Slaven deal ready for action

Slaven and the club set to shake hands on new deal

Slaven and the club set to shake hands on new deal

CandH Exclusive by Hugh Southon

Slaven Bilic will be offered a new deal at the end of the season.

And ClaretandHugh can reveal that it will add a year to his present deal in the form of a 12 month rolling contract.

The  board will rubber-stamp the details at a board meeting next week which will ease the fears of fans who believe the manager’s position could still be in  jeopardy.

The club has been delighted at the progress they have seen over recent weeks as the boss has seen his team revitalised with the departure of Dimitri Payet.

The manner in which Slav dealt with that situation and the turnaround in form has been a revelation after the shocking first few months at the London Stadium.

Greedy managers would normally want a three or four year deal in order to ensure a pay-off for failure but Bilic is not motivated by money and will have no issues signing the rolling contact.



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10 comments on “Slaven deal ready for action

  1. All very well giving Slaven just a 12 month rolling contract but is this lack of security a reason why he does not give youth team players more of a chance ?

  2. Well there are not many managers anywhere in the PL who will play young ‘uns if they have senior players available these days with so much to play for financially and the fickleness of a results driven PL more than ever before.
    I always find it a wee bit unfair to get on Bilics back about not playing kids when hardly any other manager does.
    Im not so sure that if fans were in the same position and their job was on the line on an almost weekly basis they would play young’uns instead of seasoned PL pros and groan about it.
    As it stands many of our kids cant even get games regularly for their loan teams.It doesnt scream out for them to be up to the PL…yet anyway.

    • And thanks Lokfaen i installed adblocker it is so much better for this old bugger to use the site now.Thanks for the advice young man.

  3. Did not mean my comment to be seen as being critical of Bilic. Just wonder if he felt more secure he would have given more chances to younger players

  4. Well i didnt take it as a criticism gilbere, not at all.I was only giving my rambling old mans take on things lol.Maybe you are have a point,only Slaven has that answer i suppose.

  5. I must say I think 12 month rolling contracts are a great idea. The fact of the matter is that if a manager wants to leave he will, contract or no contract. A 12 month rolling contract gives Slaven all the security he needs, at anytime if the board gives him the old heave-ho he gets a cheque for about £3M thank you very much. The new contract will also give him a decent pay rise. Could all round.

  6. Contracts are not worth the paper they are written on when it comes to loyalty or seeing out a contract for both parties.If a manager wants to leave he will go,if a board wants a manger sacked they are gone.As you say John the compensation is huge these days.
    I dont see Bilic as a money driven man anyway.
    Good luck to him in the coming seasons though because him and the team can do nothing to please some fans lol

  7. Agree Stan regarding young players. We all want to see Academy players coming through, but it is difficult to do in the current situation, even when they are out on loan as you say. Just a fact of life.

    Off the point, but if anybody reads the football mag ‘442’ they have a pic in there of BS doing his party piece impersonation of Cheryl Cole. There is no health warning with it, but advise against looking at it if you are of a nervous disposition or are having your breakfast!

  8. Lol 64 yeah i have seen it before,its grim isnt it.He reminds me of some of the 15 pints later girls i have left pubs with 😂😂

  9. Crikey Radai! I had nearly recovered from the shock of it, then I saw your comment. I am now getting a whole lot of bad images in my mind! Is it too early for a drink? Or two…

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