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Sporting president hit by public opinion lashback

By Nuno Moreira de Almeida
reporting from Lisbon for CandH
Sporting Clube de Portugal’s president Bruno Carvahlo last night gave a two hour interview to the club’s TV channel, – a decision which may not have been the wisest of his career.
He waded into some controversial issues which included the William Carvalho affair in a very unpleasant tone which appears to have done his image little good with the public
He reinforced Sporting’s right  to defend Sporting and the player interests giving his version of the affair at some length.
He again claimed West Ham had made no offer for the player adding that Carvalho should thank him for the way he managed the proces.
Along the way he referenced David Sullivan and David Gold as ‘the Dildo Brothers’ which went down like a lead balloon with the watching public.
The controversial and sarcastic tone was immediately criticised by Sporting fans most of who said that whilst he was doing a good job he would do a better one with his mouth shut.
And others made a point of saying that there was absolutely no need to insult the West Ham owners claiming it was unnecessary

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15 comments on “Sporting president hit by public opinion lashback

  1. He seems like a huge dildo himself.Him and Sullivan could be bookends or bellends depending on your preference.Does always make me laugh though how a group of our fans find it so offensive how our owners made their bucks when everyone of our adult fans has in all likelyhood looked at a porn mag watched a porn vid or dildoed the night away lol

    • Yes 32 is a fan of Jenna by all accounts and 64 like,s to tie up fellow posters wives with a soap on the rope theme and just look 😂😂😂 , Hippocrates all of them !! They should feel ashamed , personally though I’m a true christian and have never indulged in the art of fornication with battery operated accomplices, god forbid !!!! 😂😂😂

  2. Sounds like the Sporting fans have more class and common sense than we do. Good luck to them. It’s about time the Davids were shown some respect. Least said, soonest mended.

  3. Dildo brothers? Bruno Carvahlo is a complete pen1s of himself if you ask me…

  4. Portuguese people generally are a class lot, very family orientated and with a good sense of humour, I guess there chairmen is not so dissimilar to ours with his public outbursts and lies.

  5. Sky sports just published the e mail is from Sullivan. Sporting haven’t got a leg to stand on…..

    • The email Sky Sports has released is redacted in that it does not show who it was sent to. We probably sent it to his agent and not to SL so it doesn’t yet prove who is telling porkies! Love this fake news.

  6. Really?? That would make me laugh if it was true.

  7. Lol this battle of the dildos is funny.
    Trying to do business with Sporting is cursed if you look at Leicester missing Adrian Silva by 14 seconds 😁
    Mind you if what i read is to be believed all this just pay the release clause €40 million and be done with it would have been bloody stupid.I read that even though Leicester only signed Adrian Silva for 22 mill he had a release clause of €45 mill the Sporting dildo wasnt going to budge from originally.

  8. This ‘case’ may fizzle out and come to nothing before long but the Dave’s will forever be the ‘Dildo Brothers’ in my book – classic!

  9. Who knows whether the email is to Sporting,an agent or whoever.Aint no point speculating about it or taking it seriously until it is proved to be sent to Sporting or their president Bruno De Dildo.

  10. We offer £25m + add ons and it called insulting for a player with a €40m release clause.Leicester buy a player for £22m+ add ons for a player with a €45m release clause from the same club and it wont be insulting but good business.
    Well thats if you live in the world of the west ham fans looking for any reason to moan.

    • Ha what you mean like the same fans who called the £3m and £5m offers for Snodgrass insulting.Pay what they want,£10m they shouted,just pay it.Now the same muppets are saying why the heck did the club waste £10m on him.

  11. Release clause is always OTT & the selling club will come down,often well below the release clause on the player.And please no one say Carvalho was a snip at 40 million quid.If he was then answer me why no one else snatched him at that snip of a price.

    If indeed Silva had a release clause of €45m and the foxes signed him for £22m then it proves what a load of tosh release clauses are!

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