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‘Snappy’ Snoddy gets it wrong


CandH’s top blogger Allen Cummings takes Snoddy to task


I love our Scottish midfielder Snoddy to bits, and would never question his commitment and devotion to the West Ham cause.

But I do find myself having to question his rather ‘snappy’ tweeted response to Health Minister Matt Hancock, concerning the footballers’ pay saga which surfaced recently.

Snodgrass was clearly put out by the issue, sparked by a comment made by the minister at a Coronavirus press conference.

His comment included the words:“…in future do your homework on what we do and who we are as people before coming for us. Over £1 billion in tax and NI PAYMENTS doesn’t even earn RESPECT any more…”

Of course the tax you and your fellow players pay is respected Robert, just as everyone else’s PAYE is respected, whatever job they do.

It’s just that you pay it at a huge rate because you earn huge sums of money, far in excess of what ordinary members of the public do. Yes, collectively you may pay billions – but equally collectively you ‘earn’ billions – for kicking a ball. Whatever you pay, you are left with a whole lot more to spend as you choose. Far more than most of us could ever dream of.

Matt Hancock clearly touched a nerve, but to say he went ‘looking’ for footballers just isn’t true. He was asked a question by a journalist, who knew exactly the reply he wanted to hear, and when Hancock duly obliged, somewhat naively perhaps, the media had got the headline they were looking for.

Since Hancock’s response of course, footballers have reacted positively, setting up the NHS Charities Together programme. Maybe they were working on that course of action anyway – if so that’s great.

But maybe, just maybe, Matt Hancock’s words served to trigger that reaction – which is great also. Either way some good at least has come out of the spat, and surely we all have to be delighted with that. Now just let’s all move on together.

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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

7 comments on “‘Snappy’ Snoddy gets it wrong

  1. Maybe these VERY well paid footballers should look at themselves and wonder what they are going to do if the club they play for doesn’t exist after covid 19 because they didn’t take a pay cut for a time. There’s a lot of people who are not going to have a job after it who will be fans and will carry on being fans. I understand that they have set up this help the NHS charity fund which is great, but look where your wages come from.

    • Very well said Graham. It’s a shame that footballers have needed a prod. Other industries should follow. It obviously can’t happen until afterwards but, remember Live Aid!?

    • Nothing. It’s inconceivable to think that if these players didn’t have a club the next club wouldn’t cone along and just give them a contract anyway. Ridiculous comment.

      It’s also worth pointing out that footballers are so well paid because they generate their own salaries mostly from people who moan about them in the first place, so it’s a just a vicious circle because the people criticising them will only go and pay their hard earned money when this is all over anyway.

  2. Maybe society should look at itself to allow people to get paid those vast amounts and then to put them on a pedestal when the chips are down.
    There shouldn’t even be a question that the NHS needs charity money, the government bailed out the banks then stripped the NHS putting us in this situation.
    The UK people have continuously voted for this and for the wealth gap in society to get bigger and bigger, footballers shouldn’t have to bail them out but it’s great what they are doing. Snoddy is entitled to say what he said, why haven’t other groups of people been called out? Football is always the easy target.
    Hopefully people will put the NHS and more importantly society first in the next election…

    • It wasn’t a ‘political’ post Paul. This isn’t the time or place. It was just an observation that everyone contributes to the NHS – not just footballers – it’s a duty and not a reason for respect!!

  3. This whole fiasco around Prem players simply highlights their naivety to the real world, but as we are dealing with largely young men in their 20s the reality is the complete ineptitude of the PFA.

    Rugby and Cricket came out with their actions sooner and as a result have received no pressure as to what they should they do. If the PFA announced that Prem players were in detailed discussions as to what they wished to do, none of the headlines would have happened.

    What the players seem to be missing is a complete lack of awareness that ordinary folk employed by the clubs are being furloughed and in most cases seeing a 20% reduction in their “living wage” whilst the players dawdled around, what for them as young very wealthy men, is a complex world.

    In addition, their seems to be a belief amongst the players and the PFA that the wage reduction for players is simply there to line the pockets of the already multi wealthy billionaire owners. Doh, come on lads. They are billionaires. Yes, I am sure they are always looking for a few more million but they are unlikely to risk the future of the business they have invested millions (West Ham) or billions (Man City) in. A simple negotiation to defer wages until resolving how the season will end and thus tv revenues will be paid will have sorted,

    Rio, Savage et al have further damaged the view of the public with the apparent argument with BT and payment for their expertise on games that have yet to take place.

    I first went to a West Ham game in 1969, standing on the proverbial milk crate. I have seen plenty of bad times since then that have tested my appetite and patience but have always kept on coming back but nothing but nothing has tempted me to Chuck the season ticket in the bin more than what I am hearing at the moment. I accept the players live in a bubble because few if any professions deliver such wealth (even to the lower paid Prem players) as English football in the top tier. However, they need to get a grip on what life is about at this moment, stop being so bloody sensitive, man up to the fact they are incredibly privileged people who, yes, do face their own challenges (mental health being one) but compared to most are simply that…….privileged.

    If the they don’t get a grip, they may not be privileged much longer as the sport faces an uncertain future along with th Rees of the world.

  4. I have now just read the great news regard the players deferring wages. IF only they (directly, via club or PFA) had communicated their discussions better they, and club would have come out of this so much better. Nonetheless well done to all involved.

    Could be worse of course, ask any Spuds fan. I even take my hat off the Karren Brady who I normally criticise for her actions, who has happily deferred (or has she waived?) 30% of her salary. Compare this to Levy who I understand is taking furlough……a saving for the club but will take £2.5k from the government whilst saving far more in his monthly tax bill. Scandalous.

    It has taken too long but ultimately our CEO and players have done the club proud .

    I will now still have to renew my season ticket and suffer another year of pain now !!!! ⚒⚒⚒

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