Slav’s work permit sorted

work-permitSlaven Bilic’s work permit to take over as West Ham boss is expected to be a formality and be readily approved by the Football Association.

The fairly typical social network negativity started this evening suggesting that there was a chance Slav’s application may be rejected but there’s little chance of that happening.

A source said: “It may take a few days to come though but that’s because we are dealing with red tape and civil servants. Everything is fine.”




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10 comments on “Slav’s work permit sorted

  1. Wet pants eat your heart out,the last of the nails go in the coffin,
    It’s Dudley or bust for all you negative idiots now back the new manager or go and find another club,
    Any attacks on your site from now on until Bilic deserve it should see you banned by that site if they ignore it they should be banned from using our clubs name
    BFSuntilUdie should be your new name,

  2. Super,super slav,super,super slav,super,super slav,super Slaven Bilic!

  3. What’s the background music or rhythm spoonie pity we did not enter it in the Eurovision
    We could have got BFS look alike in a mankini to do backing with banjo and Ro lead singers
    Come on Kev

  4. There’s a sucker born every minute. That’s the truth.
    Some minutes ago I was thinking to myself ” I can’t wait to see West Ham next year, I’m sure it will be fantastic”.


  5. That makes the Med expats and international fans happy,

  6. Hippo must be laying in the mud somewhere plotting which fans faith in their club he can destroy next.We should have a minutes silence for the poor fans who have to suffer what we did for four years.I feel sorry for them 😉

  7. So glad with having Bilic on board now! Positivity, passion, pride and excitement is finally back at our club, it’s been a long time coming.
    Slaven Bilic is very much the Croatian Klopp, if we are as patient as Dortmund were with Klopp, then Bilic really could achieve something with us: Cup runs, European football, maybe even CL football evenually.
    Exciting times gentlemen!

    • I agree Hamburg,we both had our little pipe dreams but I’ve no complaints getting Slav in fact I’m delighted. From what I’ve read he’s a great motivator,I know he wants to be with us and obviously loves the club and fans so with a fair wind we could indeed be in for some exciting times ahead.

  8. Definately exciting times H & you win in a way because you still got a Klopp,a Croatian Klopp:D

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