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Spurs get half our gate – Bolen hid Irons level of support



Blind Hammer Reflects on a hidden Success from our European victories

There was a another deeper story behind West Ham’s European Success last night.m as there were actually 2 European matches taking place in London last night.

One at  the Tottenham Stadium and ours at the London Stadium.

Neither were a sell out but the relative gates were ,I think, informative. For the West Ham game at the London Stadium. the gate was 50,004

For the Tottenham game at the exact same time the gate Gate 25,121

This is informative as most, in the past, would assume Spurs to be the bigger club with a bigger support base.

Admittedly European football is more of a novelty for West Ham and their competition is at a higher level this year but it maintains a record where attendance has never, to my recent memory, dipped below 50,000 at the London Stadium for any Cup games, even midweek games or games against Championship sides like Birmingham!

Note that these cup gate do not include any Season Ticket holders and all tickets were purchased at relatively short notice.

I truly believe that if West Ham were in the Europa Conference and Spurs in the Europa League they would still be getting bigger gates than Spurs.

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Of course all the PL games are also an automatic sell out as West Ham have the largest season ticket base in London.

Arsene Wenger once admitted that he feared West Ham inheriting the London Stadium and the impact over time of increased support.

He thought it could shake up remould the shape of London football forever with a consequent growth in the club.
He was especially bitter as he had to, in contrast, struggle so hard to work for his Stadium at Arsenal.

Certainly Spurs and Daniel Levy were desperate to stop West Ham moving into the London Stadium and pulled out all the stops they could to prevent ot.

It has taken a long time for the positives to emerge but rather than a millstone it may just be possible that the Olympic Stadium is actually building the size of the club at last.

Certainly I think it fFinally proves that the West Ham support base is far bigger than many believed before the move to the OS and Upton Park was never big enough anyway.

I don’t think in the time I went there in the later years there was ever a game that was not a 36,000 sell out. This small ground capacity disguised the level of support for years.

If Moyes can keep this going for a few seasons things might actually be shaken up a bit in London.

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About David Griffith

My Father, born in 1891 was brought up in the shadows of the Thames Ironworks Memorial Ground. I remember as a child jumping over the settee when Alan Sealy scored in our 1965 European Cup Winners triumph. My first game was against Leicester in 1968, when Martin Peters scored what was adjudged by ITV’s Big Match as the Goal of the Season. I became a season ticket holder in 1970. I was registered blind in 1986 and thought my West Ham supporting days were over. However in 2010 I learnt about the fantastic support West Ham offer to Blind and other Disabled Supporters. I now use the Insightful Irons in-stadium commentary service and West Ham provide space for my Guide Dog Nyle. I sit on the West Ham Disabled Supporters Board and the LLDC Built Environment Access Panel. David Griffith aka Blind Hammer

One comment on “Spurs get half our gate – Bolen hid Irons level of support

  1. This does prove the move the the London Stadium was the right thing to do. To get Double the attendance than Spurs for a relatively similar match goes to show two main points. The first being that the West Ham supporter base is a lot higher than people realised. The London Stadium is able to realise that base to its maximum. Secondly is the brilliant travel connectivity of Stratford. Stratford Mainland station enables connectivity from Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk and Central London. Stratford International allows travel from Ashford in only 36 minutes. This opens up the whole of Kent. Kings Cross in 7 minutes. London Overground allows people to travel in from West and North London. The Central line. DLR and numerous bus routes. This opens up the possibility of the supporter base from a far wider catchment area. These are exciting times. We truly can become the biggest club in London.

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