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Slav makes his choice on Ayew or Bacca

Andre Ayew

Andre Ayew

Slaven Bilic prefers Andre Ayew as the Hammers last big signing of the summer.

The Irons had planned to bring in the Swansea player and a striker, with Carlos Bacca the big choice, but the failed medical suffered by Diafra Sakho has changed  that.

Despite talk continuing that the club could be involved in moving for the AC Milan striker, ClaretandHugh has learned this morning that won’t be possible.

And as a result Slav wants the deal for Ayew done in preference, given his ability to play in a number of positions – up front, wide and left, and as an attacking midfielder .

With £16 million in the kitty and released wages from a Sakho move, both players were targets but a double swoop in now not possible.

Our top source told us this morning: “With the wage cap and Sakho now not going anywhere  we can only afford one or the other. The  manager prefers Ayew as he can play in more positions.”

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!"

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  • Mr Kebab says:

    I’m going right off of Slav & the owners during this transfer window & Im usually right behind them… Why does Slav take our best winger and put him right back where he is rubbish which makes 2 of our 11 positions worse than they should be ?. Why do the David’s promise us the earth then let us down again and again ?. Why do they all want to drop Bacca when he is right in our grasp …….. It’s all driving me a bit crazy cuz success is right before us and they don’t seem smart or brave enough to grab it

    Just lump up the cash for Bacca and get the deal done.. He’s miles better that Ayew

  • RickHammer says:

    Are we the only club who the wage cap,FFP effects.It seems like it 😉

  • bubs says:

    Last big signing ?
    Do you mean First big signing ?
    What was the other one Tomo leaving ?
    Or the 2 Freebies ?
    I thought we might buy both of them as Sak is not fit and wants to leave,Valencia has nothing to offer once Tore is fit ant Ayew arrives he is not as good on the right as Feggolui or Antonio or Lanzini,
    We are miles away from Calleri yet so that leaves us with AC if he stays fit ,
    If we want a cheap buy Bony now on offer for £13 million
    Ayews brother £8 million
    They would both come for less then Bacca,

  • rodders says:

    The logic is flawed. We don’t need cover in lots of positions when we already have Payet, Feghouli, Lanzini, Tore, Lanzini and even Samuelsen. We need a striker, the best one we can get our hands on. Is that Ayew or Bacca?

  • bubs says:

    Why is it we are not being given this news by the boy on Facebook,
    Daddy is strapped for cash so we are going to add our 4 winger to our ranks for get the 20 goals a season forward and hope we get 40 points,
    We are becoming the laughing stock of football
    Best team in London on a budget
    Best team in London for 1 year
    Never mind they might find a Antonio on the last day of window and turn him into a bog standard full back

  • kevin says:

    All clubs should wage cap , in fact the Football League should wage cap .
    Glad to read that Slav has finally decided against the greedy profiteering Bacca . At least we know Ayew and what he can do . We can only read about Bacca and it’s not as if we see him play every weekend . Would be nice to heal the rifts between Sakho & Bilic , because there surely must have been one . Man up the pair of you and get on with the football .

  • Green man says:

    In theory haven’t we still got that young Argie to come too? Calleiri or summat?

  • RickHammer says:

    Well this is only the words of ‘A Source’ so I won’t get too annoyed about it,but the way it is going Sullivan has sold us all a pot of sh1t at the end of the rainbow when it comes to signings!

  • jonnyd says:

    The FFO is not a valid excuse. Sakho is on £27k pwk and so him staying has little or no impact on Bacca.
    We have banked £10m on Tomkins and shed Moses, Song, Emineke, O’Brien, etc. so the wage bill has already been reduced.
    Bids for Valencia have apparently been rebuffed but could easily be rekindled to raise more funds.
    Sakho will eventually go as he has lost everyone’s respect and whatever he leaves for will be more than his £4.5m arrival fee.
    I have totally supported Sullivan and Gold but as I travel to the juventus game I have to say they are not taking the step up to challenge at the top seriously.

    • whtid says:

      I don’t get it either, we put in a 31m bid for lacazette and say we are prepared to spend up to 40 on a striker, but are willing to pay 20m for a winger and not prepared to pay 25m for an out and out striker.

  • Stan The Man says:

    So we have spent 5mill on a loan player so far,sold tonks for 10 mill & now we can only afford one of two 20 mill players.Dont get me wrong I know we ain’t awash with £££s but ffs how are you ment to be competing in the Premier if you are tight as a ducks ass!!

  • whtid says:

    So the top class forward who scores 20+ goals we were looking to sign is andre ayew who is another winger and scored 12. Can someone tell me what is going on?

    All the forwards out there and we go to sign this bloke, i really thought wed crack it this year. But the two positions we needed a rb and a forward are the ones that are missing.

    • whtid says:

      Fair enough lacazette, higuain and batshiuyi were ambitious but ben yedder slipped through our palms, Bony who actually scored 20+ goals is sitting there, I would’ve even taken dzeko or tevez on loan as these have actually played at the top level, but ayew is that really the best we can do, I don’t think he is better than anything we’ve got and for 20m?

  • johnham1 says:

    Signing a player from Swansea is moving us to the next level. Not excited by this news one bit. I have concerns. Bilic’s reputation and job is being put on the line!

    • Eddie says:

      Bilic’s reputation and job is being put on the line!
      Do you get a prize for being the first fan of the season to talk manager dismissals or leaving?
      Goodness me.

  • JB says:

    I can’t stand Jason Cindy,he is a tw@t but he had it right on Talksport Thursday night when he said that the board don’t seem to be backing Bilic in the transfer market.Well so far we have signed some good players but freebies & a loan fee.
    I never believed Sullivans stupid marquee comment but was expecting that we would put some good money into the window.Still time I guess but the longer it goes on the more I feel we aint going to.

  • mattefumi27 says:

    Well, I like Ayew and I would be happy if he joined us… Fegouli, Tore, Nordveit, Ayew, Fletcher, Martinez are very good purchases (for cheap)… Bacca would take us to the next level IMHO… anyway, let’s see what happens and may God be with us.. lol 😉

  • planetman says:

    This article is a load of rubbish. I don’t believe a word of it.

  • mattefumi27 says:

    And yes, I’m with bubs as regards Bony: he would be a top signing. 😉

  • CondorHammer says:

    Could be a ploy by Sully, we all know he likes saving a shekel.
    By throwing FFP into the mix he may be trying to renegotiate the terms on offer to the player/AC Milan. Bacca doesn’t appear to be wanted by his present club and probably knows he has to leave to get ANY meaningful game time, however offers appear to be as rare as rocking horse sh!t, and AC are desparate to get rid so they can recruit.
    Could we shave a few mill off the asking price as well as a bit off the salary (towards the £27k Sak’s gonna cost us) if we’re last man standing?

  • Stan The Man says:

    FFP rears it head every transfer window.It only applies to us lol

  • essexclarets says:

    My my aren’t we all a happy bunch of hammers today..
    so everybody now hates the board because we might now not sign a player who is waiting for near enough any other to come in for him before signing for us. Bilic has said this week that he wants to sign another 5 players this summer lets wait & see what happens before the knifes come out.

    • Stan The Man says:

      No we are only going to sign two.How do I know.Because ‘The Knowledge’ from Wetlands knows exactly what Bilic is thinking.Probably Sullivan as well lol

      • Eddie says:

        It is worth a giggle watching fans who think they know everything.They make their comments sound factual when they know bugger all more than anyone else.

    • CondorHammer says:

      I think ‘hate’s’ a bit strong essex. Suspicious more like.

    • WHU647580 says:

      Well said

  • Fish N Chips says:

    I’ve found this window baffling:
    We have wingers + midfielders coming out of our ears, so we want to buy another? Meanwhile we are clearly keeping Antonio at RB.
    DS/Bilic have been utterly brilliant in past windows, but this summer, I don’t get at all!
    Centre halves are looking good, even with Tommo departure: I had wanted Burke + Oxford to be tougthened up in the Championship (ditto Samuelson), but maybe Oxford is ready?? Of course, 1 superb game against Euro minnows doesn’t make the finished article…. Even Doneil Henry is supposed to be no slouch.
    So IMO, with the Sak and his cr@p back + attitude, our probs remain the attack (maybe the 2 youngsters will come good – they look good), and L + RBs….
    AND trying to keep our existing huge midfield happy! I mean, just WHO do we choose when Payet + Lanzini come on stream??
    We have done some superb business in this window, but I remain VERY confused!
    (How about that as ammo for a sarky comment Stan, Johnny etc? – Go for it, girls!)

    • RickHammer says:

      Everyone seems quite calm on here compared the the Wet Pants where some of them are filling their pampers or giving birth,im not too sure which right now.Losing to Juve & they are losing the proverbial plot.I hope they have the the place insured for flood damage.Oh how I have missed their match day analysis 😛

      • Tone says:

        That’s one of the others sites on the app right,your nickname on here for West Ham Til I Die which has the match thread?.If so there are some real down in the mouth sods on there.Wrist slitters LoL

        • Antman says:

          Unbelievable ain’t they.Has no one told them 1- It’s a friendly.2- We are playing a very good side.3- we are missing a raft of players.What a bunch of c0cks some of them are!

  • GW says:

    Is this C+H or Wetlands? Ayew ripped us a new arse last year and suddenly he ain’t good enough for some? The board are ****ers to some because we ain’t spending 100m on some Kouyote wannabee in Pogba? We know we need a forward but FFS the transfer window ain’t closed yet.

  • Fish N Chips says:

    Your comments have set me up beautifully for a little panic…… PANIC PANIC…. Ah there, I feel so much better now.
    Of course, the cherry on the cake would be for you guys to have a pop: Any chance? Pretty please??

  • bubs says:

    Never mind we have a brilliant 35 year old out of contract player training and it not Carlton ?
    And he is the Daves right price,
    Just sell Valencia and buy Bony and I will be happy,
    Ayew will be our last place up top with Tore not fit,
    Ayew AC Feggolui up top with Payet sitting behind will be a good front row to take to Chelski,
    Kouyate and Noble sitting behind
    New left back Ogbonna Oxford and Byram
    Not a bad start,with Antonio Novedt Reidto come on if need be,
    Lanzini,Tore Sakho,Calleri Cresswell all to come back

  • WakeTheWolf says:

    Slav has said we are signing 5…
    But today he said that 3 of them are Payet, Lanzini and Cresswell…
    Now, seeming we are signing Ayew and Makuasu…
    That’s 5…
    Where does that leave Calleri?
    As he said there’s no business after Ayew and Makuasu?

  • Ironworker says:

    How hard is the logic ??? BUY BONY go all out for him whatever the cost get him and our problems are over !

  • mooro66uk says:

    Thank God we have so many brilliant, opinionated fans. Otherwise we’d have nothing to read every night. Luv it COYI X

  • bubs says:

    Best fans in the world and no need for anyone to become offensive because we are all entitled to free speech,
    Bony at £13 million will have so many suitors we need to offer one of the Daves specials £5 million up front on loan with a clause to buy next year for £10 million should do it,
    Then we can spend a fiver next year,

  • johnboy says:

    Don’t forget the green shield stamps bubs !!
    And the£1.50p luncheon vouchers ,
    And the ink refills ??

    Just for you fishes ?? Haha.

    Everyone chill Ffs , this side will be better than last year when everyone is fit !!
    But we need a top centre half asap ?
    Can’t be assed writing a book ? Lol.
    We will do fine !!
    Get behind the team . we’ve got what we got ,

  • bubs says:

    Must play Burke or Oxford next to Byram and Ogbonna with
    Reid or new player on left,and stick with it that will give us a defence for 5-10 years all playing togeather with more youngsters coming through,
    Ginge and Reid should be back ups for experience,
    But agree if we sign Ayew with Calleri coming Tore, Feggolui and Novedt are all great signings,
    Shame about Cressie and Sak we could be going into our first game buzzing
    But even still it’s looking good,

  • johnboy says:

    Sakho will do well I think bubs , he is probably on par with payet at the moment fitness wise, it was evident yesterday that fletcher isn’t anywhere near being as effective as sakho , no point digging sak it seems bilic is happy he is staying , he said as much without actually saying it .byrum at right back his true position , Burke is getting better but not there yet IMO , give oxford more minutes in games , ginge is better shape than Reid at present but its just his. Pace ? we need a top dollar centre half to shore us up. And Ffs let’s be more cynical , we must learn how to break up play , loads of positives yesterday , big stuff starts on Monday !
    We will have a better view who is available as well !
    Up the hammers !

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