Slav – Too good for England

32-joatleyITV/BBC sports reporter and director of Women in football, Jacqui Oakley has suggested Hammers fans should do the right thing by releasing Slaven Bilic in his role as Hammers manager to become the next England manager.

West Ham's Slaven BilicShe tweeted from teb Euros in France “Come on, Hammers fans. Do the right thing. Let Slav go. Your country needs him”

West Ham fan and Talk Sport presenter Ian Abrahams  better known as the Moose replied “Errr Lady O please leave Slaven’s name out it….he wont leave as we go into the OS”

Jacqui replied saying “Sorry Moose, but Slaven Bilic has the credentials: ability, int’l experience, man-management skills, knows Eng game/players, etc.”

Moose replied “But he is West Ham manager”

Jacqui final words confirmed “BUT….I agree. Can’t see him leaving West Ham as he’s on to a good thing there….”

Sorry Jacqui! Hands off! Club before country. He has only just got started at West Ham. There is a lot more to come….


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15 comments on “Slav – Too good for England

  1. What a brilliant idea for wasting talent! England is a washout – has been for 50 years. Even the genius of Slav ain’t going to change THAT in a hurry! Find a loser; they would go well together. In other words, KEEP YOUR EFFING HANDS OFF!

  2. To paraphrase a certain royal butler…

    “Dear Miss Oatley, thank you for your suggestion. Get stuffed. David Sullivan and David Gold”

  3. hahahaha….. why would he want to leave a club that he loves thats on the up to go and manage those 3rd rate over praised bunch of morons. The FA will do there usual of spouting off a bunch of qualified foreign managers then ending up with some gloomy english OAP that got a team to a final once. Even better lets hope they go with hippo, that way the rest of England can see what we went through….

    • That sounds good to me and would go for hippoouldnt surprise me they would go for another useless coach. Nobody gets our slav so jog on,

  4. “Slaven Bilic has the credentials: ability, int’l experience, man-management skills, knows Eng game/players, etc.”
    That should rule him out.

  5. The fact of the matter is that we don’t have anybody good enough to be England manager.We’ve been down the foreigner road before-Sven fitted us into his busy love life and Capello bored us stupid.The best we’ve had have been Robson and Venables,but they did have more than the 30% of English players that are available now,to pick from! Slav is probably the pick today but he has a task at my Hammers to complete.Besides you need 11 players with some passion and fight before you appoint a manager,

  6. As a slight diversion i suggest the Spuds have a sculpture based upon the Champions of 66 one that will soon grace the O.S ( assuming that happens ) erected outside W.H.L with Kane and his Spuds England contingent pals commemorating the clubs contribution to yesterdays stunning result in the national cause , lest they have short memories ! (;

  7. Stupid *****, what’s England ever done for west ham recently except encourage our best young footballers to leave in search of champions league football and refuse to pay us after crippling dean Ashton, club before country every time, I’d rather west ham won the league cup than England the Euro’s

  8. I did mention last week before this debacle that he would perhaps be a candidate… In 8 to 10 years but seriously it’s pointless even mentioning his name now. This is a guy who got out of managing his own country after many years because he wanted to prove himself in club management. Until the last season his reputation in that regard was less than certain but now he has the chance to really prove himself. He has the opportunity to not only take West Ham into the Champions League along with a very high profile in the OS, but if he succeeds he may even be offered a top club job at a Eurpean elite club. Why would he risk all that for this poisoned Chalice at this stage of his career that would effective finish it in all likelihood and very possibly destroy any future club career. So no don’t even waste the time talking about it.

  9. The Country has just voted England for the English so give them a English Manager,
    London as our club on its badge says voted for European, so bog off and leave our man alone,
    And you 2 Daves get him contracted up for at least the next 7 years,
    My vote goes with Howe,young talented,plays the right way and can make a good team out of underrated players,sounds like he is made for the job,just think
    Real right wingers who are not left footed, a goalie who can save shots instead of getting his hair nice,a midfielder who can string a decent pass togeather not a old forward you don’t want to upset who can’t do it any more,
    Could go on for ever it was so bad and Woy it was your making shocking team selection terrible playing system,
    You have shamed a country that needed a boost not another kick when it was down

  10. All this from a media questioning the appointment of Bilic to the hammers , the inexperience
    Of managing in the prem . , in tried , and a whole lot of other bull£hit ! Now he is to be England’s saviour ?? This puts it into perspective as to their footballing vision and phylosophy, THEY HAVENT A CLUE !!!!
    By the way , its great not to hear hoddle banging on about how great the spuds are and their class ! Embarrassing when he tried to cover over their performance last night !
    Waddle even fancies his old spud chum to takeover the reigns , again ? .
    Could you / would you want to see another hoddle show of keepyuppy look at me ego !
    This the same person Bilic made look a mug on the t.v.!!!
    Give it to pardew and redknapp in tandem !! Worth a punt !! Give it to south gate in 4 years time ! If unsuccessful . Keep it English . IMO Howe’s to young , give him time .
    Maybe having two in charge they could bounce off each other !

  11. He would be a fool to take the poison chalice and I can’t see it, if they are looking someone with the perfect credentialsI they should go and get Sam he is used to fielding Donkeys and playing people out of position plus he is arrogant enough, Mark Curtis will be creaming his pants if big Sam gets in because he knows that only his players will be allowed to play.

  12. Not gonna happen lads. It appears you’ve all forgotten the one credential vital to the sweet F A. Must be a yes man . Ergo, Slav defo not in the frame.

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