Slav’s massive double decision may bring big U-turn


bilic-gloomSlaven Bilic’s often unbending nature will be put to the test big time this weekend when he may feel forced to face up to a couple of major selection decisions.

The Bournemouth match brought back all the pressure he has been living with through a difficult week with calls for Andre Ayew to be given his chance and for skipper Mark Noble to be rested.

Slav followed the Noble calls with a resounding testimony to his captain on the official website but the 29 year old became embroiled in a row over televised comments that “some fans don’t understand the game.”

It suggested he has felt bruised by comments on social media and the manager will need to ensure that the player’s mindset is 100 per cent okay before plunging him in against Leicester in front of the home crowd.

Ayew, meanwhile, looks very likely to get the starting nod after the manager appeared to suggest in a website feature that his time is now.

Word from the training ground sources is that Noble could indeed get a rest with Kouyate joining Obiang in midfield and Byram slotting in at right back.

However, whether the manager is ready to perform a big U-turn on his earlier shout out for his skipper is very much a decision for himself.

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  • Stan The Man says:

    I think Noble has actually been very restrained in the last few months.It appears he must know what is/has been said about him over a period of time on social media and i for one even as club captain would have blown a gasket long before him lol
    Yes he has struggled,yes maybe he is ending or nearing the end of being an automatic pick but the dogs abuse he has recieved has been criminal.
    It just goes to highlight how social media really does have some obnoxious characters and billy big balls on it who think they know it all when it comes to football and our club.
    Im with John and his comment from yesterday i really have developed a dislike and bad taste in my mouth when it comes to a group of our own fans.
    It makes me sad to realise it but i really do think some of our fans are total wally brains.

    • John says:

      Yeeeeeee someone agrees with meeee.

    • Hammersone says:

      Spot on Stan.. Some of the comments make you ashamed to a West Ham fan.. totally disagree with Phil Parkes. He was wrong to weigh in to the debate..noble is definitely good enough.. the truth is he’s been playing in a poor team for most of the don’t go from last seasons form to be not good enough in a period of months..the modern football fan I’m afraid. Nobes is right there are a lot of people who go to games who haven’t got a clue..

  • Hammer64 says:

    Think it might be a generational thing Stan (trying to be diplomatic here). I keep clear of social media completely, but I have had a few problems at work & in my home life with email. Messages sent in a hurry that gave offence. A couple sent to the wrong person that nearly got me sacked! On social media it seems to me things get sent/posted that would never be said. And sometimes the people that have grown up with all this just fire off stuff that once you would have just said to your mates down the pub. It can all seem really cruel, but I like to think that isn’t -usually- the intention.

  • Dagenhamjohn says:

    why stan?
    for telling it as it is?
    his overall performance this season speak for itself in most opinions, at least those that understand football!
    BTW those group of fans are not so small as you would believe!
    Ried or Fonte for captain, Noble when required…


    • Stan The Man says:

      Theres a hell of a big difference between airing your opinion and airing your opinion while being rancid doing it DagJohn.
      I believe Noble needs a break but i dont need to say it by calling him a useless piece of **** as well lol

  • Stan The Man says:

    No lets not beat about the bush here Hammer64 social media has given a platform to big headed know it alls who think there is not a subject regarding our football club they are not experts on or would do a better job of and want the world to know it lol

  • John says:

    It has come to my attention that there has been 12 articles published today and in my view this is too many as my comments do not appear on the latest article all day. I feel 6 articles is enough and then I can comment on each one. Thank you.

  • Dagenhamjohn says:

    my remarks were in reference to his overall performance this season not to some rancid comments from a few mindless idiots…
    as for Nobles’s comments… he has opened this particular Pandora’s box imo, regardless of what you think mate the geezer is wobbling big time you just dont like the fashion its going not sure i do either but thats the mopdern game…
    all the best now

    • Stan The Man says:

      Yes DagJohn all good i am with you and understand there is a groundswell of disatisfaction about Nobles continued appearences in the start line up.
      Like i said i just dont agree with the way some express their opinion with needless obscenity about him or any player for that matter.It achieves nothing when you can say what you feel without it.
      Cheers matey.

      As for you Young John there is always a first time and this is probably the last time as well lol

  • Macca says:

    Pmsl i was called a troll for saying someone on heres pathalogical ranting about Noble was vile.
    When it comes to Bilic i can categorically state that the keyboard warriors who are now on his back will be sorely disappointed to know that for us fortunate enough to go too nearly all away matches the backing for Bilic is huge and undiminished.
    Maybe we know nothing about football compared to the internet bosses lmao

    • Stratford E20 says:

      So by your reckoning, away fans who sing nice songs about Bilic and Noble are correct and everyone else is wrong. Wow, how abliging of our support to separate themselves like that.

      • Macca says:

        Dont sound so bloody childish.You sound like a temperamental kid.Not for the first time on here it appears.
        Did i mention Noble.The support for Bilic is there so dont try telling me it isnt.I can only summise i touched a raw nerve keyboard warrior.

        • Stratford E20 says:

          Everyone who has a different opinion to you is a keyboard warrior… according to you. Take a look at your posts. You are the one who addresses the poster rather than the post.

  • Wembley1980 says:

    I find it strange how people think differently to what they have actually seen! We all do it go to the game and when it’s finished go online to see what the news says…and yet I was there I know what I saw! Truth is Noble has been poor and shouldn’t be in the starting eleven do I know …cos I’ve seen every bloody game and no matter how much I love the club I don’t wear claret n blue tinted glasses!

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