.
      we’re not a top draw club and don’t want us to bankrupt ourselves again in chasing that.

  20. Its Russell Brand. And apparently Keira Knightly and Katy Peery and Obama are fans too.
    Come on lads help fund our club

  21. Need to figure out wether we our going to do it or not bc Everton are said to be Interested now and would prefer not to see anymore of our targets go there

  22. It’s absolutely fine to be outgunned in the market and not be able to afford the players you want. We’ve always been in that position. What grates is all the ***ing bull**** that accompanied moving to a crappy rented athletics stadium in order to move to the ‘next level’. Either put up or shut up and stop talking ****e about aiming for the top 6.

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