Slamming the board on this issue is utterly crazy

Nobody has any argument with the fact that by and large the summer signings were rubbish…it’s a given and has now been done to death – we move on and loo

Lanzini enjoyed a top game

Lanzini enjoyed a top game

k to the summer window.

However, some of the outrage I read on Twitter is totally totally ridiculous and the fact that the club became the seventh biggest spenders in the league anyway is always overlooked.

Just read through a few of the comments directed at David Gold who has become the face of the club on that particular social network and you are confronted with such as:

OΒ  in this day and age Β£20 mill gets you bang average , spend big or go

OΒ Now fans are beginning to realise why the owners are so hated at Birmingham. History repeating itself

O so you’re just gonna keep the money in your own pockets and not spend it then?

Remember when we last spent big under the Icelandics – let’s not go there – but now the same old ill informed nonsense gets shouted from the rooftops presumably from people whose only attempt at running anything is the bath.

OK ,we could go on forever but let me take a single issue which in my opinion shows the stupidity of this keyboard warrior crap.

The board now finds itself being knocked for organising loans with a ‘to buy’ fee at the end of it – a policy described by some as cheap loans!

Just as a reminder Manuel Lanzini was one of them so obviously it really is a shocking policy!

Yeah you bet I’m being sarky and for those who wanna try to argue let’s look at Slav’s men Gokhan Tore and Simone Zaza who arrived on the same basis.

Both proved utterly useless and both were the manager’s picks. Imagine what might have happened had had bought them outright – they’d still be here with no end to their stay in sight.

It’s a sensible policy and one that works from both ends – Lanzini, who would have cost a fortune and could have been nicked from us, and the other two who would still be on the staff stinking the place out.

I have absolutely no doubt that some will be saying “Oh that so and so Southon and ClaretandHugh are in the board’s pocket” when they read this.

On this issue yes we most certainly are and we’d sooner be there than lumbered with the likes of Tore and Zaza whilst delighting that we have Lanzini.

Any repeats of last summer’s transfer window this time around will bring a far different response from us but to criticise people, and be thoroughly offensive whilst doing so, is something that needs calling out here and now!

As for selling the club to a a major conglomerate or whatever – err there are no bids and never have been unless you wanted your club to become Red Bull West Ham!!!!!






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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

28 comments on “Slamming the board on this issue is utterly crazy

  1. Lol Hugh,honestly mate who gives a sh*t whatever people from other sites think.
    They move the goalposts when it suits.When Hippohead was in charge this place got slagged for being anti board & manager because it was againsf Fats.
    Now because it suits their agenda it is pro board & anyone who uses it is ment to be as well.
    Yep im still bitter & twisted remembering these w*nkers slagging us who are now tearing the board apart all day,everday.
    Two faced b*stards πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  2. If it ain’t the board it’s the stadium if it ain’t the stadium it’s Slav if it ain’t Slav it’s the popcornπŸ˜€ Constant friggin moaning from the same old names day in day out about the same bleedin thing!

  3. Yes but i know where Rad is coming from Hugh.
    The supporters who where so angelically critical of fans calling Allardyce Bfs or Hippo Head who now think it is perfectly fine to call the owners the Porn Twins or Dumb and Dumber to select a couple.At the end of the day Rad is right it is total hypocrisy lol

    • Were sorry not where

    • Yes I of course agree but I was looking at just a cpuple of issues in particular Stan which the dead heads clearly hadn’t evcouldn’t geten considered

    • It’s the same ones that were so far up the slugs arse Stan that constantly whine and ***** about everything and anything! Sometimes think it’s more about there beloved slug not being there anymore than anything πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  4. Just to let you know the joint statement that John called for about banning the abusers of board and club has been agreed between Iain and myself and will be published later – we do listen!!!!! πŸ™‚

    • A statement is a good idea Hugh but find it strange you need to put one on here as most of the posters have always been behind the club as a wholeπŸ˜€Granted we ain’t had much time for certain managers but very rarely see dogs abuse thrown at the owners like elsewhere.

      • It’s not aimed at the posters mate – it goes to Twitter fb and around 50k other silent followers . U will get it when u see the content – we are not gonna tolerate dog’s abuse from anywhere

        • I’m in Dubai for 2 weeks (only 3 hours ahead but I know the winner in the 2.50 at Kempton!) So not contributing much. I don’t read twitter so my comment was never aimed at its users but I have no doubt Hugh is right. I certainly never aimed it at users here who are almost to a man respectful of the board. Let’s also be honest the majority of WHTID users are able to construct a view on the club/owners/board/stadium without name calling/lies/insults and needless slagging. One or two of their posters also challenge those that can’t and so respect to them for that.

          I never intended my comment to become an article but fair play if Hugh and Iain do listen to the message. I’m no saint I called the haters morons the previous day lol. Actually I still think they are morons as the lies insults and slagging and name calling of our club does us no favours. We all love West Ham right? My comment was bought about by seeing young Bradley and Jermaine Defoe, a guy that I’ve screamed obscenities at. Shame on me.

          Next week: a case for taking Sam Alladyce to our hearts again πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  5. Thanks for just deleting my comment, Hugh. Please delete my user account, too. I shan’t be needing it anymore.

  6. Yeah i know you were on about Twitter Hugh & i was only joking about being bitter & twisted 😁
    Actually i find it really funny that the ones who called us ignorant pigs and illiterate for slamming Hippohead are now acting like total pr*cks when they come out with their Porn Twins rants.What goes around comes around.Every rabid dog has its day πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • Rads the rabid dogs always had banter and a bit of humour and weren’t stuck up there own arse unlike others elsewhere who made it all about themselves πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

      • I always wonder what they do during the summer.Do you think they go to their nearest cricket ground,stick on the knotted hankerchief and barrack the bowlers all day.The must find something to moan about somewhere dont they fellas lmao

  7. Why did DJ just have the lead to his mic snipped 😁 Good lad is dj.

  8. I will tell you what though fellas i admire the stamina of some blog and Twitter users.To keep moaning about the same things every day for a full football season takes some doing lmao

    • If we were top by 20 points there would be those that moaned about conceding too many goals compared to when the slug was in charge or how the board haven’t invested enough πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

      • I tend to agree as it was proved last season.We were punching well above our weight i believe,near the CL places but still the team got slated regualrly by the special ones lmao

  9. The issue isn’t so much with flexibility or principle of loans to buy, but the fact that quality players are rarely available on those terms.

    Our desire to go down that road means we shop in the bargain basement, the unknown, or the unwanted aisles.

    Focus should be on Kouyate and Sakho type signings…not on the route trodden with Zaza and Lanzini which misses more than it hits. Lanzini is frankly the exception to a pretty strong rule here.

    • Yep Stubbo very true there​ are far more misses than hits when it comes to loan signings.
      You dont count Carroll as a hit then? Lol

    • It is the issue as far as this blog is concerned and what’s been missed is that the board put the restriction on Slav’s targets which in retrospect was a great idea. The other issues you raise Stubbo are for another time and place

      • My suspicion would be though that if you look at the root cause of the issue with those deals being arranged, it is the players signed on those deals (and thus the players available to be signed on those deals) that is the source of wrath, and not deals of that type as a concept per se.

        They are considered the cheap option because they are for players that aren’t wanted. Not because they are conceptually a bad idea.

  10. I would dispute the window was a disaster, I think many of the young signings show a lot of potential which in the future will be a good thing. Zaza, Tore and to some degree Arbeloa have not worked out, Callieri has never had a proper run, my biggest concern has always been around the team selections mostly at right back / centre midfield and the fact that in almost all games under Slav we start the matches without the required intensity and we look like we are running on empty after 75 minutes. This is not new to this season even with the best season in recent history last year in at last half the matches the same could be said. The biggest difference last season was that we looked to beat the big boys and many times did, this season we have waved the white flag early not just against the big boys but also against the mid table competitive teams.

  11. Rememeber the days when you sat in the pub talking football and the match.Simple times.Now if you use sites on the internet you cant escape from some.Bombastic planks who want to talk 7% on loans boring everyone else rigid.

  12. Sorry but the board have brought much of the criticism on themselves. They made everyone believe that the new stadium and vast sums of TV money would bring huge investment in transfers. They talked big by mentioning names like Lacazette whom they may well have got if they had offered just Β£5m more but instead we got players like Calleri. Lacazette’s value has now gone up by Β£20m so we are back to talking about Jermain’s return. We went down with him before and he’s currently playing for a team in the relegation zone so is he really the 20+ goalscorer we crave? If the board bring in the big signings that the fans demand they will ultimately regain the fans trust and respect.

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