Singing from the same hymn sheet?


There appears to be very little peace and harmony coming out of the London Stadium at the moment, as reports are claiming that Steidten and our Supremo are still worlds apart on our transfer strategy.

We have gone through this at length on CandH and it is in essence, the data-led Steidten is in one corner and the old school scouting Moyes in the other.

The fees for even the most average players have shot through the roof this transfer window, and we cannot keep justifying a couple of £40m plus players every window. As we all know we have a history of doing this and then wonder why they struggle to adapt and justify their transfer fee.

Singing from the same hymn sheet?

I think the appointment of Steidten was, and is, a very strategic decision as we must move with the times. The “if it ain’t broke, why fix it ?” mindset simply will not wash these days.

We all hear about the importance of all clubs to be sustainable, so in order for us as club to be successful year after year, we really must have a modern, clear thinking strategy for the future or otherwise our beloved Irons will always be classed as a “nearly” club.

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  • Limey says:

    There appears to be two strategies in place at once.
    One for this season and one for the long term future…

    Shades of Alan Curbishley ?

  • Alreardon says:

    I don’t really think that’s that much internal problem I think the only problem that we have for the first time in my eyes Sullivan has let us down he should have just said that was up for sale and left it as that because now I feel like club is being ransom

  • Tez knows says:

    What is this rank stupidity?
    We either sack Moyes and appoint a dof and head coach , or we don’t. Not both,

    Previous attempt at hiring a director of football resulted in the manger (Pellegrini) effectively picking his own boss , his mate.
    Why can’t we ever get this right ?

    One recurring theme, David Sullivan.

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