Sky Sports Drop Kudus Transfer Bombshell

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Sky Sports reporter Florian Plettenberg has revealed some disturbing news for West Ham fans surrounding Mohammed Kudus‘ Hammers contract.

It is an open secret in football circles that Kudus has an £85m release clause in his West Ham contract. However, it was believed to be active only for one month in July 2025, during next year’s summer transfer window.

But now, Sky Germany’s transfer ITL Plettenberg has dropped the bombshell that the Ghanaian’s release clause is active NOW!

It’s a massive shift from what was being reported only a matter of weeks ago and what Claret & Hugh had been led to believe. It should be pointed out that West Ham’s policy with Lucas Paqueta was to include the clause on the second year of the players contract. Therefore it’s difficult to believe that Kudus’ deal would be any different.

Speaking on his social media account, Plettenberg said:
“Currently, there are no concrete offers for Mohammed Kudus on the table. Kudus has a release clause of £85 million this summer. Contract valid until 2028.

Internally, the 23-year-old winger has not yet indicated that he definitely wants to leave the club.”

Comfort can be taken from the fact that Kudus has not asked for a move away from East London. Unfortunately, the stark reality is that if anyone bids £85m for the player, then the club will be duty-bound to inform him.

If true, this will come as a bitter blow for the Hammers hierarchy who are already attempting to fend off interest in Edson Alvarez from Manchester United.

We can only hope that Plettenberg is poorly briefed or has his wires crossed, but considering he is one of Tim Steidtens‘ regular journalists it is a concern.

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  • The Demon says:

    Give it a rest, lads.

    Can you find nothing positive to post?

    Bowen beating Kelly Somers at darts, maybe?

    • Gonzo says:

      Yep, nice positive piece on Bowen, good piece on why Zaha would be a good signing, lovely blog on Steidten in Germany, good one on Paqueta tomorrow as well as why the lad from Spurs is worth a punt.

      Here’s a link to a nice positive post about Bowen from today

      The funny thing is . . . it’s pretty much what you’re asking for but you haven’t commented on it.

      Wrote a lovely piece about Lopetegui settling in well and being a workaholic but you didn’t comment on that either.

      In fact mate, you pretty much ignore anything positive then complain that it doesn’t exist. Did it ever occur to you that you might not be as cheerful as you think?

      You’ve made over 400 posts on this website and we’re very grateful, but what you engage with is very clear my friend and it certainly ain’t the happy stuff.

  • Brooking4Mayor says:

    Just so typical of C&H nowadays. Always negative, and always speculative. Reporting more gossip from a guy who is affiliated with Sky Sports Germany, all u do nowadays is post gossip and rumour. The next door neighbour’s cat could have said something and it would be posted hear as news! Sorry, but I thought u were better than that Gonzo! And it’s meant to be ITK not ITL. This site has now hit rock bottom. I won’t be coming back! It used to be decent when Hugh was around, but this place has soooo lost it’s way. It’s more about gossip and clicks than it is actual news. So long!

    • Gonzo says:

      Funnily enough, there have been numerous positive stories today and you’ve not commented on a single one.
      It’s just moans and insults mate. We ran an exclusive on Lopetegui working at the training ground with a group of players yet don’t hear a peep out of you.

      To state the obvious, this time of year there is no football . . . it’s the transfer window. . . it’s mostly transfer gossip. During the season there are match reports, player ratings, previews, post match analysis, reviews and that will continue.

      I’m not precisely sure what you expect from a free football website during the off-season? Hopefully you find it elsewhere.

      But as you wish, I’ll close down your login this end.

      • Deathblow says:

        Rather have nothing than your twaddle.
        You are that you’ve posted positive stuff but it’s always preceded by negative stuff and scare-stories. Then a day after a ‘positive post’ you’re back to the doom and gloom.
        I agree. The site has gone downhill and wish you’d post less for clicks or repeat nonsense.

        • Gonzo says:

          Well you can have nothing right? You have a button on your phone which makes it all go away.

          I guess I could tailor the news just how you like it? But that would be pretty time consuming and you have me at a disadvantage given that it’s impossible to know who you actually are.

          The club website is mega positive, surely it would be a more productive use of your time to read that website and give this one a swerve.

          I just can’t get my head around why you would choose to return and get angry on a daily basis when the answer to your angst is a button on your phone/laptop.

      • Paul says:

        Well done, bet he wishes he hadn’t said it now 😆😆

  • Pete62 says:

    Gonzo. You really do need to employ some form of moderator on this site all these suspect insulting comments from spud and arse fans are getting really irritating. I’m sure Hugh had one because we never saw this behaviour on his site.

  • Alhama Hammer says:

    If certain readers insist on posting negativity, at least keep it about the team, and make it substantiated enough to afford debate. Not absurd dribble directed at the C&H team.

  • My middle leg says:

    Bunch of arse lickers 🛠🛠

  • Dan says:

    I thought the stadium was a sh**hole before. Its only now I find out its actually a radioactive sh**hole. Don’t sit in the Northern bit, you’ll glow in the dark.

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