Souness is fed up hearing about West Ham way

graeme-souness-football-expert-opinion_2976960Sky pundit Graeme Souness has questioned the wisdom of letting Sam Allardyce leave West Ham.

“Is it the right thing for West Ham? Are West Ham going to jump from where they are now to being a club that can challenge for the Champions League places? That’s not going to happen overnight.” Souness told Sky Sports viewers on Sunday.

“Sam knows his way around the Premier League. Tried and trusted. It’s one of those. Be careful what you wish for.’

“From my time of football I’m fed up of hearing [about] the West Ham way. What is the West Ham way? They are a yoyo club. I think it’s a club that by moving to the Olympic Stadium could go to another level but there’s no guarantee of that.”


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17 comments on “Souness is fed up hearing about West Ham way

  1. Same era as Sam Allardyce. Same mentality as a manager too. “You win nothing with mavericks in the side” he said. You do actually Graham. You win hearts…

  2. Absolutely correct … same era and mentality ….. and same result as manager ….. nothing ever won .

  3. Must be one of Sams drinking buddies.Fair play to the two Jamies on Sky they laid into him.Especially Redknapp,he was getting proper p*ssed off,lol

  4. He sounded like a right **** yesrerday,well done to the jamies for fighting our corner against yet another dinosaur no mark ex- manager.Useless one as well!!

  5. I dont take anything this mug says seriously.He is a plank.Fair play to Jamie R for going against him though.Souness knows jack sh*t about us.Stupid jock w*nker.I can call him that as a half jock,lol 😀

  6. Crap ex manager making a living from talking crap,him & shearer are a pair of total mugs.

  7. Sounds like he is upset that another old school dead wood manager has been put out to grass. The game is up for all of these dinosaurs … things have moved on a million miles and these old farts think they still know it all.

    Your history now Souness …. we dont care what you think

  8. I think his name should be ,SOURNESS.

  9. Yeah I posted a link to this on a comment last night and in the Facebook group – my blood was boiling, but like you guys say, so was Jamie R’s! Lol Redknapp Jr for manager! 😉 lol

  10. … & I’m fed up hearing “Be careful what you wish for”.

    So people are coming up to him in the street & saying ‘ Hey Graeme, what do you think about the West Ham way?’. Really? He’s a presumably well-paid TV pundit; suck it up, it comes with the territory.

    I’m wishing for football that I’m happy to pay to watch, & The Sophisticated One was manifestly not delivering on that front (& it’s not as if we were getting results playing such unimaginative stuff either).

  11. Anyone would think with these stupid comments, that only Allardyce can keep us in the premiership, idiots!

  12. I agree with you Tyson he was a nasty prat as a player taking people from behind (Tackling) crap as a manager took over good sides at Liverpool and Newcastle and destroyed them,
    Who cares what he thinks and would have no clue about our club and has no right to make comments on things he has never been part of,

  13. Get your facts right Souness, a yo, yo club… my arse! West Ham have only been relegated six times. These were in ; •1932 •1978 •1989 •1992 •2003 •2011

    • Your right Robbie, we have been in the Prem for 20 of the 24 seasons its been going. Only 7 clubs have been in the prem for all 24 seasons we are NUMBER 8 in the list ABOVE manchester city who have been in the prem for 19 of the seasons

      Yo Yo club.. not really

  14. In 1978 Emlyn Hughes Liverpool captain said in a video interview that Bob Paisley took West Hams style of play and turned it into a winning formula ( with better players ). He was right so why does Souness not know the West Ham way?

  15. He talks like he played ( A Snake ) why is he having a go at our club he has no affiliation with us why does he not have a go at Rodgers 6-1 against Stoke,
    Maybe BFS would be a good fit for Liverpool,
    Why am I wasting my time on this areole,
    Matte where are you

  16. Sky need to bounce some of these dinosaurs out as ‘expert summariser’,they are still living in the past.Relating todays game to when they played,its h* rse****.Well done to the Jamies for making him look like the total mug he is 🙂

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