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Spitting and nose snorting? Just do the right thng NOW

ClaretandHugh’s Facebook administrator CAROL COMBES always has e very strong view when she commits herself to a blog and in this piece makes her position on the end of season dilemma very clear in this piece!

By Carol Combes

I think I may be in a minority who believe this season should MOST DEFINITELY be voided NOW!

It’s truly is time for the seemingly endless reports to be put to bed for the sake of our sanity because this is being driven solely by the Premier League who, we read on CandH, the other day have about 25 different models for a restart.

There’s only one reason why we aren’t following common sense-like the Dutch football authorities- money!

They are scared to death of the actions – including the possibility of being sued by the broadcasters – should they do what is clearly the right thing.

Like anyone else who has followed this game it’s obvious there is no safe way to play a game of football without contact. So we are to have no contact but continuous spitting, and nose snorting, contests?

I have many doubts whether players, and their families, are comfortable with the season being restarted in these circumstances?

Let’s get back to footy ONLY WHEN IT’S SAFE!

It would benefit football more if those that make these decisions grew a pair, stop dragging this on and on and made the sensible and clearly correct decision.

Of course it is possible to void the season -no up, no down, no Champions. Tough, but the fairest, and safest, for all.

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

4 comments on “Spitting and nose snorting? Just do the right thng NOW

  1. Agree 100%. Surely the broadcasters wouldn’t sue in light of current issues. You would hope they can come to some sort of arrangement to show extra games next season to cover their financial outlay with the the Premier league for the games they should have had this season. Who wants to watch a game of football on tv with no fans in the stadium and players who are to scared to commit to a tackle for fear of coronavirus, I just can’t see the players committing in the games the way they should so why bother. What if the players refuse to play??

  2. Agree 100% also Carol, these multi millionaire league owners are obsessed by money is the only common denominator in their pig ignorant approach that puts lives at risk needlessly. In Belgium and Holland they have showed an ability to make tough decisions with safety at the centre. They realise it’s common sense to finish up allow everyone time to adjust to the outcome and when it is safe to do so plan for the future. It will be harsh on some, potentially even us but it is the correct human centric approach isn’t it ?

  3. I no longer think that the season should be voided. That only makes sense if football can start again in August, and that is looking less likely every week. More likely is that we’ll be starting the season in mid/late Autumn, and then what? Scrap the cup competitions and play 2 games a week all season and pray for a mild winter with no postponements? Nonesense.
    Once its safe, just carry on the season where it left off and make arrangements for next season to be shortened. By then we’ll know how long we have to play the season and plan accordingly.
    One idea if there is not much time 4 groups of 5, winners of each group play for the title also in a group of 5, 2nd placed teams play for the Euro League spaces etc, season completed in 16 games. If the season can start sooner a model simular to Scotland could be played, Everybody plays eachother once, split the table into 2 groups top and bottom, and each team plays the other 9 teams in their group – season completed in 28 games.
    Lets not compromise 2 seasons by voiding, or abandoning this season, when next season will need to be shortened and the season after that has the world cup stuck in the middle ot it. What a mess!

  4. I have been saying that for ages now and I agree 100% with Carol . Voiding the season is the only sensible option with the high contamination rate of this virus . We and the PL and the TV companies have no right whatsoever to expect players to put their lives on the line for the sake of Big Buisness . Karen Brady was right from day one and got unjustly mauled over it .

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