Sixth place Europa League now up for grabs


europa-league-1418338658The Capital One victory by Manchester City over Liverpool this evening means an additional Europa League place will be available to whoever finishes  in sixth position in the Premier League this season.

The clubs who finish in the top four positions in the 2015/16  Premier League will qualify to compete in the 2016/17 UEFA Champions League. Positions 1-3 will enter the UEFA Champions League group stage with  position 4 entering the UEFA Champions League play-off stage (winners progress to group stage; losers to UEFA Europa League play-off)

Euro trophyThere are also three UEFA Europa League places given to English clubs who fulfil the following criteria: winning the FA Cup, winning the Capital One Cup and finishing fifth in the Premier League.

If the FA Cup winners finish in the top five of the Barclays Premier League, their UEFA Europa League group stage place goes to the sixth-placed team. With the Capital One Cup won by Manchester City by penalties this evening, assuming they finish in the top five, their UEFA Europa League third qualifying round place goes to the next-highest ranked team in the Premier League, the sixth-placed team.

In the event of the FA Cup winners’ spot going to the sixth-placed team, the Capital One Cup winners’ place in the UEFA Europa League goes to the team finishing seventh.

West Ham currently sit in sixth position after 27 games with 43 points.

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  • Alan 'appy 'ammer says:

    Great news,lets go grab a European spot.
    Though Wetpants wont be interested,they have a new hobby.Tear the Author apart because we are hardmen.Should catch on i reckon.

  • Kabadiawara says:

    Not that simple. If an English team wins a European competition the lower qualification places are in dange..

  • Radai Lama says:

    Bring it on,really hope we get into the EL.I think we will be much more able to cope with it next season.
    Saw that Alan.Sad bunch,ok the lad was ott but f#ck me they are like a bunch of Rabid Gerbils,lol.Any of them are welcome to gang up on me in the Black Lion one day.I would love it.Cowardly snides.

    • Tyson M says:

      Its about their level aint it Rads.Gang together to pick on a 20yr old & what happens,only a couple of people stick up for him & tell them to leave him alone.Wa*kers!!!!

    • West Ham exile says:

      Lol,rabid gerbils.Intellectual debate is the name of the game on there.No place for people who aint part of their little gang.C*ck suckers.

  • bubs says:

    Maybe we should worry about relegation if we go into Europe ?
    What is wrong with those doughnuts on wet pants,you would think we were sitting in Villa,s place,it’s about time they started cutting some people out of that site to be fair to others,
    Bad game Rad but 3 points can’t believe the spuds are a win away from top spot,
    Fukcing gooners could not help us either,
    5th looks up for grabs but 6th will do with the cup

  • Radai Lama says:

    Yeah was a poor game bubs,bloody freezing as well.My feet were icecubes while you took in the Espana sun,lol.Won though,didnt expect a pretty game.Hippoheads team were the better side in the second half in all honesty.Still who cares,we got the 3pts.
    Aint got a scooby whats wrong with some od those Wetpants mate.Must have been Stir Up A Teenager Day on there.Probably beating him over the head with their Sunday Telegraphs 😀

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