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Snodgrass dishes the Hammers dirt big time

snoddy5Robert Snodgrass has again waded into West Ham claiming that he knew from Day One it wasn’t going to work out for him at the club.

And he has spoken about there being things he can’t “really talk about” and that “certain things behind the scenes weren’t right.”

In an interview with the Scottish Herald he has fleshed out his earlier criticism of the way he was played out of position ….and more.

He said: “I realised from the off that it wasn’t going to happen. I was coming on against Manchester City and he [Bilic] said ‘where do you want to play, on the left or right?’

“I thought ‘You’ve just signed me and I’ve played on the right or behind the striker at Hull City all season’.

“I found it very strange, That was my debut. And every time I played I was on the left. Alarm bells were ringing right away. I don’t know why he did it. I came in just as Payet left and maybe it was a case of ‘you can play there’ but I’d only filled in on the left on a couple of times.

“He probably thought he was onto a winner but I hate that position. When you’re Scottish you’re brought up to play anywhere and it’s fine to play for one or two games but you need to play in your right position, especially on the back of scoring nine goals for Hull City. At that stage nobody had scored more goals for Hull, or for West Ham.”

He added: “The manager was under a lot of pressure and I later said that out of respect I didn’t want to go in and see him during that period.

“But when I eventually did speak to him I said I thought he’d have known I wasn’t a left midfielder and that he must have watched me after signing me for that type of money. His answer was basically that when people are confident they can play anywhere.”

“I enjoyed every second at West Ham with the lads and the staff. It’s a club that is well run but there were certain things behind the scenes that weren’t right. There are certain things that I can’t really say here, but you look at it and you end up getting a lot of stick for something when you came in probably at the wrong time.

And he alleged: “There was a lot of broken promises, a lot of dishonesty and I thought ‘this is not what I am about’. I want to wear my heart on my sleeve and be loyal. What you see is what you get. If that isn’t the same the other way then I don’t want to be part of it.”

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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

24 comments on “Snodgrass dishes the Hammers dirt big time

  1. Sounds like Snakeinthegrass has some fight to pick with one or more persons. Can he be telling the truth ? Can Bilic be that inept to let him choose where to play ? Can he be that clueless to say that a player with confidence can play anywhere ? Sounds very unlikely, but who knows after all. Reminds me a little the Avram Grant type of coaching.

    • Wouldn’t be suprised if it was. It is truenhe played on RW or #10. Doesn’t seem the type to just make something like this up.
      And we have seen right footed Fernandes at LW and Antonio everywhere. So we know he plays out of Players out of Position. And Snodgrass isn’t a bad player he was great at Hull but training is slack lack of organisation. Seems like Bilic just has lost the plot

  2. Sounds pretty believable to be fair but also I have to say Im pretty sure I remember seeing him play a lot on the right and still being s#@t.

  3. “…..dishes the dirt big time”??? Get a grip.

    It sounds quite measured to me. He is telling us little that all West Ham fans don’t already know, ie that he was played out of position and that there is something not right behind the scenes (which he diplomatically chose not to elaborate on).That is hardly dishing the dirt, let alone “big time”.

  4. I’ve always liked Robert Snodgrass as a player and was pleased when he signed.
    I appreciated him at Livingston, and then at Leeds, and again at Norwich and again at Hull and by the time he gets to West Ham, I really really appreciate his loyalty…….

  5. Our chairmen should arrange to meet Snodgrass for a discreet chat and perhaps that would highlight the need to sack Bilic. I believe Snodgrass. Bilic is bonkers.

  6. Ah bless him poor little mite how dare a club ask him to have the ability of playing somewhere else on the pitch 😆 Heart on the sleeve? More like a thumb in the mouth like some spoilt kid who doesn’t get his way 😆 What about the fact when you did play you had no legs, no skill, no ability of beating the 1st man when you took a free kick and trotted around with all the pace of a 3 legged donkey? You should be happy now though Snoddy back at your level in the championship 😆😆

  7. Does this remind anybody of a previous manager? Wasn’t there an interview with Grant after a defensive shambles when he was asked about whether the players knew who they were supposed to be picking up at set pieces & did he work on it in training & he said they were good players & should be able to work it out for themselves. We can all sneer at this, but all I would say is that as far as I know this is not a guy who has a reputation for causing trouble. OK he did not have to say anything which would have been better, but it is pretty balanced. I suppose some would say pretending to be balanced is a good way to stick the knife in. Also comments ‘I can’t talk about’ can be a good way of suggesting problemsi when there is actually not much to report! I dunno, it will all be forgotten about by Friday but it increases my impression of Bilic as a pretty poor manager.

    • Curbishley was the same 64 ?? Professionals don’t need telling what to do!
      14 years ago I was invited to do some coaching at Shadwell heath with the youngsters and to pick out the talent I thought was worth a look at ! After my session I was looking at mark Robson’s session which included 4 boys from my u 8s , I gave a few tips to the lads while the game was going on and Robson asked me to stop coaching them from the side as it was his session and kids don’t need coaching they need to work things out for themselves ? I replied what at 8 years old where else do you coach it if not on the park! Its how pros do it evidently,
      Perform or we get someone better ?? Its systemic , that’s why so many youngsters with promise never go on to fulfill their potential , after being rejected after a 12 month spell most kids are mentally scared through their experience , and drift away from their dream !
      Seen it first hand , its child abuse !! Its how its done and bilic , curbishley, grant , have the same take on it , that’s why they all failed here. Curbishley at Charlton used the same principles , with some success but in the end it fought up with him here !!

  8. Much as I’d like this to be true (as I believe bilic should go) I think this is tripe.

    I distinctly remember snodgrass relinquishing responsibility to do anything to byram several times during the season last year. For that to happen he had to be on the right.

    It didn’t happen for him coz he isn’t very good. Shame but everyone should move on. Instead he’s turned into a gossip before even playing a game (?) for his new club. Show come class ffs.

  9. I don’t necessarily believe Snodgrass but I do believe something is not right behind the scenes and I do think Bilic is (as someone else wrote) Bonkers! I really do, maybe all that loud rock music has gone to his head but I seriously think either he has lost the plot or maybe be’s just good at looking good and actually he’s just a crap football manager.

  10. Snodgrass was as terrible on the right as he was when on the left. What flank you play has nothing to do with terrible set piece deliveries that hit the first defender or hit row Z. Having said that, there clearly is something wrong at WH where every player we sign turns to ****.

    That’s the problem where an international manager learns to make friends to keep the players coming to international games. Then they go back to their clubs where the discipline will be higher and stricter…

  11. Nice article for drama queens teeth to sink into.Get a grip you bunch of tittle tattle loving gossip queens ffs.
    Its like some of you sit on here all day waiting for something to b1tch about!

    • How does the cap you are wearing fit ?

      • Yeah right whf32.You all sit here slagging off everything or thinking you are prem standard managers.
        The world and its wife knows these sites are for fans who think they invented football.Try supporting the club not slag off everything about it just so you can all try to show everyone else how clever you think you are.

  12. Hmmm. Snodgrass is left-footed.

    Cloughie would have had no time – literally – for this nonsense.

  13. This rings true to me, Snodgrass had been playing well at Hull on the right and taking free kicks and corners – a specialist replacing Payet at dead ball situations – that’s what I thought anyway!

    But not Slav, when he did play him – which was rare – he played him out of position on the left – it just doesn’t make sense – you would surely try and put square pegs into square holes, but not Slav – I just don’t understand it!

    • I think we all thought in terms of taking free kicks he was a Payet replacement although nowhere near the quality but who is tbh, he was useless at that MM, some of it may well be true but the whole article if reported accurately is full of contradictions such as, the club is well run, he loved his time with lads and the staff yet there were loads of broken promises, things going on behind the scenes that he can’t talk about. Is he saying that certain players were the things behind the scenes and that the broken promises were by the chairmen or manager ? Who knows but none of it fits in with what is he saying, it does seem that something is not right somewhere in the club because the players seem incapable of playing the way Slav wants them too, I believe that is down to lack of respect for the manager and the fans and also that they are poorly trained, telling someone they can play anywhere if they are confident may well be true but it doesn’t mean they can play well out of position in the wrong area of the pitch to suit their attributes.

  14. …and there was I thinking he was still our player, just on loan somewhere else.

    You’re as inept politically as you are on the pitch, Snoddy. 👍

  15. …and Mr Sullivan is listening and he has Big Ears, Snoddy (oh hang on a minute!).

  16. 😂 3inch elasticated Nike floral bonnet lol!!

    Classic 32 !! Have you noticed its constant with a few on here lately !!
    It appears you can’t have a point of view without running it past the critical post police first ! Best ignored mate they sound like they are frustrated housewives who put a false beard on before posting Like a drama queen lol! Looking for attention comes to mind , sad!!!

  17. Presumably he pottered up the motorway to Villa (no pace remember) in the left hand shouting, “Freedom!” the further north he got.

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