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Slav making no Bony about it!

bonySlaven Bilic has admitted the club are in the market for a striker but inssted:  “He will have to be a good one.”

Wilfried Bony hs been identified to CandH as the top target and the club is moving quickly in an attempt to bring the deal to a concluion.

Asked after the match whether the club was planning a transfer market raid given the injury list, the manager said: “We are going to try to get one in. The chairman is being generous. We are going to try but it will have to be a good striker.”

CandH was told by it’s best source today that the Hammers will be again contacting City tomorrow in a bid to come to an agreement on Bony.

He said: “It’s not easy but we will keep on trying. “

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

29 comments on “Slav making no Bony about it!

  1. If we even do get Bony, you honestly think city will let him play against them, so we would prob still be without a top striker for next game. What do you think?

  2. Rumour in Italy is we are back in for Zaza, if we don’t get a striker we should persist with Callieri and Fletcher up top they look like they could gel well with Callieri as a number 9 and Fletcher as a 10. Although Callieri missed that glorious chance his run showed his quality, moving the ball to move the keeper, shame about the finish but he can make amends on Thursday.

  3. We won’t need him when we play them
    Calleri will lead the line with Antonio,Payet and Lanzini
    That would put the wind up most defences and as like last year that is there weak spot,
    One choice against City this year is out score them you won’t stop there attack from scoring,
    But Bony will replace AC permanently once he arrives Ayew will fit in well with the others above and Sak could also,
    Antonio looked the class act to day up front and will be so strong this season,
    But now go get him then get every penny you can for super dud the lemon.

  4. Bony will not replace AC permanently as he will be on loan until January.

  5. You have seen the contract then Nesta
    He wants to stay in the premier not go to China in January,
    So we might have to bite the bullet and pay out right for him or miss out again,
    But if he arrives you won’t want to see AC start before him again,
    As most think AC should be a super sub for the few games he is fit or sold when he is fit,
    But at least we have one year of Calleri who we won’t be able to afford after this season when Barc or Real pay £40 million plus for him,

    • I agree with most of what you say, Bubs, but persoanally, I don’t see Bony as the answer. If he does go to China for mega-bucks, then I suspect he just won’t have his heart in it; be more concerned about not getting injured. If he wanted to stay in the Prem, I am not confident that if he didn’t shine for City (with plenty of opportunities), I doubt he will shine elsewhere…and very expensively so….
      Zaza looks more appealing! I do find Valencia v light weight. He was way out of his depth today, and we weren’t exactly playing the cream of the Prem! It is a great shame about Carroll yet again, but I do like him. He’s a real grafter, and if given the service, he’ll bang ’em in! Could do with a good partner, though….
      As for Sak, he needs a) to work his nuts off to get fit b) show he really is sorry for the disrespect he has shown the team, the manager, the fans and the club…. Can a leopard change its spots??…Maybe!

  6. Have you seen the contract then for a deal which hasn’t even been agreed? Every report suggests loan with him going to China.

  7. I would not be too worried if we so not get another striker, we have 5 strikers at the moment, Carroll, Sakho, Enner, Calleri and Fletcher and I just feel we should trust them. That is not including Ayew. I like Jaamaat as he would suit the system we play so I would go for him and then let him and Byran fight it out for the rb spot. When everyone is fit and if we got Jaamaat we have a cracking team something on the following lines, Adrian, Jaamaat, Oxford, Reid, Creswell, Lanzini, Kouyate, Antonio, Payet, Feghouli, Sakho.

  8. Imo Sakho has burnt his bridges with Slav & enner needs to go asap. How many chances has he had & how many goals in these two years? 9…fuking 9
    Zaza would be my choice

  9. Nesta every report says Enner is a Footballer ?
    You are only quoting what suits you argument,
    Zara has had 2 years to join us like Bacca he won’t come and we will miss out on a big chance,
    Just watched the game again,
    Tore on the left cross for Antonio on the right GOAL
    wonder why,
    Calleri won’t get a better chance to get off the mark,
    Johnham where have we cover AC and Sak not fit,Enner firing blanks,Calleri missing sitters,Fletcher we will be told is one for the future,
    I am not trying to argumentative but come on its right in front of your eyes which one is our 20 goals a season forward ?
    I am glad we have signed Jaymat ( when did that happen ) I think we might just have right back covered oh I for got you don’t like Byram

    • I really have no idea what you are talking about at all. Incoherent gibberish. We have signed no one called Jaymat. I was at the game thank you and I don’t need to watch it again.

      • People like you really **** me off.If bubs was in a drinker & said Jaymat all you would probably say is “oh you probably mean Janmaat bubs’ but on here hidden on your keyboard you have the bravery to call it incoherent gibberish.F@cking cheap shot!!!

  10. It’s not all about you mate calm down look at Johnhams best side just above your last post and your see he gets the RB place,
    Maybe if you get a better view or a different one in the calm of the moment you see something you miss the first time,
    Some how I missed Valencia having a shot on goal the first time, but the second time I saw it,
    Obviously you are a real fan not a arm chair plodder like me,
    Hope you had a good day,

  11. You are lucky bubs I speak English so I can understand your post just fine.Gibberish,not at all.And hey it takes a pretty small minded person to pick out a spelling mistake when we all clearly know you mean Janmaat.As does Nestacres of course.

  12. Bubs did used to have dyslexia. Not anymore. Now he just has dailysex instead. Ha ha.

  13. Must be getting it in my sleep or xxxx
    Hope Janmaat arrive as well as Bony then we can go through the season well covered,
    Europe next
    At last Slav has had enough of sicknote and has spoken out,

    • Funny ain’t it bubs , for years you’ve been posting with short words in place of long , you even admit to you’re spelling mistakes in the past , not mentioning the autocorrect crap !?
      There’s a few on here lately wearing their green anoraks and trying to come across as intelligent ! There not even rabid old boy , more pussy’s !! As mentioned general that was a cheap shot , but the gentleman you are ,and always the first to apologise if offending someone with the short word ploy.and a rabid responds of course ?
      I see you liked the lemon crack mate , seems there’s 2 of them .
      Crack on Mon capita in !!

  14. I was at the game yesterday bubs and calleri IMO will be a right hand full when he received some proper service from lanzini and payet , and chuck in the bard’s crosses and even a fit tore will chip in .
    Can’t wait personally to see sakho on that pitch , its huge lol , loads of space to exploit,
    The miss at the death by calleri was a moment when he has his first chance to score in front of 57000 screaming Looney’s after putting himself in a great position but pulled it ?
    Put that one down to nerves , he won’t miss his next one !!!!
    On another note there was a few ejections yesterday and many supporters were not impressed , there will be trouble for sure! They didn’t do much when we all stood up in protest , they looked on helpless ! The stadium needs a standing area to sort this out !
    Standing up is a H&S issue but everyone stands up at least 10 – 20 times in a game ?
    So that’s a lame point IMO ,the issue is respecting the sitter , so a solution needs to be found for the stander , I was a stander in the 60,s 70’s and 80’s like most with the odd trip up stairs in the west stand c block , best view , shame about the pillars ? Mark my words there will be trouble if it is not sorted !! Let’s see how much the Dave’s really like the supporters and not the prestige and do something about it ? 90% of the ground standing up when asked are making a point ! They also don’t like being told what they can and cannot do !! As the chant said we are west ham and we do what we want ?? They just want to stand Ffs, sort it.

    • Apparently, Gold has expressed his preference for standing, but is bound by the rulee, both by the stadium owners and the laws of the land. Nevertheless, Chav Corner survived without incident all those years….Personally, I wonder if the club couldn’t negotiate with the owners for no penalisation-for-standing areas, even if it is at the expense of several thousand seats. These are the guys who mainly create the atmosphere…As things ‘stand’, these guys could find themselves turfed out en masse…with a waiting list of 50k, filling the seats would not be a problem….but, personally, I certainly don’t want to see that, and hopefully no-one lese does either.
      This is a very unfortunate important and unwelcome by-product of the the move…I hope DS and the stadium owners can find a sloution. However, with K Brady implying she wants WHU to appeal new types of fans, I’m not sure the heart is there to accommodate them. With video technology, we’ll begin to find out soon enough…

  15. There’s a few country’s experimenting with it I read recently with the backing from euafa?
    Its being looked into .
    As for Brady she ain’t a hammer , she’s had run ins with supporters in the past , she would like all the east end boys ejected for places to be filled with moron Tories with personality of dried lemons with the added bonus of being paedophiles watching the kids instead of the game !!
    She is no cockney believe me , if she stuck her nose any further up in the air she is in danger of becoming a thatcher nose kite !!!
    Please no comments about what she has done with the Dave’s dosh , she’s been paid handsomely for it !! She is not one of us !!!!

  16. Oops – never realised you were KB’s No 1 fan….oops again; that’s me! I’m a feminist, so I’m proud of her achievments, but a realisation is emerging now for me how battlelines are drawn…
    By the way, Tories MIGHT be the worst Paedos and probably Masons as well, but by no means all – Those disgusting creeps are across society, especially in churches etc….making a connection of Brady with paedos is ever so slightly on the tenuous and unfair side….

  17. Come on Johnboy you might not like Tories,you might not like Brady,many don’t but no need for all that paedo stuff mate.
    I’m sure you talk to many Tory supporters on here on a daily basis so are they all paedophiles??

    • No just mostly politicians , and don’t interpret everything litteraly , use imagination Eddie its at Brady and her political new mates , and her views which if she could have had her way she would have left a hell of a lot of underpriveledged in deep sz#it .??
      A Tory manifest ! So if I’ve offended any Tories on here , its not personal , its just that this is a club which evolved in squaller and labour was the politics , Brady can try and change that as all self serving Tories do , but as long as there’s people who remember who they are and what this club represented then you will not get the nod from me , ever , like it or lump it ,
      By the way its not just Tory paedos is it its in all party’s !!! And masons ?? Scum . Protected.

  18. That’s you’re take not mine !!!
    Can’t stand the little Britain wanna be !!!
    She’s a self server not a giver ?

  19. There is no room on a football site for any reference to paedophiles, they are the scum of the earth, c#nts the lot of them & left up to me, I would quite happily put a bullet through each & everyone of their heads. They f##k up peoples lives forever.

    • Tell Evans and Sunderland bloke that Essex ?
      The paedo was a bit Ott but the main point is the clubs take on stand up sit down musical chairs . It needs sorting .

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