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Slaven replacement dilemma revealed

Roberto-ManciniA lack of good managers with proven Premier League experience is the dilemma facing the West Ham board at the moment as they consider Slaven Bilic’s future at the club.

The bookies have Manuel Pellegrini, Carlo Ancelotti, Rafa Benitez, Sean Dyche, Roberto Mancini and Slavisa Jokanovic as their top runners as the next permanent West Ham manager but we look at their current situation and availability.

Manuel Pellegrini is the manager of Chinese Super League club Hebei China Fortune since August 2016. He is thought to be on a lucrative contract in China worth £30m over three years. He is the bookies Odds on favourite to join Leicester City.  Difficult to match his current package.

Carlo Ancelotti says he will take at least a 10-month break after the Bayern Munich axe. Was paid £12.6m per year on a three-year contract at Bayern. Even if we could afford him after his sabbatical he is unlikely to consider West Ham as a realistic option as he won’t be short on offers.

rafa_a_2494019bRafa Benitez says he is committed to Newcastle until the end of the season. He signed a new three-year contract in May this year worth £4.2m per year so West Ham could end up paying a compensation of around £10m should they tempt Rafa to leave the North East. With Newcastle up for sale, he is said to be keen to wait and find out what a new owner could bring to the Magpies in terms of backing in the transfer market.

Sean Dyche signed a contract extension at Burnley in 2016 and is one of lowest paid managers in the Premier League on £420,000 per year. He joined the Clarets in 2012 and in his five-year tenure has led them twice to Premier League promotion. Whether Dyche would leave Burnley and whether he would be an improvement on Slaven Bilic are all unanswered questions.

carlosRoberto Mancini took over as Zenit St Petersburg manager this summer on a three-year contract thought to be worth €4.5m a year. He has the option of a two-year extension. Whether Mancini has a clause to leave if a Premier League club came in for him is unknown but there is likely to be a large compensation to persuade Zenit to part with him.

Slavisa Jokanovic took over at Championship side Fulham in 2015 and signed a two-year contract extension to stay in West London earlier this year. He has no Premier League experience despite previously getting Watford promoted to the Premier League. His lack of experience makes him somewhat of a gamble and would cost £5m in compensation to Fulham which makes him an unlikely candidate.

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I am Season Ticket Holder in West stand lower at the London Stadium and before that, I used to stand in the Sir Trevor Brooking Lower Row R seat 159 in the Boleyn Ground and in the Eighties I stood on the terraces of the old South Bank. I am a presenter on the West Ham Podcast called MooreThanJustaPodcast.co.uk. A Blogger on WestHamTillIdie.com a member of the West Ham Supporters Advisory Board (SAB), Founder of a Youtube channel called Mr West Ham Football at http://www.youtube.com/MrWestHamFootball, I am also the associate editor here at Claret and Hugh. Life Long singer of bubbles! Come on you Irons! Follow me at @Westhamfootball on twitter

25 comments on “Slaven replacement dilemma revealed

  1. Nigel Pearson? Kept Leicester up when the odds were against it. It was basically his side that won the PL. Think he brought them up so might ( unlike several of those touted) be prepared to rebuild if the mess is even worse than we think & we go down. Managing an obscure Belgian side so presumably there would be no massive compo to pay ( might appeal to owners). But likely to speak his mind to the owners.
    Circumstances of leaving Leicester were a bit hazy though I seem to remember. But beggars/ choosers & all that. A lot of the names touted will not come near us. He might & given a reasonably free hand & somecash for January he would do ok. As I said we have to consider the drop & how we get back.

  2. If Bilic still in charge for the Liverpool match we should all just boycott it, leave our seats empty to show the Owners we are the Club and we are not happy.
    Do not put your tickets on Ticket exchange or the stadium will still look full when they sell them on, NO just stay away for one game, not a lot to ask to show our feelings and we can watch it on tv in a pub or club near where we live.
    We need to let the owners know we will not just blindly support all their decisions we are the Club, with out us the Club is nothing, Bilic must go and go NOW, put Westley in charge for a couple of games until they find a good replacement, can’t be worse than it is now.
    £2.4 million is nothing up against being relegated, pay the b*****d and get rid. COYI

    • So tell me mate..
      I live in Sydney and watch the games live, usually l on a Sunday morning between 1.00 and 3.00am.
      Do I turn off my TV or show my anger and watch Spurs?
      I support your philosophy, since we can’t continue with Slav-Westley for a little while sounds OK; at least he would have a chance to integrate a new sort of team, including our best youngsters..
      Life should not be so tough, eh!

  3. I have a rather unusual suggestion which may attract a lot of criticism.
    Why did Frank de Boer fail at Palace?
    He tried to introduce the Ajax approach to football far too quickly..
    Pass, pass, dominate, playing a fast 3-4-3 or a 4-3-3 doesn’t work over night. Evidently he was viewed as being an introvert and being a bit of a ‘weirdo’. If he had started out using formations and tactics that EPL players are used to, like the good old 4-4-2, or a 3-5-2, he may have fared better, and got some better results. Then after a season or so, then he could have gradually introduced his Ajax-like approach, after his players had got used to him?
    Any guy with his playing pedigree, in addition to winning 4 Championships in a row with Ajax, must have something going for him?!
    The big question, would he fit in with our current squad of players-what you think folks?

    • If you want ex Ajax players why not skip to Bergkamp who would definitely be a better coach and also has the required prem experience?

  4. The board is the dilemma lol.
    Are they going to give up loads of cash ? No ? Are they going to employ someone will demand investment ? No ? These clowns will get a yes man after kicking the can down the road for , probably the rest of the season ? The reason I say this is because they should be discussing the sacking right now , and if gold is on another holiday and the excuse is they are waiting for him is a load of ********! It could all be done electronically if they wanted to !!!
    They are playing for time and waiting for things to calm down but as the norm can’t see further than their wallets !!! They should have acted immediately but the muppets didn’t !!
    It needs to be brought into house with an appointment of a ex player to bring some stability
    Back and football values we fans have been brought up on , its not the losing its the way were losing and its not even exciting when were winning either , its more of a relief ffs!!!
    We’ve got huge problems in house and this bunch can’t deal with it !!! They can be loyal to the manager and all that crap but the players are painting a different picture , bilic has lost the dressing room but they would rather keep to their principles than the good of the club !!!
    That’s how I see it , right or wrong we’ve still got a problem and its from the top down to the players !! Not acceptable for me and many others I’m sure but its not looking good is it lads !!

    • I have supported the board on most things and still do as a general rule. But they are really pushing the patience of the fans. There is no excuse to delay, as you say, there are always ways now to have a conference without it being face to face. (Why was Gold on holiday during a game anyway?) They are looking more and more like grubby little rich men that are afraid of spending and its simply not good enough anymore. The talk of loyalty is a smoke screen for being tight. No other club would give the managers the leaway that we have done due to being tight.

  5. Marcelo Biesla

  6. Lazarus absolutely bang on! Ive been saying this for so long just like many others.

    OldIron great idea but the problem is this.

    1, the fans are too weak to actually make that stand. They moan and moan but like you said follow a blind faith in the club and dont have the bottle to take action.

    2, the board know that for 55k people not showing up they have another 55k who dont get to go to matches who will also moan and moan but in a heartbeat snap up an available ticket in yet another show of blind faith.

    • Point 2, if we don’t put our season tickets up for re-sale they can’t sell them so the stadium would be emptyish

  7. Daffy duck !! Why not !! At least they’ll have a giggle and brighten the place up ! 😂😂

  8. And that shortlist shows just how difficult it is to remove him, replace him with what? I would also throw Craig Shakespeare into the hat as an alternative, but all he did was carry on the work of Nigel Pearson.
    Pellegrini – Cant see him leaving China for a pay cut to manage a side struggling. Also, not sure how good he really is, he under acheived at Citeh for me.
    Ancelotti – This one I would love to happen, but already report that he is fave to take over from Conte at the plastics. Just cant see it happening unfortunately.
    Benitez – Another, why would he leave for us? He would want full control over players (No one else has that luxury) for starters and some substantial monies. Added to the fact, is he a bit too defensive?
    Dyche – More old school English football style, very hard to play against and who knows what he could do with some real talent around him?
    Mancini – Cant see him leaving either, particulary the way in which our owners operate trying to penny pinch all the time. Although the type of manager I think we need.
    Jokanovic – Really like what I have seen with him, but as mentioned no top flight experience, would be too much of a gamble for me
    Pearson – Someone else on here mentioned him. A real pain in the backside for the media, but for me he was the real reason Leicester won the league.

  9. For a different perspective on Pearson, you could also say he had a team capable of winning the PL in a relegation scrap (minus kante).

  10. Kant’s was another player we missed before he went to the fox,s ! I remember saying at the time get him at all cost. 8_10 mill was a steal but our lot can’t spot class even when it’s under their noses ! Carvalho !! Another !!
    Kante is injured and now Chelsea are vulnerable ?
    On a different spec ! What was the poll results for the next four games points total ? Lol
    Some put 9 😂😂 !!! 2 at present with palace to come 😉

  11. Pay the money and get beniteze or take a chanse on howe I would even take zabaleta as player manager but ffs get bilic out ..NOW

  12. Fed up of foreign coaches time for Brit who will give youngsters a chance….give it to Ryan Giggs!

  13. Smoke and mirrors, the real reason Bilic is still officially WHU manager is the Dildo brothers won’t pay up the remaining time on his contract. Paying him up means less for them, the excuse coming out that there are no replacements available is just ducking the issue. Bilic has lost the dressing room and the players respect, he is too close and friendly with them and lets they do as they wish. They need to train more as they are not fit enough, they need to work out how to defend, they need to follow team orders. Bilic should have told them Friday night starting by a much needed bollocking and a kick up the arse followed by a couple of hard days on the training pitch. If they don’t like it tell to train on there own and get the kids in to replace them and transfer list them ready for the January sales. HTF Marko Arnautovic is allowed on the pitch let alone in the team showing that amount attitude and lack of team commitment, baffles me. But that is the shining light why the manager needs to go, its as if he wants to be part of the class rather than the teacher. Looking at him on the touchline the passion has gone, any backing from above is being undermined, so nobody is interested or listening to a word he is saying. Keeping him is repeating the Grant mistake, anyone now stands a chance of turning it around, leaving it means we will be lucky to stay the PL. One other thing is any new manager must be given a proper transfer budget in the next window and the authority to move on those not interested. I don’t want to hear the Dildo brothers just talking about money I want to see it being spent to turn this team around.

  14. 👍 😉

  15. It’s a case of ‘who knows?’, you wonder who would want to take the West Ham job given the parlous state of the Club. The recruitment over the last few years has been horrendous and the Squad is thin and lacking in quality.

    The display against Brighton was a low point but you’ve got to say it was coming, the organisation and team spirit are lacking. The tactics, team shape, substitutions and general lack of a pattern of play are all down to Bilic – he really does seem clueless.

    I don’t know if it’s true or not, maybe someone ‘in the know’ can confirm it or not, but I’ve heard that West Ham performs poorly in the Match Stats for thiings like distance covered and number of sprints. If this is true it would indicate that the effort is not being put in and that Bilic has not got the players under his control.

  16. Yes its true MM !! We are the worst team in the division for km run and sprints , wrighty said on. motd that were to lethargic and show no desire or movement , vision and purpose and he feels a great deal for our future !! Not wrong is he , exactly what we’ve been banging on about for eons now ? 😎

  17. Bilic should make the decision for us all and walk away now. He knows he cannot turn things around so why is he hanging on? Doesn’t need the money, doesn’t need the abuse so I’m seriously at a loss as to why he hasn’t walked. Thought he would want to retain some dignity.
    And yes we’ve the highest average age, run and sprint the least and when out of possession we press less than any other PL team. Oh and least shots! Makes great reading our stats.

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