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So who is really responsible for ripping the club apart?


Furious CandH blogger Allan Cummings rips into the Brighton demonstrators and asks: “How is this behaviour helping the lads on the pitch.”


The call from David Moyes for West Ham fans to “get behind the team and stick with the players” as they battle (with at least half the league last time I looked) to avoid the dreaded drop seems obvious enough.

A simple and clear observation of the situation as it stands you would have thought. In other words common sense. It’s not rocket science to realise that with a noisy and supportive crowd behind them, the chances of a more positive response from the players has to be increased. Who do you know responds well to constant criticism? I don’t know anyone.

Of course we’re not happy with some of the performances we’ve seen this season. Both collectively and individually there have been some real nightmares. It’s right that we should be able to express the way we feel. But in a right and proper way. It’s our club after all.

We rejoice in it’s success and we despair at it’s failures. But at the end of the day surely we should be there to give the club our support, through thick and thin. Good times and bad times. It’s what supporters are meant to do. Isn’t that the West Ham way? The famous east end tradition of which we’re so often reminded. The fighting spirit. Backs against the wall mentality. The tradition that we got behind our team whatever.

I was at the Brighton game on Saturday, as I am for most away games. I was there to get behind the team in the search for three  vital points. But before even a ball was kicked the tone for the afternoon had been set by the ‘real’ West Ham fans. The ones demanding their club back. A constant repertoire of anti board songs, punctuated by vile and personal attacks on individual board members.

The game itself was already secondary to their pre-conceived agenda. I’m no board lap dog. I believe they’ve made a pigs ear of plenty of issues.  I’m no prude either but Saturday I was not only disgusted, I was thoroughly embarrassed and ashamed. How was this supposed to benefit the team?

How were they meant to respond positively with that shameful chorus ringing in their ears? To be honest, I don’t believe the perpetrators really care. How can they when all they appear to be promoting is negativity.

They had their agenda, as they have had for virtually the entire season, and nothing was going to sway them from that. The irony is they claim the board are ripping the club apart. The truth is they are doing a very good job of exactly that themselves.

The board are going nowhere. Not any time soon anyway.  Sadly these people just can’t or wont see that. And by the time they wake up to that reality, if at all, and that’s debatable, the situation could be a whole lot worse.


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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

14 comments on “So who is really responsible for ripping the club apart?

  1. It’s an opinion. A bit along the lines of I’m a better supporter than you. In fact how dare he critise fellow supporters for being so committed to the club that they want to demonstrate publicly about how it’s being run. The Daves aren’t West Ham. They’re not the club. They were Birmingham before and cheered when we went down. Lifelong supporters my arse. They’re in it for what they can get. They have mismanaged our club and lied to it’s support. The players know what’s this is about. They know they’re supported. Board out!!!

  2. Yes your both right. Pretty simple that. maybe a compromise would be.players on the pitch support appropriately for the performance. Players off the pitch, give it to the mastabation gang (2 Di***s and a fox hunt). And for those who really want to get at the owners. Don’t buy season membership, merchandise, food and beverages etc. That’s when they do listen, 10000 season ticket holders instead of 50000. If you do buy the tickets, well, team on the field cheer them on no matter what.

  3. I never heard any anti board chants until we were 1-0 down

  4. Sorry but “Furious blogger Allan Cummings” comments sound like something the Minister of Propaganda has dreamed up whilst obediently following the party line. (woof woof, down boy ssssiiiiiitttt shep, sit!).

    It’s actually offensive to suggest it’s the supporters that have ruined this once great club and if anything it’s these kind of comments that will galvanise real fans to protest at the forthcoming planned march and demonstration.

    Perhaps Allan Cummings would care to share with us what plenty of issues he believes the board have “made a pigs ear of”.

  5. I m with Allan on this, might not be a popular choice but I do my complaining of sites like this, when I am at the stadium I am vocally behind the team, I used to attend a lot of away games but now the only way I can get a ticket most times is by finding a mate who has an ST and sitting in with the home support. Away crowd were always amazing and I preferred the games to home matches to be honest especially when Sam was in charge haha, I hope it doesn’t turn this way because the team do need us this season and irrespective of owners imho we should get behind them even if they are struggling. A small margin might be the difference between staying up or going down this season I will try to affect it positively COYI !!!

  6. So Alan is furious about the fans at the Brighton game eh?. Well the fans are furious about the lies and mis-management of the last 3 years! If you are prepared to go quietly into the abyss of lower league football then you go my old cocker. Some of us will go kicking and screaming.If nothing else it’s got people thinking and talking about our problems and possible solutions. That can only be a good thing.

  7. Allen Cummings- what a load of rubbish. The away fans are responsible for ripping the club apart..absolute nonsense. The answer would be the present board..

  8. Probably not the best idea to have your mugshot at the top of the article Allan😱
    As for the article, complete and utter bow-locks!

  9. He should stick to writing letters to the Daily Mail.

  10. 100% Agreed. I was in Brighton too and didn’t think only one of the supporters singing antiboard songs do really care about supporting the team. Quite the opposite when confronted with disagreement I was threatened.

  11. Your’e talking through your arse Allan.

  12. You are talking through your arse Allan,

  13. As I’ve only been a supporter since 1983 I appreciate my views may not be as valid as some others. Leaving the Boleyn was a sad but inevitable no brainer. The opportunity to avoid the costs of building a new stadium had to be taken. I sit in the cheap seats high up in the Bobby Moore end; the view of the pitch and general comfort is far better than the Boleyn. As has been seen at times this season the atmosphere is great (when we all decide we want it to be). I struggle to understand the constant bile thrown at the owners; personally I don’t like how they’ve made their money , I certainly don’t like some of their politics, what I do like is they have brought stability to what has for decades been a ticking time bomb re finances. They have even managed to get us, what looks to be, a decent manager! We’ve had a number of disastrous owners and boards since I’ve been a supporter; based on my short history with the club the two Dave’s are looking like exemplary owners, with some major weaknesses; giving a sh1t about what the critics think being one! Be careful what you wish for ; we have suffered through far worse ownership than this.

  14. Suffered being the operative word. We have suffered so long you now think this is a natural way to be. Who in their right mind could possibly call our owners examplary? You have totally dumbfounded me. Do you wear blinkers and ear plugs all the time? Unbelieveable!

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