Slav: “Why I didn’t win the Turkish League”

ataturk-olympic-stadiumSlaven Bilic’s third placed finish with Besiktas last season has been described as a failure by many pundits with some claiming he’s a lucky man to get the West Ham job as a result.

But Slav is convinced he knows exactly why he didn’t finish top of the pile in Turkey and none of it can be put down to him or his team.

He said the main reason was because the club did not have a home stadium.

He explained: “I can say this without any reservations one of the key factors behind Beşiktaş not winning the league was not having a stadium,”

 “If we had our own stadium more decisions would have gone our way and we would have got better results it is very different playing at home.”
The club’s former İnönü stadium was demolished at the end of the 2012-2013 season and have since used the Ataturk Olympic Stadium (pictured above). The new Vodafone Arena is scheduled for completion this year.

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16 comments on “Slav: “Why I didn’t win the Turkish League”

  1. Oh know he made an excuse! Panic stations! Lol

  2. How come your layers never had fatigue,or you played to Mandy’s games,or you had to many injuries,or it was the fans fault or we give to many goals away in the last 10 mins,
    Or Valencia would not pass to Nolan,
    What a pathetic excuse you had to play in the car park using jumpers as goal post,

  3. Whats this bubs,you laying into Slav already,lol 😀

  4. It’s just a nothing excuse Tyson,never have understood why the pitch makes so much difference same as home advantage if the ball was a different shape,your legs were tied togeather,you had Nolan and O,Brien in your team,
    Then the other team has an advantage but that’s just me,

  5. I know but Slav was in turkey,he didnt have this great option of Nolan,O’Brien & the other deadwood available to him.If he did i think they would have won their league 😉

  6. Super Slavs Claret & Blue Army!!!

    • ahah… we have understood you are one of us and you are a man of few words, but please express your opinion… peace&love 😀

  7. The home advantage thing does seem irrational. The problem is, it does make a difference. Results year in year out prove that.
    Just as in real life, where many things that happen don’t make any sense. Trying to put everything into a ‘black or white’ pigeonhole could drive one mad.

  8. I think it makes a difference especially with the officials,how many times over the years have we heard you never get those decisions at Old Trafford,Anfield etc

  9. Canchaz was just talking about personal experience when I played,
    Unless luck comes into it the best team wins,the rest is a mental thing,teams went to Anfield and old Trafford with the respect the point,playing for a draw and got put to the knife now they go there and give it a go and get a result,
    You can’t go to places like old T or Man City and let the players like Rooney,Agurro ect run at you for 90 mins and grab a draw, but look at Stoke last game showed Liverpool no respect Wallop,We went to Forrest 2 years ago put out the boys showed them no regard
    That’s the problem with respect the point,every 3 games if you go for the win and get 1 win or more or maybe a draw it’s going to give you more points and respect than going for that 1 point,
    Never worried me where I played only that the showers were good and they had a bar in the ground or a pub near by

  10. I agree with you tactically bubs you should always play to win but was just saying over the years home advantage for the big teams has helped,penalty decisions,offsides etc benefit of the doubt shown to the home big team

  11. Agree Quickdraw but it’s the same Referees suffer the same pressure because good
    Managers such as Ferguson,Wenger and Marino use the press time to play mind games
    So all the officials start caring the pressure and with the added TV are terrified of being pulled a part on live T V by the Andy Greys and Robbie Savages of the world
    We were stuck with Hippo who was not in there league in every way,
    Every team that goes away that plays as if they are at home stand 2 chances win or loose
    No different I would love Slaven to adopt that attitude let the home teams worry about us embarrassing them at home and watch the home fans turn on there own side which is better than playing at home

  12. Agreed bubs the top managers manipulate and scare the refs,they also try to create pals groups Fergie was great at it and BFS was gullible to fall into it. I think Slav should be wary of Mourinhos flattery,tbh I think he’s a strong enough individual to dodge it. The pundits usually have an old alliance and base their BS on that.
    Hopefully we’re in the era where respecting 3 points is all we’re interested in.

  13. I’m sure Slav will be able to hold his own, up against anyone.
    just a slav stare will shut most up.

  14. No speako the lingo works every time,
    Any way Mourino is to busy cleaning his front room all that blue crap every where

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