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Southgate’s Crazy Kalvin Phillips Excuse

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In a bizarre post match comment, England manager Gareth Southgate has morphed even more into David Moyes with a startling admission.

Southgate has conceded that England are struggling to replace Kalvin Phillips, seven months after his last cap. He revealed that Trent Alexander-Arnold is being used in an “experiment” to fill the Phillips-shaped void, still evident two games into Euro 2024.

This revelation came after England’s lacklustre 1-1 draw with Denmark, during which Alexander-Arnold was again substituted for Conor Gallagher, despite a year of learning the midfield trade under Southgate.

When asked about Alexander-Arnold, Southgate said: “He’s had some moments where he has delivered what we thought he would. We know it is an experiment, and we don’t have a natural replacement for Kalvin Phillips, but we’re trying different things, and at the moment we’re not flowing as we’d like, that’s for sure.”

This excuse from the England manager, who appears to be clutching at straws, is even more baffling for West Ham fans. We know better than anyone how calamitous Kalvin Phillips was during his loan spell with the Hammers. However, David Moyes seemed to have gambled so much of the Hammers’ European campaign on Phillips’ form that it bordered on negligence.

Now, it appears Southgate is still searching for ways for his team to play without Phillips, despite having 18 months to adjust to his absence. It’s truly astonishing that a coach with some of the best midfielders in the world at his disposal can’t field a functioning team without a player who couldn’t secure a spot at either West Ham or Manchester City.

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  • Joseph says:

    TAA lol be better off with Terrence Trent Darby in the middle…but Southgates statement is unsurprising because he is so out of his depth and lets face it he got the job by default he is “one of the boys” he will tow the FA line not rock the boat spout out the usual drivel and this will continue as long as the FA employ YES men and they always will as they want the control they are not prepared to give the reigns to a maverick who may actually win a tournament which we have not done since 66 and that is criminal from the nation that gave the world this game.

  • Avram Grant’s Granny says:

    I disagree with the comments about Southgate being out of his depth, he’s done well. But I totally agree with the comment about Terence Trent D’Arby. I mean really just put a proper midfielder in there.

  • Morkus says:

    I cannot remember a game where Southgate changed things around mid game a when when it wasn’t going well and things improved. he has absolutely no tactical ability whatsoever. I’m praying this is his last tournament. People will say we’ve got to semis and a final etc but with the squad we have any half decent manager could do the same

  • Chris Walker says:

    To be fair to Phillips he was a very good player when he was at Leeds, and deservedly got an England call up. Man City bought him and Guardiola mind games have turned him into the disaster area he is now.

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