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Slav’s AC patience being stretched

Slaven-Bilic-Andy-Carroll-Football365Slaven Bilic appears to be losing patience with Andy Carroll’s injury woes.

Once again the striker was missing from the line up against Bournemouth and the manager allowed his frustration to show.

It’s becoming something of a given that once Slav finds himself in this sort of mood something has to give and his inability to count on the 27 year old’s fitness is well and truly starting to show.

Following the victory over Bournemouth it became clear that Slav wasn’t happy despite the message being lost in translation here and there.

Nobody however, should be in any doubt that there is a problem and Slav is not one to suffer in silence.

He said: “When he is fit and dedicated to training, to everything, it makes losing him a big blow to us. It is also a big question mark and big frustration with these things that are happening to hm.

“The worst situation is when you plan and hav a player and say: “He’s the one.” Then you can’t count on him. All the time.”

Watch this space.

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

21 comments on “Slav’s AC patience being stretched

  1. The word ”Appears ” takes all the credence out of this non story. injuries happen. another lazy piece of blogging

  2. Ffs another annerak !!
    Spot on Hugh ! Its exactly what Slav said , he also said that he will not renew his contract if there are anymore injury,s after this latest one , as he can’t count on him in his plans , simple enough to understand ?
    There’s standing by a player then there’s complete loonacy !!! It hasn’t worked from day one.
    I rate carol but its getting near room 101 now, who wants to pull the lever !!!
    Applicants on a post card please with a ten pound postal order made out to James buttons 007 & 3 quarters , cap size ?

  3. It is understandably very frustrating for Slav….for all of us. Carroll happens to be the worst sufferer of a plethora of other injuries…We have had it particularly bad; none of us know why (apart from when players are targeted – Payet by Everton, and that pathetic creep in the ‘friendly’ (ha, there’s a joke!) on Cressie…
    Some forget that for any player to get injured, it is deeply depressing, and Andy, who has suffered way more than most, it must be horrendous, and now woorrying if article like this come out….
    I know there are plenty who have had enough of Carroll, but I still like Carroll, and hope Slav will persist with him….he always gives 100%, and can’t be faulted on THAT.

  4. The point is that Bilic can’t rely on Andy Carroll at all – he can’t plan around him, he has to set a pattern of play and adapt his tactics without taking Carroll into account.

    It would seem to mean that Carroll will be seen only as an impact substitute – he can be successful in this role – but you have to set up the First Team without Carroll.

    It’s a shame but that’s the reality of it – until Carroll can stay fit, and that looks increasingly unlikely, he will be relegated further and further down the pecking order and will have to accept being a peripheral figure at the club.

    • I think that is a very sad (for me anyway) truth that we all have to face, including Carroll
      (and so clearly described, MM)

  5. I like Abby Clancy F& C but I will never get in her briefs, its a dream to think he will be any different!
    There’s a problem and its close to saying by by, as much as everybody likes him ,
    Common sense says enough is enough , its last chance saloon now ?
    Tick tock ?

  6. I agree that AC is a big asset when 100% fit but how many times can rely on him? Every single time he is fit he only seems to last for a few weeks. Each time he does get a knock it never seems to be minor, always 6 weeks or more. How many chances do you give a player? Sky showed yesterday that AC has been available for less than half the games he could have played in. As much as you & others rate him that is a p1ss poor record.

  7. I stick by Carroll . Must horrible to keep getting injuries . Carroll is one of those players that West Ham need . But it is hugely frustrating to be missing him so often . I couldn’t believe it when it was announced he would be unavailable for Bournemouth and thought ffs not again. But a fit Carroll is a dangerous Carroll , so hope he mends quickly and correctly .
    Definitely a sheet of glass in need of bullet proofing . Sports wear manufacturers must surely be able to come up with some kind of Ankle , and or , knee protection that doesn’t prohibit movement . Heck , I have to wear Elbow and Wrist protection against strain and it doesn’t impare my movement.

  8. There was no need to play him against Astra at all. Fletcher was on the bench and we were one up. I’m sure AC would have got injured eventually anyway, but Bilic has to take some share of the blame for this one.

  9. I feel very sorry for a sportsman who is denied his chance to play so often through injury but I’m hoping commonsense will prevail & the club will realise this situation is untenable.Heck it’s fine sticking by the lad but it is affecting the team season by season with all his injuries.Oh & before anyone mentions Sakho as well,well yeah the situation is the same with him.The amount of matches both have missed is ridiculous.

  10. **** me how long do you ‘ keep feeling sorry’ for someone.This is a total joke,even the double bubble wrap round him during the summer doesn’t work.The reality though is we are stuck with him for the next few years.No one will sign him from us so he is our bubble wrap kid for the foreseeable 🙂

  11. How does Slav take any blame,the bloke was fit he did not ask not to go on,
    Instead he could have started against Bournemouth got injured after 10 minutes and messed yesterday right up,
    The blame is on the people in the club that have not sold him when he was fit,and let it be someone’s else’s problem,
    At least Slav as usual has been honest and told us how it is,
    You wonder after AC came out a few weeks ago and said he was following others advice,he has kept with it ?
    I think we all like him when he is fit but he is the only player we have to adapt our game to allow for him,
    Much sooner see a Calleri or Sakho who can play along with our better football style now we have others that play intelligent football IE Tore,Feggolui Ayew to add to Lanzini Payet and Antonio,

    • ‘how does slav take any blame’ – well, he bought him on on a shocking pitch and he got injured, when he didn’t need to as there were other options. If he was so integral to yesterday’s plans he should have left him on the bench on Thursday. He may well have got injured after 10 mins yesterday if but that didn’t happen.

  12. To be honest bubs there was no way he wasn’t going to pick up another injury.It was just when it happened.At least with it happening this week we can buy or loan in.If it had happened in a week or two we would have been f*cked.

  13. 100% correct Rads,
    It’s quie simple really if you buy a crap car that keeps breaking down you sell it
    If your TV keeps breaking down you change it,
    But not us,if you buy a dud you won’t admit you made a mistake and you flog a dead horse to try and prove you were not wrong,
    AC,Magia,And Valencia all duds should be removed from the club, I don’t care if they keep them as long as we don’t have to watch them,
    It’s not fair on others,Sak only wanted to leave because he was left out of games for AC or Valencia who earn treble only for when they let us down he came to our rescue,
    That was bad tactics by our management and caused his unrest,last year he had to watch that great duo of Emineke and Moses get in before him and look how that worked out,
    Pick Calleri,Sak and Fletcher even Martinez first Slav put the boot on the other foot,
    I for one would back you 100%

  14. Yesterday Tore would have had three assists,had AC been in.I can only see the big man being an impact sub,you can’t build a team around him as good as he is.This isn’t a new idea why and where is our “marquee” striker signing,this intent shows he was never going to be first choice.COYI

  15. Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Albert Einstein.
    Really makes you wonder why we havent then targetted a 20 goals a season striker and instead plumped for Ayew. Surely, good as Carroll is when fit, knowone really expected him to be fit very often?

  16. You play a player when you want ? Why should Carroll be any different ? 120 k a week and we got to be selective ? F#ck off? He’s a crock , a sick note , pay him off , he has had far to many cracks of the whip , good player or not , he disrupts the team continually , cheers hippo ?? Now were going for another target in bony same as ayew, who we should have got but sully wouldnt pay up , now it millions ?? sully you haven’t got a clue mate !!!

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