Slav doesn’t understand speculation over his future

bilic-gloomSlaven Bilic really doesn’t understand why his future is being questioned.

The manager has been under pressure for most of the season for a variety of “reasons” and although he knows this stuff goes with the territory he really doesn’t get the most recent outburst.

OK, the Man City defeat was horrible as have been the others by Pep Guardiola’s team but tjhe near hysterical reactions certainly caused some raised eyebrows on the Bilic countenance.

He said: “If I am honest, it does surprise me – I don’t understand why,” he said.

“I can live with it. I don’t let it affect my daily job. But if you ask me honestly, and I always try to be honest, I don’t understand those questions.

“I’m not the manager of Chelsea or Man City so we are like in a strange position that West Ham wasn’t expected to be in. I can say without being big-headed, me and my staff are doing an excellent job here, especially considering the difficulties of this season.

“We had so many and still have this season – changing of the stadium, so many injured players, some of the transfers didn’t work out, not for the players and not for us. But we are swimming in those difficulties really good.

“The boys showed in those difficult situations that we ain’t going to sink, we ain’t going to crumble, we are not going to go: Oh no, we have lost our talismanic player. No, we have to take more responsibility, individually and as a team.

“Are we in a good position? Yes we are, not only in points but more in the way we are playing. And that gives me hope and joy.”

Slav revealed the goals was so good from Andy Carroll on Saturday that ” I jumped out of my seat ” before Obiangs and Noble clinched the points.

Bilic refused to take any bait about the Hammers being better without Payet adding: ““No, no, no. It looks like that at the moment but you can judge that only if it continues in the long term.

“And make no mistake, a really good Dimitri Payet would improve our team. It would be stupid and even not fair to him to say  we are better now.”


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15 comments on “Slav doesn’t understand speculation over his future

  1. I think polls on here encourage speculation as trashy papers can cite them as evidence of unrest.

    • No. Absolutely not. This is a news and Hammers supporting site. We know our readership and know what message they want to send. Polls go with the territory and if all anyone can do is focus on in such a positive piece is polls then readers are just as negative as they want to accuse us of being

      • Not my intention to be negative Hugh , but I feel my point is valid in relation to the post as I feel polls about “should Slaven stay or not” do give some sectors of the press ammunition.

  2. “The boys showed in those difficult situations that we ain’t going to sink, we ain’t going to crumble, we are not going to go: Oh no, we have lost our talismanic player. No, we have to take more responsibility, individually and as a team.”

    You could put that to music and get Gloria Gaynor to sing it couldn’t you?

    Such an honest bloke isn’t he?

  3. We are better without him (this seasons version of him anyway) as it means we play with 11 players. Which means even if someone is having an off day, we’re not then royally *****d. Snodgrass 12km on Saturday was probably more than dimi did in 5 games leading up to his strike.

  4. Not sure if Slavs future speculation is fake news?! Replacements so far have included Mancini and even Pardew so I certainly hope so..
    The reality is that Man City are probably the best side in the league with movement which would destroy many outside the top 6. This is made worse by our full back situation- cresswell has seriously struggled against them and right side Byram simply isn’t ready to make that step up. We will do ok against non top 6 but we have lost the one player who had the spark to change a game.

  5. I wasn’t really surprised with the reaction to the Citeh result & the calls for Bilic out etc from a certain group of fans. Win a game & he is a god ‘Super Slav’, lose & it’s ‘Bilic Out’ ‘ he is in over his head’ etc etc..
    If I am correct we are 8 points worse of than this time last season, given the fact that the Top teams went out & spent stupid amounts of money in the summer & the league table is back to what it is normally I don’t see that great of a drop considering we have effectively been playing with 10 & a half players up till January. If the players who were signed lived up to their potential we would have imho had another ten points. the effect of unrest in the dressing room can not be underestimated, now that has been eliminated we are seeing a more balanced team.
    In Slav I trust COYI

  6. Top 6 have resumed where they left off two seasons ago.Last season was a freak for many reasons.This year it is West Brom who are probably exceeding expectations,next year it could be us,Saints or another team exceeding them.Meanwhile the top 6 will carry on doing what they are doing,finishing above the rest.There is no mystical golden key to unlock the door,the only way you will compete is with huge investment,until that happens we are what we are.Leicester was a great fairytale but how often will it happen.Once in the next 30 or 40 years i expect 😉

  7. It wasn’t the results against city arsenal Southampton and Watford…..it was the performance. We just gave up without a fight. It’s all very well saying that city are a top team with world class players but that didn’t stop Everton beating them 4-0, it didn’t stop Swansea almost grabbing a draw with them either. Fat Sam rightly received abuse for forfeiting games against the top teams so it’s right that Bilic is also criticised for doing the same. It’s got to the stage where I will sell my Chelsea and Spurs tickets as I cannot watch us forfeit those game as well.

    • Don’t do that E20, we have already beaten Chelski at home and Spuds away was a very decent performance.

  8. Superb loyal supporter you are Stratford E20.You are going to sell your tickets so you dont have to watch us.Its fortunate for the players we aint all like you because those of us who aint where there to witness us not forfeit matches against the top teams at both Old Trafford & Anfield.We hardly forfeited the match at Spurs either.Now i know where the term Fairweather Supporter comes from.

    • Don’t fret Stan I’ve done my time as a home and away season ticket holder for many years but I have never seen us forfeit some games as we have this season…. maybe apart from the Zola seasons. I made my mind up at the City game – if the players are not going to turn up then why should I? Going to football is an all day event with travelling etc and there comes a stage when enough is enough. Its strange that you think of the players feelings when they are the ones not turning up.

      • Go E20 otherwise you might miss us beat both of them.They are the two biggest home matches of the season.You might regret missing them mate.We saw Chelski take us apart fairly regularly at UP so its nothing new 😀

  9. Looks like Slaven doesn’t know what to say . And we , the supporters are caught in between. There have been some awful moments, not just in the LS but also at the Boleyn .
    In reality Payet was never going to be the player some supporter’s are claiming him to be .
    It is rather annoying now to listen to Slaven raving about Payet . Now , in obvious hindsight , Payet had us going backwards . Is that down to Management?? Maybe .
    Unfair to Payet to say we are better now !!! . So maybe Slaven , it would be better to say we could be better without you .
    You can’t keep praising Carroll and how much we need him and the main man and , then continue to say how good Payet is/was/could have been .
    We as fans could put you in the same category . Sort it out and get your head around it .
    Payet was never a West Ham Great nor even came close . We enjoyed those magic moments ( however fleeting ) for a while but , beyond that !!!.
    We are seeing a stronger team now without him than with him . It’s all a question of committing to the cause , which , obviously he wasn’t interested in doing .
    The introduction of Payet did more harm than good . It left players thinking about Thier futures and created a negative . Maybe Payet could have made us been better but , that was up to you to make it happen . So , please , stop talking about him .
    The latest news has us interested in Bacca ; why ? . A striker that doesn’t strike , 30yrs old
    And not worth the asking price . Are we going forward or backward ?? .
    4 4 2 from now on please . Time to settle on a sensible system .

  10. He was hardly raving about him Kev.Last season we was a better team with him in it.Of course we were.All he said was that a ‘ really good Payet’ would improve our team.The key being a really good Payet,not the lazy ***** we had this season.
    I thought it was pretty fair of Bilic to not get dragged into a slag off about Payet when asked a question.What else was he going to say..’Oh he is a c*nt’ 😂😂

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