Slav ready to throw everything at second leg

West Ham boss Slaven Bilic may now be ready to throw every single top player at the second leg of the Europa Cup qualifier next week.
And that means there’s even an outside chance that Dimi Payet being on the bench despite onlybeing due to return to on Monday.
There was desperate disappointment at the result in Slovenia among the squad and backroom staff after the manager made it clear ahead of the first leg against Domzale that he was ready  for a successful European campaign.
But after one of their worst performances in a long time, the manager is set to throw returning internationals Angelo Ogbonna, James Collins and even Payet, if required, into the action as the club look to turn around the 2-1 scoreline.
An insider told ClaretandHugh: “It was all bitterly disappointing and the mood is that we will throw everything at the second leg. We cannot fail on our first excursion in the London Stadium. That would be entirely uncceptabe.
“Ogbonna and Collins are almost certain to play and although Payet will ony have been back a couple of days he could be included and  if things aren’t going right he could come off the bench.”

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  • kevin says:

    Not to go through against Domzale in our first ever home game in our new home would be more than just ” unacceptable ” . It would be disastrous . It’s hard enough now to find players who want to sign , imagine what would happen if we go out to minnows , Domzale .
    We need to bring on the kitchen sink for this game and throw it at them . Namely 11 Andy Carrolls .

    • Eddie says:

      No,being relegated would be disastrous.Going out in this cup will be disappointing.

  • keith astley says:

    I seriously hope Payet does not play. He’s not registered in the squad for this round of the Europa League. If he came on we would be kicked out of the competition regardless of the result!

  • Hammerman6 says:

    Those of us who travelled or watched the game on TV know that Domzale are very physical and gave away lots of free kicks. They won’t change at the OS beware the dangers of another Cresswell if players are exposed to heavy challenges when no 100% ready. Of course we must qualify but be wary another player with a long lay off could be a serious concern for our premiership aspirations.

  • kevin says:

    Yeh , another injury would really screw us .

  • Cranhamhammer says:

    It’s so simple – we play Antonio as an attacking midfielder, Sam Byram at RB, Lewis Page at LB – and don’t play Valencia.

    • keith astley says:

      Couldn’t agree more, if only super Slav could see it that way but he seems to keep Antonio at RB. Probably the only way to keep him in the team when a full squad to choose from but for next Thursday he has to play further up field.

  • Bob says:

    I know it flies in the face of general consensus but I’ll shed no tear if we go out THIS year.I don’t think we have a squad big enough or with enough quality to sustain a long run in Europe as well as the league YET.If we stay in Europe until the group stages we can kiss goodbye to a good Premier League campaign imo.

  • bubs says:

    Why bother to do anything but stay up if we are not going to go for everything,
    Collins and Ogbonna hardly played in the European ps and should be fit because of training,
    Payet is paid to play football and most of the players not joining our club is because they want to play in Europe,
    Why all the negativity it’s like Hippo has returned,we have made a rod for our own backs,telling the world we are loaded and going to spend big,then instead of sticking to one play at a time and making them feel wanted we walk around the car sales trying to be dealers,
    Now we are getting desperate and the fans are being negative,
    This is like another away game to us no home advantage as our players are not used to the OS either,
    Pick our best side with players playing where they should
    Play Reid or Page at left back Ogbonna alongside Novedt or Burke,
    Back to Kouyate and Noble
    AC up top with Payet just behind Feggolui on the Right and Atonio on the left where he can cut in to join AC leaving Payet room to move to the left which he does normally
    Fletcher,Martinez,Oxford,Tore,Collin,Obiang on the bench
    Get the game tied up by half time then give the lads a run
    If we are not good enough then so be it
    Come on lads no more negative thoughts till December at least,
    Go and get Bony and Barahino now replace the leavers,
    Parez from Newcastle if they want AC,
    Forget Europe and don’t let the boy on Facebook until we have the player in the bag

    • JB says:

      No mate only some of you impatient fans are getting desperate & negative.Crying about signing players here & now.What did Bob say that couldnt make some sense.We dont have a big squad for both of comps.Slav said it himself two day ago.WTF does that have to do with BFS????
      And how the **** is payet going to run the show when he ain’t even registered to play this round????

  • johnboy says:

    Bubs ! Payet is not registered to play this game ? And as hammer man says , this side are filth and will do anything to stay In the comp ! I’ve no problem with that as its part and parcel ! Its the officials that are the problem! They are fikin dangerous and can’t be trusted.and easily conned ( we need to dive and writhe ) as they do, get wise is what I’m saying !
    54 k might help out !!! 24 fouls only 2 yellows , I’m surprised we didn’t get any injury’s .
    Use sakho and carol , Valencia is to lightweight , we need strength and pace to stretch this mob . With Antonio running at them as well will really set about them .
    4-0 !!

  • johnham1 says:

    Antonio is not a RB but I am afraid Byran is major liability too. We also need to play two up top. I would play 4-4-2 Adrian, back 4 Oxford Reid, Nordelt Ogbanna, Feghouli, Noble, Kouyate, Tore, Antonio, Valencia or Fletcher. Leave Carrolll off

  • bubs says:

    Silly me not knowing he was not registered apologies,
    So we don’t send any of our good players out against physical teams ?
    That’s Everton games knackered next season,
    Just does not make sense getting into Europe and then giving up at the first round,
    We are back to worrying about relegation and the season has not started,
    We need to have players here now by game 4 we will have played Chelski and City away and if we get stuffed in those we will be on a bad run and looking at survival,
    Valencia and Sakho want out so we need replacements before sick note gets injured,
    Still think Byram is going to be as good as Cressie myself
    But just a silly old man hoping last season was a change for better,

  • johnboy says:

    Thin on the ground is an understatement !!
    We need to buy 3 top defenders regardless of cresswell at least 2strikers not including calleri , 2 weeks to get them in , we have a problem and find it unbelievable that the club has let this happen , there was a poll concerning sakho and 8 / 10 want him to stay ,some say that he has attitude and needs showing the door others and that includes me think he should be given another chance , but being a human being and hippocrite i wanted amafilamo out the door when he threw his toys out of the pram ? But he was crap anyway If we can forgive dicanio for his tantrums ,remember them people ? the mega strop when subbed , then so can sakho . If the rumours are correct and ayew is coming for 20 mill then that’s a step up from Valencia , but this guy can upset a dressing room as well ?
    but is no replacement for a fit sakho IMO, who is a no 9 . Even if he still wants out he should play , he’s on the payroll , he’s our no1 still at present , and is available according to sully ?
    If the club can’t get personnel on board through what ever reason’s then its a possibility that we will struggle ,and agree with bubs on that , its a possibility !
    2 weeks ? I think we will panic buy if nothing happens soon !
    And get ripped off for mediocre players !
    Defence is the priority ? We’ve got strikers in place if you look at it logically !

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