Sorry Mr Carroll but I’ve had enough of you!


Andy-Carroll-and-Billi-MucklowI’ve reached the end of my tether with Andy Carroll.

In 2013 we made him our record signing investing £15.5m in the striker, made him our top earner with a basic of £85,000 per week and an overall package understood to be closer to £100,000 per week.

We have been patient, we have been tolerant, we have turned a blind eye but the excuses are getting boring now and there is only so long a club and their fans can keep faith in one player.

According to he has missed 851 days of training for West Ham since joining and been absent for 109 competitive matches so far.

We have been told of countless various injuries being andy-carroll-3just bad luck but we have also told that an operation would fix a long term problem once and for all.

His injury record is one thing but then his social life is too often in the headlines.

We are told he is a reformed character since meeting his fiance Billi Mucklow and having a child with a second on the way.

Despite his insistence, he is now a family man social media pictures all too regularly pop up. He was pictured drinking pints in the Slug and Lettuce pub in Canary Wharf as the Hammers beat Crystal Palace in October last year, with that tabloid story comong after he allegedly pulled an all nighter with Darren Randolph in Shoreditch after a team bonding session authorised by boss Slaven Bilic.

CarrollThe latest pictures of Carroll allegedly partying in Magaluf last weekend come at a time when he is missing from the first team squad in Germany as they prepare for the start of the new season.

Despite posting social network photos from around the world on his holidays over the summer it appears he will not be match ready for the start of the season.

Of course he has the right to a personal life and has the to go out for a beer if he wants but until he can pay back the Hammers faith in him he needs to be discreet and not allow himself to be exposed on Twitter or elsewhere.

Personally, I’ve reached the end of the line with Carroll and were I Chairman I’d try to negotiate to cancel his contract by mutual consent thus allowing him to join another club as a free agent assuming he could find one.

With just under two years remaining on his contract that would save almost £9m in wages alone. I hope I am proved wrong and he makes a miraculous recovery but I won’t hold my breath.

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  • Tony gore says:

    NEVER thought he was worth that money in the first place ? never ever a West ham player ?? Sell him for £5000000 plus a free doctor.

  • blimeylimey says:

    Trade him back to Newcastle for Mitrovic……

  • Michael Miller says:

    I agree completely with Sean, if it was possible to get rid off him I would!

    Fair enough, he’s entitled to a social life but these pictures of people being out with him until 9am are just taking the p*** – someone might be trying to stitch him up but he shouldn’t allow himself to be put in such situations.

  • sleepswithdafishes says:

    agree with what you say Sean but he would refuse to go, because he gets free medical with us but on his own he has to get fixed up then find a club, all by his self.

  • justwhu says:

    I have to say I am equally as annoyed as most supporters with Andy Carroll but I really don’t think we should let him go on a free. Knowing our luck he will probably leave and have an injury free season. We simply need to do everything we can to get him fit and give him one last season.

  • Lazurus. rises like a salmon says:

    Retire him on medical grounds maybe , could that be an option Sean ? Can’t even crack one on this issue , everyone has had enough mate 🙂

  • Davie says:

    We have been flogging a dead horse on this one for too long.I dont doubt his ability but he always leaves the impression of a man who isnt giving his all to be back playing.

  • GW says:

    Injury prone sack of ****e when we bought him and still an injury prone sack of ****e now 😡😡 Should have given the game away when Rodgers wanted to bin him off so quickly but good old Slug and his sidekick Curtis wanted to grease there grubby little paws didn’t they 😤😤

  • markro says:

    19 May 2013, Nolan hat trick as we beat Reading 4-2.

    I was in the Chicken Run with my son chanting, “We want you to stay, we want you to sta-a-ay, Andy Carroll, we want you to stay!”

    How things have changed.

    Anyone else there that day?

  • Radai Lama says:

    Fair play Sean congrats you lasted 2 seasons longer than me but at least you have finally seen the light 😁

  • Hammerkip says:

    I h used to be a Carroll fan but at the end of last season I had enough as well …
    I was gonna say just keep him as impact sub if we can get him fit but I havnt seen these pictures if that’s the case what a ..if he,s not fit for the start of the seson well then that’s ridiculous ….mind u who would by him ..with his lifestyle I don’t know but it looks a bit like he don’t give ,,,, anymore ..anyways I’ve stopped moaning now rads I’m happy with signing s but I can’t promise I won’t act like a spoiled child the next window 😂😂 would quite like Wiltshire by the way???

  • Boogabenson says:

    Never rated him. From his 35 million move to liverpool and was gutted that we brought him. I hate to slag off a whu player but he aint up to it and never will be. Save cash flog him for peanuts to get the waste of space off the payrole.

  • Radai Lama says:

    Lol Kip you crack on and do what you want mate.Moan away it makes no difference to me.I just like a bit of wind up banter i rarely mean anything seriously 😁
    I like Wilshere,he has some real ability but he is injured a hell of a lot & he seems to be a clone of Poppodom when it comes to his lifestyle if rumours are to be believed so he would be a no for me unless a loan 😉

  • sage says:

    Nice one Mr Whetstone! Buy a recognised striker of note and we can start on the only other one we have! I used to have a good deal of respect for this site and you publish this needless article. Looks like i’ll be sticking to fact not opinion in future

    • Radai Lama says:

      Oh no Sage,gutted.I will have a really restless night knowing you aint happy with Sean & wont be using the site anymore.Should i tweet BBC News so they can run a story on it.
      Its a shocker isnt it,Sean has an opinion, how dare he share it 😁

      • GW says:

        Sage , Sean has stated fact ain’t he? 800+ days missed training and 109 competitive games missed! Or have I been suffering with amnesia and the Poppodom Demi God has actually played every game and been fit for the last 3 years 😆😆 Help me out Sage what are the real facts then?

  • Lazurus. rises like a salmon says:

    Makes you wonder why he isn’t with the new fitness bloke going through his paces ?
    Maybe he’s done ? On his way , all the squad and injured were going t stay together were they not ? Has kouyate come back , what about the bard ? Fingers crossed the bar codes are interested in the prodigal son 🙂 wipe you’re mouth west ham 🙂 🙂

    • GW says:

      Laz I’d pay his train fare up to Newcastle for him 😆😆

      • Lazurus. rises like a salmon says:

        sO would I mate and a packed lunch 🙂
        Save you’re breath mate there’s an infiltration going on and we’ve all got our hands tied , there’s been a provercation going on a couple a days now , nearly bit a couple of times 🙂 🙂

        • GW says:

          Laz really can’t be arsed to get wound up anymore with the little princesses and there need for constant attention 😆😆Always kicks in during the school holidays when mummy and daddy remove the parental control on the internet doesn’t it 😂😂

          • Lazurus. rises like a salmon says:

            🙂 🙂 🙂 like the beard GW 🙂 ninja turtles everywhere at present= xxxxe’s 🙂

  • Gaz says:

    There are some right crabby sods about today.Are their wives not given them enough matress action!?!?

    • GW says:

      If you utter a bad word against Captain Slow or the Poppodom they come out from the shadows to defend there honour Gaz 😂😂

  • Lazurus. rises like a salmon says:

    Haven’t you noticed there’s a wind up taking place here Sean and Hugh ? Ffs its as obvious as a fart in a lift 🙂 sounds like a slug man 🙂

  • Gaz says:

    I dont normally have time to read here often but i am on a two week holiday and what i have noticed is a glut of trolls or at best fellas intent on having a go about the place in the last week.
    It almost seems like an organised assault from some people and if thats the case it is pathetic.Fans from another site stirring up the hornets nest?!?!?

  • TRB says:

    I’ve got used to the five years of half seasons we’ve had from Andy Carroll He was rushed back from injury far too often when Sam Allardyce was boss, as he was Sam’s Plan ‘A’ (or only plan!)……Right now, I’d keep him for Slaven’s Plan ‘B’ option – particularly when we play Arsenal.

  • Radai Lama says:

    Its aways been the same Gaz.I have been on here 4 or 5 yrs and you get runs of it.It all goes quiet then someone comes on to stir the shyt then it goes quiet again.Most the time its the same stupid ****** with multiple accounts.
    They used to make me bite but now i just cant be assed 😁

  • John says:

    There is this discussion about AC every year but we aren’t going to get rid and this season he will be our 2nd or 3rd choice striker. If he will cost us £9M over the next 2 seasons, tell me where we will find a striker to replace him for £9M (fee + wages) answer we won’t. So we pay off his contract? That would cost £6M or more. That’ll save us £3M towards replacing him. Last option we sell him. No one will buy him because he’s not even fit to start the season. So we keep him and he might be available for half or more of the season. Perhaps Chico will stay fit and perhaps Sakho is finally fixed. Either way I think we might buy Andre Gray.

  • West Ham Fan No 32 says:

    Yeah I am with that have been resigned to the fact we will have him until the end of his contract, when he does play for those few games a season he makes a difference, he is the best at what he does but I get the feeling he doesn’t really enjoy football only the money and fame it brings. I agree with you Sean it is very disrespectful to be photographed out partying when you should be treating your body like a temple as it is in recovery, it’s also disrespectful to fans and more importantly teammates who are training hard, he should be fined for it if possible am sure even Slav has had enough of him now, onwards and upwards with or without him COYI !!!

  • Dunlopilo says:

    Terminate him for breach of contract. There must be something he is in violation of with all this partying and not following diets, lifestyle of a professional athlete etc.

  • Max Willow says:

    Forget about AC..
    Finally, Diafra Sakho is fully fit and rearing to go!
    He may be able to strike up a really good attacking unit with Chicharito!

  • RickinJHB says:

    I would keep hime only as an impact sub until his contarct runs out and agree with Johns points. However enough of old pops, would be interested to hear of how we could fit Sakho and P in the team?

  • bubs says:

    He will be great against the Huddersfield,s or Stokes of the world but not when we play the top teams,
    But that’s when he will be injured,
    I hope this year we change our game to fast smooth football and only when all else fails bring on Carroll and play to get a result,
    This one in one out Policy sounds great
    Carroll out Gray in
    Snodgrass out Hazard in
    Feggolui out Wilshere in
    Would cost us about £30 mil more but we could recoup £20
    By selling Ayew
    That puts us on budget let Adrien go and bring in a freebie only 5mil short now
    Konte could go and be replaced by Burke ( books balenced )
    Have a nice day

  • West Ham Fan No 32 says:

    Judging by the pictures of a very drunk Carroll with a dark haired girl with ridiculous eyebrows that may have come straight out of a fuzzy felts box, Andy Carroll may well have a new groin injury if his missus has seen it….

    • Radai Lama says:

      Lol fuzzy felts box 😂
      Aint seen the picture 32.Is it a recent one during one of his jolly jaunts.The geezer really gets on my s.I dont have anything against footballers having a social life,fair play,but he really kicks the ass out of it with all the instagram/twitter he gets shown in,out and about whilst us mug fans sit waiting for him too make the effort to actually get fit.m

      • West Ham Fan No 32 says:

        Yeah it was in Magaluf, the girl posted it on her twitter saying they had pulled an allnighter she wouldn’t have looked out of place on TOWIE pretty girl except for the fuzzy felt eyebrows, not sure why women think that they or lips fillers that make them look like a duck are attractive but hey ho 😀

  • Lazurus. rises like a salmon says:

    ♿Amy,s new logo 32 on his tracksuit 😂😂

    • West Ham Fan No 32 says:

      We will call him Lazarus if we see him running mate 😉

    • Gaz says:

      Amy because thats the way he makes me feel about him chaps.Absolutely no dedication or sacrificies are given by him it would appear.I used to take on board coments by supporters who said it cant be easy for a professional sportman to be injured all the time and it cant be but he gives the impression of it not bothering him one iota and that makes me sick.
      Theres a groundswell of fans who feel the same way now i know that.

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