Slav’s verdict


No excuses just an honest appraisal from Slav at the end as he declared: “They deserved to beat us.”

And he added: “It’s very simple. If you want to beat Chelsea then you have to hope for their mistakes and use them. If it’s the other way around and you make mistakes, they use them straight away and it’s very hard. I’m disappointed.

“We were on top. We started well and created problems down the left but didn’t have enough bodies in the box. Then we made a cheap mistake in a position where you can’t lose the ball.

“After that I am happy with the first half. Second half again, a cheap goal. To be fair, all of their counter attacks looked dangerous.”


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  1. Admittedly Chelsea have good players who can run & know how to pass forward unlike mr noble who seems to be suffering from forward pass phobia it was his error that led to their first goal all he had to do was send the ball forward into their penalty box but no he tries a sideways pass & lost the ball. Also I am fed up with Slav keep playing Kouyate at right back put Byram on & play Kouyate in midfield but he must drop Noble he slows the team down.
    It just shows you how much the team rely on Antonio Slav needs to seriously rethink his team & tactics the players tonight could not run with the ball let us hope Sako comes back soon

  2. Randolph is one of the worst keepers we have had in years yes he does do good saves but its the easy ones his for ever letting in alwayabto far off his line and for a team that plays counter attack instead of getting the ball up there after an attack no he goes to ground and smiles like a Cheshire cat unbelievable he has cost us so many goals this season I’m.sorry but Adrian is miles better I think in the summer we need a serious shake up we have no pace no creative players ( lanzini excluded) no one that will take players on or even shoot ayew what a waste of money my bedroom wardrobe is more.mobile than him no where near worth 20pence let alone 20 mil Chelsea must of been rubbing there hands knowing it was just Carroll up top they had him.in the pocket all game sooner sak gets back the better and why oh why is kouyate at rb his not a rb and is constantly playing catch up we have rbs so use them even play oxford there.to get game time he can’t be no worse let’s just hope for a better summer and have a decent season next year

    • Randolph and Adrian are different styles yet probably close quality wise. Both good keepers, but to get a level higher will cost a lot. That will only be achieved with keepers such as Oblak, Sergio Rico, Matia Perin or Timo Horn. Maybe the Sunderland goalie, but be ready to compete with the big fellows for that one. Either way, it is an expensive move.
      Ayew scored last game and gave an assist this time. He does contribute, don’t you think ?
      I do agree with you on the RB issue though. There must be something for Slav not to trust completely in Byram. I did find Sam very decent when he came on. Got involved in the game, called for passes, and no waste in his game. So there must be something that we do not know or see that keeps him on the bench.

  3. Chelsea were in second gear, it looked like a training game for them – the only positive thing I can think of is that West Ham didn’t fall apart, but it could easily have been a cricket score.

    Kouyate at right back is madness, a complete waste of his talent – his pace, power and athleticism are sorely needed in midfield. Carroll looked woefully unfit – Bilic can’t rely on him, his fitness problems make him a liability.

    A deeply depressing performance!

    • I wasn’t depressed. Until the first goal, we did play even with Chelski. We had the possession of the ball more than they did. Costa did not touch the ball, and Chelski was playing defence (as they actually did for most of the match, Conte bring on Zouma and spider Matic was even laughable, back to Catenaccio years). I don’t think West Ham was silly or ridiculous. It just happens to be Chelski is a couple of notches above everyone else this year.

  4. Ffs leave it out Michael what you on about ‘a deeply depressing evening’ Lol.Its unbelievable,i met up with two of my mates (chelski fans who were at the match as well) and they said we had given them a better game than most this season.
    I was in a pretty good mood all things considered.Now you & your dark cloud has made me go on a right downer 😂😂
    Its also 2-30 am,im p*ssed,in the total dog house with my darling beloved vampire bat & you go & kill my night off totally.You selfish turd 😂

  5. Slav shouldn’t say they deserved to beat us, he should say it like it is, we deserved nothing from the match, Chelsea didn’t deserve to win they had two decent runs from Hazard one with a shot the keeper should have saved and another cheap goal for Costa, then Costa had one shot apart from that they were nearly as anonymous as we were, we poked the ball side to side and backwards always allowing Chelsea to get back into there defensive shape, you don’t have to be Einstein to realise that with a manager as defensive as Conte that is footballing suicide, when they commit numbers forward you have to be direct with one touch passing a trained chimp could teach our team that so god knows what the coaching staff are doing each session, every time we play we look slower than the week before, for gods sake do not award Slav a new contract, if you like his PR pay him to be an ambassador and get a coach who will improve the players in or make him a director of football, great personality no doubt popular with the team but a stepping stone not the long term answer.

    • Wow you sound like a know it all idiot.Talk about trained chimps you sound like a baboon buffoon…..

      • It was a bit of a rant sure enough but thats what happens when you have a few pints and post 😀 as for the knowitall I am the first to say I know nothing, I judge things by what I see and I see a team going backwards relatively quickly, if you are happy to sit back and accept it then that’s your choice, every match I watch a team of players that are knackered by the time 75 minutes are on the clock, I see a team who other than Lanzini have failed to improve in the last 18 months and in many cases are considerably worse players, I see a team incapable of defending and attacking as a unit, I see a team that has the potential to be great but is average. Watching West Ham this season is like watching an adult movie with Ken and Barbie dolls as the stars from a distance you might mistake it for being the real thing but when you look closely you realise that no matter how much it huffs and puffs it lacks penetration and is devoid of effective emotions. I blame the puppeteer for that because he is in control. I want him to be successful but he is not, over 18 months of watching games under him has shown me that we might be a united team very happy under his stewardship but the players look unfit and that shines against teams that are competitive, two of our wins came against Burnley and Hull who were also competitive and we were lucky to get both of those, we struggled to beat Sunderland, we have played well a handful of times the only game against a top six side was against the Spuds, it is not good enough, as for the capitulation at home to arsenal, city and utd in the cup you could see all of those coming as you could tell we would lose to Chelsea the only surprise is that it wasn’t by more goals, they played the game in 3rd gear and beat us comfortably again if you are happy for that and for us to beat only lower mid table teams then you might aswell try and get Big Sam back he can guarantee us to finish between 8th and 12th each season and at least then the players will put the effort in although it will be hideous to watch. Imho Slav has adopted the same philosophy against the top six, damage limitation and it has backfired, we have better players than the rest and are in no danger of going down we could have beaten Chelsea yesterday they were there for the taking, it was like watching a high quality West Brom they sat in and defended then counter attacked a few times at pace, thats all they did other than that it was a training match for them nothing more.

  6. How can anyone say that was a depressing performance? We couldn’t break down an excellent side in top form but we went with them ‘toe to toe’ and our heads never dropped and we deserved our goal.

    Last night showed how much we missed the pace of Antonio. There’s no other player like him in the PL and we are very fortunate to have him. But I’m in agreement with the majority of West Ham fans. I love Noble, but Slav has to drop him and push Kouyate into midfield. Obiang gets better and better every week.

  7. They say that devil’s is in the details…and in millions ..nobody should expect wonders from our team without proper squad investment. Can we even compare their midfielders(Cante,Hazard in particulary) vs ours(Noble,Snodgrass).Lanzini is future star but he’s still in the development proces .I’m really curious about summer investments..

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