Slav says Noble decided to take a break

SlaBilicandnobleven Bilic has confirmed that Mark Noble’s state of mind is as responsible for his absence from the game against Leicester City as his body.

This was a situation first suggested  on ClaretandHugh that the manager may leave the captain out of the team following his comments about “some fans not understanding the game” after he received widespread criticism on social media.

Head of medical and sports science Stijn Vandenbroucke had revealed Noble’s injury on the official site last night (Thurs) but the manager has now made it clear he had spoken to Noble about his mindset after a difficult week.

Slav said: “He is exactly what a captain should be, yet sometimes it is too much. Sometimes he takes it home and thinks about that – not only about him but about the club.

“A man can take only what he can take. I spoke about that with him. He is not available for Saturday’s  game and after that we have an international break.

“I left it to him and it’s his decision to go away somewhere for a week to get away and come back as strong as he was.”

It now looks a certainty that Cheik Kouyate and Pedro Obiang will form the midfield partnership which many fans have been crying out for with Sam Byram slipping into the right back position.


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30 comments on “Slav says Noble decided to take a break

  1. OK. Maybe the Anti Noble brigade can take a break now as well. Just a suggestion.

    Whatever you think of him as a player he has been a great man for this club. He deserves at the least to be given a chance to get back in the team- if he still wants to after this. I think Bilic has done the right thing. I wonder whether some of the people who have been slagging him off on here can look at themselves in the mirror & say the same?

    • Spot on Ham64.Clearly his mental state has been effected by the abuse.
      Congrats to you motor mouths!

  2. I don’t like Noble. He is too slow and ponderous. However, he is involved in the build up for a lot of our goals. He gets stick because people don’t see that part of his game. People, including me, remember his mistakes much more clearly. Noble hasn’t been playing well for quite a time and this situation should not have arisen. Bilic should have spotted that Noble was tired and below par and he should have been rested like he is now. Bilic has placed an enoumous amount of pressure on Noble and it will be very difficult for him when he returns as the pressure may be on even more as all eyes will be on him. Bilic should have dealt with this much sooner. Many know nothing fans spotted it months ago.

  3. The stick Noble has received has been appauling..Ive been embarrassed to be a West Ham..Great stat that Noble has made the most passes in the side, whether that’s front, back or side, he’s keeping possession…I think this website now should leave it alone..

  4. Cant beat a good stat eh hammerone.
    So this site shouod say nothing while all the other blogs will be talking about it all day.
    Hmmm ok.

  5. So the going gets tough and “Mr West Ham” heads off on holiday !! Thanks for everything Mark and good luck wherever you end up !

  6. I think this is another example of bad management on Bilic’s part. It was obvious to everybody that Mark Noble who had literally played in every game that he has been available this season was showing signs of fatigue. All that needed to happen was Bilic to rotate his squad (surely this is the point in having a squad) and rest Mark for a couple of games. Yes there’s always a risk that the replacements may play very well, the team goes on a wining streak and Mark would have to wait for a chance to get back in to the team. There is also a chance of injuries and a drop in team form where Mark would be ready to come back in, refreshed and rearing to go. Instead being fatigued his form suffered and the crowd seeing this become more vocal about him being rested. If Bilic had managed this better there would not have been such an issue. Mark is a good player and our captain. It is normal in the modern game that players playing time is managed.

  7. Leave it out Maravilla im not his greatest fan but you aint got a clue whats going on or his state of mind.He is only human how do you not know that he is having some issues at the moment.clearly he is not in the right frame of mind for some reason and he has always struck me as a strong character in the past even if i dont think he is the best as a misfielder.
    I sat on the fence on the Nobes situation becuase i can see positives and negatives in him but to start shouting off if he is having some issues between the ears is bang out of order imho 😁

    • Well when you have distinguished ex players like Phil Parkes coming out and saying that he’s out of order for what he has said and given the fact he has been below par this season says enough. At the end of the day he’s got the greatest job in the world and gets paid handsomely for it. Let’s face facts he kicks a ball around, I have no issue with Noble , i just want the best starting 11 to be on the pitch in their right positions and Noble doesn’t fill that criteria imho

      • Yeah and i agree with that but what you have said now is totally different from your original post isnt it 😂😂

        • How does it ?? He’s not good enough to be in our starting 11 and next season we will hopefully strengthen the squad considerably. Imho he’s finished at West Ham…

          • Well if you cant see how your first rant isnt different from your second more thoughtful post you must be daft.They are two totally different comments lol

          • You are an idiot.And I’ll say the same to any West Ham supporters who slate him..show a bit of class…as for Phil parkes he should no better as an ex pro himself..

          • Idiot ??? for wanting our strongest 11 on the pitch ?? Noble is nowhere near good enough and when ex pro’s say the same thing, i’ll take their judgement over yours…If he can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen…

          • If he cant stand the heat he should get out of the kitchen.
            Marvilla do you realise how utterly ridiculous you sound with remarks like that.

      • 100% spot on.. Best 11 on pitch in their best positions . Nobles situation has been caused by bad Bilic management. Noble has been poor since beginning of season . Bilic should have dealt with it . Nobles has made his situation untenenable by dissing the fans . He is not the first or will be the last to receive criticism. COYI

  8. As I’ve said before I feel ashamed of some of our fans these days and whilst I’m sure most haven’t seen inside the LS yet alone Upton Park they make the most noise on the blogs. I respect those that say Noble is off form and that they want Kouyatte and Obaing to start but for heavens sake give Noble the chance to find his form which I think he will. It was only 12 months ago that we were singing his praises at his testermonial at Upton Park. He deserves much better than being hounded out like this. I agree with Rads, there is a mental issue here, it’s got too much for him which is what actually brought on the statement in my view.

    • John, with some of the comments you would think Nobes was the only player not performing! whilst i feel some our fans have always liked a moan up,it sometimes gets OTT. We’re West Ham ffs! “where were they when we were s**t?” I don’t support West Ham to win things, I support West Ham cos my family come from Canning Town. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but i have to shake my head at some of the vitriol directed towards our Captain. COYI

    • Young John remmeber that fans who use blogs really are a small minority of fans.Many fans are not so vocal or think they own the club themselves lol
      The majority of fans never touch fan sites because they cant stand the people who use them.
      Ask your friends tomorrow,most will screw their face up and utter an obscenity about blog sites m sure.Well i know my friends do anyway.Most havnt got a scooby why i want to read them lol

      • You are right there Stan, a very small but noisy minority use the blogs. My mates eyes glaze over if I ever mention anything I read on a blog. I’d love to love the % of ST holders that comment on the blogs. Less than 5% I’d wager.

        • I would say about 2% maximum John.Take our neighbours its the same 10 or 12 bleating every day.Having said that most are not STH,just trout mouths.

    • Spot on John, I’ve been abit ashamed to be West Ham really with all this abuse..Nobes has nearly got to 400 games and is getting dogs abuse and being disrespected..I suppose it shows that some of our fans really are idiots..

      • This is a similar situation to Nolan a couple of years back, Nolan didn’t bite he got his head down and did what was expected of a captain…I take it you haven’t watched a lot of games this season

        • So what you aee saying then is that yours and others incessant rubbishing of Noble was worthing of biting back about.If you didnt carry on with your childish Noble rants there would be bugger all to bite at.
          But hey ho you bubbles and the other detractors must be so happy now…he bit,round of applause for you all.

  9. This has become personal and am I surprised he needs a break at all the vitriol directed at him, totally over the top and so counter productive, as we are now witnessing. Do I think he should be starting at the moment, no I don’t, but do I think he deserves the opportunity to show he should start, of course I do, but tell me how is this all meant to support his well being as a person and a West Ham Captain? He has been called Mr West Ham I bet that means nothing to him at the moment with the treatment he has received from most who have never played the game at a high level and yes, have no idea of how a football team functions is so poor; his own set of fans, supposedly. No one is beyond constructive criticism it’s just a shame most haven’t a scoobies as to what that is.

  10. You’ve got to say that Mark Noble hasn’t deserved his place in the Team and hasn’t been playing well this Season – I’ve heard through a convoluted route that he has a chronic knee injury – maybe he needs an extended rest and his injury to be sorted out if that’s at all possible.

    He’s obviouly sensitive about the citicism he’s received, but if he’s not capable of giving his best he’ll feel justifiably frustrated – time well overdue for him to be given an extended rest!

    • Tbh I would look to let him concentrate on his mental and physical well being for the remainder of the season and then review. In the meantime let’s find out who will step up to the mark as this season has been one of unacceptable performance, application and effort by many.

  11. I did hear similiar Michael Miller though who knows what is factual or gossip doing the rounds.Whichever the case he has been **** poor this season that is a given,does he deserve the dogs thrown at him,no chance.

  12. Whilst I agree that he hasn’t been at his best and I would have changed the team I think it’s disgraceful that he is getting so much abuse

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