Solanke Still The Smart Choice

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As faithful Hammers supporters, we’ve seen our fair share of truly underwhelming strikers. Some of them have been so bad that there are probably better forwards playing in your local park on a Sunday.

Many of these strikers did nothing more than shock us with how poor a professional player can be.

As Julen Lopetegui and Tim Steidten begin to build a new squad, the newest signing of Brazilian winger Luis Guilherme for £25.5m from Palmeiras may or may not prove to be a great purchase. However, at 18, he’s totally unproven in the Premier League and could be another Kudus or a complete bust like so many before him.

We can all agree that the squad desperately needs at least two new quality centre backs. Under David Moyes, who built his reputation on defence, we conceded 74 goals this season—almost two a game. That is unforgivable from both the managers and players. A complete defensive shake-up across the back is a priority.

Midfield appears to be reasonably solid, with various options, but let’s be honest: we haven’t had a 20-25 goal striker for years.

Which brings me to Dominic Solanke.

Remember names like Ajeti, Perez, Hugill, Fletcher, Ayew, Jelavic, and so many more? All complete flops and wastes of money. Actually, who do you think was the worst striker we’ve had?

What about Sebastien Haller, the latest £45m Eintracht Frankfurt flop?

Did you know that Gold and Sullivan have spent a staggering £223 million on 49 strikers at West Ham, including 21 without a single goal? For those with poor math skills, that means almost half the scouted, approved, and purchased strikers scored not one goal as they led the front line.

Which brings me to Dominic Solanke.

His record of achievement, movement up front, defensive contributions, and positioning in the box are exceptional, plus he’s proven in the Premier League. He scored 19 league goals last season, plus 2 in the cup. When was the last time the Hammers had a striker pop in 21 goals?

Bowen, Kudus, and Solanke, with support from midfield, would be a dream line-up and a nightmare for any defence.

Sullivan, for once, be smart: go buy Solanke for £40 or £50 million and sign him to a 5-year contract.

Guest Post by Jeff

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  • ricardo says:

    Haller a flop? He was subsequently transferred to Ajax and became their top scorer, and even went on to score during the champions league for Ajax. Rather than flop, it is more a case of being played out of position by Moyes, just like the way with Scamacca (now playing ir Italy’s national team). Good players, but not used to their strengths, is more likely than flops.

    • auslander says:

      I agree completely, Moyes strategy of putting square pegs in round holes cost us som very good players!

    • Billy says:

      One good season at Ajax out of how many seasons? The Dutch league is probably on a par with championship level.

  • Joseph says:

    Solanke has found his home and i most certainly do not wish to see him come through the doors at West Ham because of his age and wages that would cost and the fee Bournemouth would demand and of course his injury record because he will set one foot through the door the old Romford radiation will take hold and we will have another overpaid player that is of no use to anyone….so this is one deal i personally would not like to see

  • Benny the Aussie says:

    No way for Solanke. He has had one decent season with the Cherries and a few half decent ones.
    We need more mobility without the scooter.

  • Samantha says:

    Best article I’ve read in a while. Makes perfect sense!

  • Pipin says:

    Well written Jeff! Totally agree with your comments.

  • Michael Simmons says:

    Haller was only good with strike partner and agreed alone at West Ham he was awful, the premier league is the best league in the world so of course he’s going to score goals in an easier league.
    The article is correct, BUY a PROVEN Premier League striker like Solanke and he’ll get you 15-25 goals!

  • DCP says:

    Solanke proved himself in a worse team than ours last season – he’d make a big difference for us

  • Staffordhammer says:

    Would definitely consider solanki proven in premiere league so why look abroad again also would be an homegrown player

  • Bendehammer says:

    I think solanke would be good but all gotta think lopetgui doesn’t seem play one big man up front more a rotation system where the striker floats around.

    So surely be better looking at someone like jota or the likes as I think you’ll see 10 mins bowen top, 10 mins kudos etc which you could see noyes trying towards end so a striker that can go left right middle.

    That’s why think players like en nesyri linked and the abundance of wingers.

  • Mark Collins says:

    £40-50 million is not enough to release him from his contract. To do that you need £65 million have you got that kind of money?

  • Macephtopheles says:

    I mean you’re saying about “those with poor math” in the same article as praising Dominic Solanke as a player “proven in the Premier League”..?

    Here’s some maths for you then. Solanke has 134 PL appearances and 29 goals. 19 of those came last season. That’s (being generous) a goal every 4.5 games.

    You say “What about Sebastian Haller” there. He scored 10 goals in his season and a half which is LITERALLY what Solanke had in 4 PL seasons if you remove last season.

    He’s had one good season and you reckon dropping £40-50m on him is a smart move?

    I mean despite the tone he’s an alright player but no way is he worth that sort of money.

  • Lissy says:

    Great article, Jeff!
    More of your thoughts, please.
    Gone are the golden days of the likes of Bobby Moore, Geoff Hurst and Frank Lampard!

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