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Spot on DG! West Ham are NOT a joke club


By Sean Whetstone

CandH associate editor

West Ham owner and co-Chairman snapped back to one fan on twitter this morning saying “I don’t get shirty when fans question my judgement but I do get upset when they say that our club is a “joke” dg”

I agree with Gold, if anything its is the small minority of the fans who are the joke by continuing to harass and troll a 78 year man who helped save our beloved club from financial meltdown.

Some fans are never happy and continue moan about the manager, players, board and club in general no matter what is achieved on or off the pitch.

As far as I am aware David Gold is the only Premier League chairman to join and remain on twitter since 2011 and he continues to communicate with fans despite continuous and sometime vile abuse. You wouldn’t catch Spurs chairman Daniel Levy communicating with fans or answering questions in the way our board does.

David Gold and David Sullivan single handedly saved our club from financial ruin after the Icelandic disaster and previous chairman in the form of Terry Brown and the Cairns family fared little better having their own disasters in the form of the Bond scheme and other allegations.

Yes, Gold and Sullivan have made mistakes by their own admission such as the appointment of Avram Grant but they are only human and despite claims they are only in it for the money I believe they do care passionately about the club we all love.

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In reality there are far easier and less stressful ways in business to invest your life savings to make money and get better returns.

Fans should remember that before making personal attacks, I think the club and fans would be worst off if the fans succeed in driving David Gold off twitter altogether or maybe that is what they want!






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About Sean Whetstone

I am Season Ticket Holder in West stand lower at the London Stadium and before that, I used to stand in the Sir Trevor Brooking Lower Row R seat 159 in the Boleyn Ground and in the Eighties I stood on the terraces of the old South Bank. I am a presenter on the West Ham Podcast called MooreThanJustaPodcast.co.uk. A Blogger on WestHamTillIdie.com a member of the West Ham Supporters Advisory Board (SAB), Founder of a Youtube channel called Mr West Ham Football at http://www.youtube.com/MrWestHamFootball, I am also the associate editor here at Claret and Hugh. Life Long singer of bubbles! Come on you Irons! Follow me at @Westhamfootball on twitter

31 comments on “Spot on DG! West Ham are NOT a joke club

  1. I don’t use twitter, Never have and never will. But imho David Gold is a fool for sticking with it and just opens himself up for abuse. With everything that is going on at our club regarding the manager and the god awful football and form it is no surprise to anyone that fans will vent their frustrations via social media.

    Until they finally decide to let us all know the future of the manager Gold would be wise to stay away from twitter. If not then the abuse will just keep coming.

    For the record I would not be upset one bit if Gold and Brady were to lave the club.

    They did not single handily save our club from financial ruin, I am stunned by how many fans have brought into those propaganda lies.

    • who did save our club then? Please enlighten us all.

    • @BoleynFirever: Who did save the club then please? You want him gone do you?! Hmmm

      • Sorry Hugh I am not going to get into a row over this. I just don’t buy into their lies. Our club would not have gone out of business if they had not come in.

        There were other offers on the table and there would have always been someone willing to buy us.

        There are plenty of us out there who don’t like all three in charge of our club. I don’t mind Sullivan to be honest but I have very little time for Gold and none whatsoever for Brady.If both packed up and left tomorrow I would not shed a single tear.

        Some see the move to the Olympic Stadium as great others like myself see it the complete opposite.

        There are many reasons why our owners have angered us fans, to many to list here to be honest.

        But it is not really a convo I want to get deep into because it has been done a million times since they arrived. So feel free to slag me off all you want but I am stepping out of the this particular debate. It’s my opinion and one in which I am entitled to.

        Some love the owners, some don’t Simple as that.

    • Boleyn have you read the accounts? I’m not saying they 100% saved us but we certainly needed help from somewhere. The club was being run like a charity, money going out left right and center and no real business plan. Borrowed against the next couple of seasons ticket sales…..selling players behind the managers back, sellng Collins because we beeded the cash up front.

      Yes we still owe 100m but now all but about 30 is soft debt to the owners which is way easier to manage and they’ve not taken a penny out yet or a salary for the last 5 years, they will get a return and why shouldn’t they. We’ve seen the likes of brown walk out with millions. The rest of the bank/hard debt will be gone in 18 months. For the first time in decades we will be externally debt free.

      • whu647580. As stated, I have no issue with Sullivan is he is not the one with all the power.

        • Wish you could edit posts on here.

          Above post should read..

          I have no issue with Sullivan and he is now the one with all the power.

          • Understood, he holds the majority but in their world that means nothing they’ve always taken decisions together no matter who held more shares. Sully is more ofnthe front man, however they also trust Bradys judgement as well, probably more than we’ll ever know.

        • 50 years a supporter. That don’t matter at all by the way. Only that you look at the facts ( on this planet preferably )

    • Respect Boleyn,

      My support for the chairmen is wearing thin, if the last season at Upton Park is in the hands of Sam Allardyce I’ll never forgive them.

  2. I just want to repeat exactly what I wrote before.

    “I understand DG has to use diplomacy, he’s the owner, but the Solution is very simple and it’s perfectly summed up by the post of that fan” Are you tired of all this? Sack Allardyce Tomorrow and you’d have the fans back instantly. Problem solved”.
    West Ham is not a joke, but the Genius’ attitude inside and outside the field does play it for truth.


    What does it mean? I don’t know what the owners will decide about our next manager, maybe Allardyce will go and we’ll say “Thank you Mr Sullivan, you did the right thing”. But NOW we just can see what’s happening around us, and every fan is frustrated by our manager’s attitude and we can only show our frustration through sites, twitter (I’ve not Twitter), facebook (I’ve not facebook) or other social media.
    I hope that my fears will prove to be unfounded, but without any answer what can we do? If the owners use twitter they perfectly know they can interact with fans who can express their opinion based on what they observe and read: doubts and uncertainties.

    Now I just want to have faith in the owners, there’s nothing I can do.

  3. Brilliant article, we have brilliant owners and let us never forget this. We are all upset with the manager and I am sure that the owners will make the right decision for the club at the end of the season. In them we should trust – I cant wait to see what players they are brining in – if it is anything like last year fantastic. Davids, we need a playmaker !!!! No need to buy Jenks, Oxford will be ready next season..

    • ahahah … John you’re the best, even in this situation your first thought is that Jenkinson is not the right player… lol I’m saying this friendly…. 😉

  4. Haha,you just got to love John,even in an article about the club & twitter he manages to get Jenks into his comment,haha,i love it,top work John 😀

  5. Agreed, our owners have done a lot to be grateful for. And personal insults are neither needed nor helpful. BUT: Their mantra of talking about the manager’s future at the end of the season has proved to be a disaster for West Ham.
    This uncertainty seems to affect the team, the manager, the fans and the only people who can do something about it are the owners.
    It’s an obvious question why our board (to my knowledge) are one of the very few club owners to do business like that, usually managers get either sacked, they get a contract extension well before the old contract comes to an end or the manager has already signed elsewhere with both club and manager keeping things under wraps.
    I have never heard of a situation where neither manager or club owners actually know if a manager will get a new contract a few weeks before the contract expires.
    Where are the benefits ? How about potential replacement managers becoming available NOW ? How do you make sure they don’t sign elsewhere ?
    How do you prevent that Allardyce stays on as manager by default because three or four other more highly rated candidates have slipped through the net ?
    At that point you’d have a manager who clearly knows he’s been only fifth choice or so.
    How motivated to do well is that guy going to be ?
    In my view the owners deserve criticism for their handling of this. It’s nice to have and follow principles. But not if it is to the detriment of the club.

  6. let sam go in the summer u have nothing but positive tweets trust me 😀

  7. Sean – well said. Mr Gold rightly or wrongly puts himself out there and gets dogs abuse for it. Some will also have you believe that they didn’t “save” us as well. Not sure about others but I call investing 85m and having to restructure 100m of debt as close to saving as you can get. The accounts are out there for all to see and year on year you can see the improvement of the financials (except relegation year).

    I expect an article like this from others but not from you, if you licked DGs boots any more youd be in danger of going down with cherry blossom poisoning.
    the club is a joke, a circus act of a club that plays out its most important decisions in the Media. we have owners briefing websites leaking what they want out, owners teenage sons tweeting about club business and its put down as teenage jinxs, The chief exec telling naughty stories in a national newspaper revealing down market tittle tattle about other club officials and their lady friends, revealing club details while making fans sign non disclosure documents so they cant reveal it.
    Gold thinks he can converse with the fans like a favourite uncle but then he loves to mock those he disagrees with, when the mud is slung at him others then bring up his age.
    If he wants to converse with the fans then he has to listen to all views not just the selected views. then there’s the old chestnut about them saving the club, im sure when time comes and they leave, every penny will be repaid, probably over 3 times over, they will be in pocket, unlike fans who give money freely, and only expect a team gives effort in return. they have over seen a relegation, appointed 2 of teh worst managers ever to manage this club, Sold the ground from under our feet, and tore the castle off the badge, and will bury the club in 2016. & we should be grateful.
    they should be grateful to the fans that they still come through the door.

  9. Well said Sean.

  10. WHETyourpantsuntil.com must have come to a standstill with everyone on here,
    They have followed you Sean and no stats very confusing,
    No we are not a joke club that is why so much passion is coming out and once again we are turning on each other for one reason BFS,
    The main reason some are defending the directors is because they have not removed the
    Carbuncle that is tearing this club in bits,
    Hats what the tweets are about and the reason I would never use Twitter it makes everything so personal,
    Everyone is allowed an opinion and a voice
    That’s what votes are all about SO LETS VOTE

  11. IMO Boleyn is entitled to his opinion and so are those who don’t agree with him, personally, manager selection aside, I think the board have so far done a good job compared to say Leeds who you have to admit we’re a much bigger club than we ever were as a brand name, we could of easily gone down their road and recovery would of taken a lot longer if at all, I remember when we was a joke club with Aldridge, Brown etc, them dark days have gone, when it comes to ‘bulls***t mismanagement the board selling us short’ you only have to remember Redknapp and the board saying “we’ve done the deal of the century for West Ham selling Rio for £18 mill to Leeds”, he was there 5 minutes before moving to ManU for £30mill,

    • Brown was the biggest…….to ever grace the position.

      Walked away with enough to choke a dozen donkeys all the while knowing we’d done something underhand.

      And people have a go at these owners.

  12. Not just Rio what about Carrick or Johnson
    What a chance we had Add Cole and Defoe to the above cost nothing all from the academy
    There’s something the board need to sort out,
    Maybe someone could send a tweet

  13. If some of you lot of “supporters” are expecting west ham to tnrn into a”Barcelona” forget it and support your team. This is from an old chicken runner that has been frustrated over the years, 43 to be exact.

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