Slav delivers his verdict

BilicSlaven Bilc was delighted with the team’s performance against Everton despite them not making “big big chances.”

Speaking after the game he said: “I’m really pleased with the way we played. Especially talking about how solid we were, how composed we were, how we kept the shape.

If we are talking about effort, determination and defensive quality there was nothing more that I could have asked from them.

They done brilliantly, I told them to be proud of themselves and to use this as a big motivation to boost the confidence for the remainder of the season.

“I think we deserved to win the game. We didn’t create big, big chances apart from set pieces where we had eight or nine situations where you are expecting to finish it with a good chance. Unfortunately, we couldn’t do it.

“I’m really pleased with the way we played to limit them to basically not create basically one single chance over ninety minutes, and we know what they are capable of. It requires quality and effort from every player and we had that.”



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  1. We didn’t look like losing today..Most solid performance this season…. only lacking a goal.

  2. Slav had taken a lot of stick this season, and in some cases, rightly so, but he got the tactics spot on today. Lukaku and Mirallas were completely nullified. We looked a lot more solid with three at the back and Nordveidt in front of them. Allowed Kouyate to get forward more. Now the icing on the cake would be to stop Spurs winning the league which may well done on 5 May!

  3. So happy to be proved wrong, was expecting a real tonking nice to get a bit of luck also with Collins foul not being spotted COYI !!!

  4. West Ham failed to get a win Vs Everton even though It seemed Everton were there for the taking as I don’t think I’ve ever seen an Everton team play West Ham without being able to get at least one shot away on target, and yet West Ham seemed to have no recognized striker on the pitch until the last half an hour, why? Is there an ongoing issue between Sakho & Bilic now? It’s the manager’s job to get a team psyched up for a win. Sure they for once defended great and achieved a great result of locking out the opposition, but 2 extra points would have virtually given us safety and it did feel like Everton were there for the taking. I mean this season is feeling to have comparisons with the Zola season, when all’s we achieved was just falling over the line to survive. Slaven says that for West Ham’s efforts they deserved to have got 3 points yesterday, and yes, I can’t argue with that, but one really does need to have recognized strikers on the pitch to improves ones chances of getting on the score sheet and yet Calleri, no offense but I’d hardly call him a recognized striker? But was started in place of Sakho. I’m sorry but that’s madness, as for a team wanting 3 points one does need their best striker on the pitch, not sitting it out on the bench for an hour. Bilic succeeded in getting a clean sheet but there was a lot more than that on offer yesterday. The high points of this season have been so few I can hardly remember them. There was the great solo effort goal by Payet who scored to equalize against Boro, the incredible overhead kick goal of Andy Carroll, oh, then there was the great League Cup tie win Vs Chelsea, and that’s about it. I don’t know where we go on from here. I feel we’ll just survive, but just actually when safety comes I don’t know. If we actually start a game with some strikers we could win and secure safety at Stoke this Saturday, but if not, sorry, but I can’t see anyone unsettling this astounding Spurs set up who are gaining on Chelsea, so, even with all the players we’ve signed may have to wait until our 2nd last game v Liverpool, and who thinks much of our chances then? That leaves, if we don’t get points via Stoke as the last game at Burnley as our last realistic chance to get points. We may not get any and just fall over the line, but one cannot rely on others to fall down, as both Swansea & Hull now look capable of getting to 40 points. Round 34 & still no safety. Will it be Rd 35, 36, 37 or 38, OR NOTHING? We could be lucky and have safety by round 37, but do we keep the same coaching staff? We may have no choice. I don’t know and my rule of thumb is that when you don’t know, do nothing, but how does everyone else feel?

      • Don’t tell me to shut up who ever you are? I’ve got a right to my views . Surely Sakho could’ve come on at half time even, and I thought it was damned stupid loaning Valencia out to Everton. This striker crisis should’ve been addressed ages ago & Carroll should have been sold years ago because he’s no damned good. 38 points with only 4 games left is pathetic. What are you a master of? Rudeness?

    • That wonderful overhead goal by Carroll but , we should have sold him years ago !!
      Sakho is not up and running yet and can’t be pushed for more than 30 mins !!
      Seems to me John Mc , you are a little out of touch .
      Another point or two will see us safe and keep Swansea & Hull at bay . Very achievable .
      Probably won’t need them anyway as both must win Thier remaining games virtually .

  5. I couldn’t be bothered to read it all. However Bilic was told this week Sakho only had 30 mins in him. Keep up……..

  6. Bilic was delighted . ( most fans were also delighted ) And so he should be after some of our recent performances . With a few decent strikers the game would have surely have been ours . Nice to see some tactical awareness for a change . Maybe we can restrict Spurs to one point as well , it would be great to upset Thier title challenge and at the same time secure our Premiership status .
    Everyone knows that this summers transfer window is the most important one for years for West Ham . Hope we make a few goodens .

  7. Blog World is odd. I spend a lot of time complaining about the negativity of some sites and some posters it today they’re largely in agreement with the fact that Slaven and the team did well

    I was there and so never read any match blogs but I thought we were really poor, as was Everton, and I’ve rarely been so bored watching a football match, including many under Sam. I thought players like Collins, Arthur and Noddy had ok performances but 0-0 just about summed the match up and the desire of both teams.

    Sorry guys, based on some miserable buggers being happy today I should be estactic but I’m pretty deflated if that’s the best we can expect!! By the way my view was shared by the general media I see.

    I guess we are edging towards safety but even on that subject I disagree with the happy miserable ones. Surely the Hull and Swans wins, and the Bournemouth win, has made it that we still need a couple more points to be safe or have I just woke up in a depressed mood?

  8. Nah I’m a bit puzzled too John. According to my maths If Swansea win 3 or win 2 & draw 2 they overtake us. I still struggle to see us winning a game. But Ladbrokes have moved us from 25-1 against to 80-1, so we are being too pessimistic I guess. Swansea have Man U away but their other games look winnable to me-& United have fixture overload (they play City on Thursday night) plus no Zlatan. It would be crazy to go down from here, but many strange things happen in football….Just one win to put this horrible season to bed. Come on you football Gad’s, we have suffered enough!

  9. Gods even

  10. Come on lads get a bit cheerful 😀 We didn’t lose, finally stopped Lukaku scoring against us and didn’t see anyone constantly booting the ball aimlessly towards the China Doll😂😂

  11. Lmao I know mate, I feel really guilty being negative, and feel ashamed being more negative than the wet ones, but I could’ve fell asleep up there! Stopping anyone from scoring is a bonus this season but I just expected better. I actually see a win at Stoke, who have nothing to play for and I can’t honestly see Hull Swansea or Palace winning at Southampton ManU or Southampton so I’ll hold off the Prozac for now.

    • That’ll be Southampton Liverpool and ManU. Not necessarily in that order.

      • John you’ll never be as negative as that lot 😀 It was boring as sin yesterday but at least we didn’t get tonked like a few of our illustrious neighbours in cyberland were predicting. We’ll stay up easily once the leaping fishcake returns as he’s our one man relegation buster anyway 😂😂😂

  12. It took Bilic 30 + games to play Nordveitd in his true position and just look at the result . Week after week he has played the hapless Noble in a vital position . Week after week he has been awful . The midfield today was immense . Covering , closing down and just running causing problems for the opposition . Hope Bilic has learnt his lesson and will stop playing people out of position to accommodate a favourite who is no longer good enough . Hope we continue this way until end of season . Ginge and Arthur stepped up to the plate and vied for man of the match . Need Sakho to be fitter and everything will start to look a lot more hopeful . COYI

  13. GW you know football sites on the internet are in the main not for happy go lucky types.They were formed to give worriers and grumpy buggers a platform to depress the rest of us lol

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