Spurs Jump Ahead of West Ham in Wonderkid Race

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Tottenham Hotspur may soon make a bid for Corinthians winger Wesley Gassova, who has been a long-term target for West Ham United.

The Brazilian youth international has received significant attention across Europe due to his standout performances at Corinthians. Napoli and West Ham’s Tim Steidten have been monitoring the player closely. The Hammers have been watching the player for months and only switched priorities to Luis Guilherme when it became clear he was available.

However, it has still been widely reported that West Ham are still interested in one more winger and the Wesley transfer deal was still on.

Sky Italy reports that Tottenham has now “entered the race” for Wesley and could “present their offer in July.”

The 19-year-old has already amassed over 70 appearances for Corinthians’ senior team, contributing 7 goals and 5 assists. Although his contract with the Brazilian club runs until the end of 2027, several top clubs are poised to make a move for him this summer.

West Ham was reportedly close to securing a deal to sign Wesley during the January transfer window. Napoli showed strong interest in the young winger but seem to have stepped back in their pursuit.

Tottenham, having just joined the chase, have yet to submit a formal offer. With uncertainty surrounding Bryan Gil’s future and Ryan Sessegnon’s departure, Spurs are in need of reinforcements on the left flank. Sessegnon, who is available on a free transfer, is also a target for West Ham, setting up a potential game of footballing musical chairs.

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  • I'm not the answer to our right back problems says:

    Andy, please explain as I can’t seem to find it in your report.

    “Tottenham, having just joined the chase, have yet to submit a formal offer”

    how is your Click bait headline relevant to the story as Tottenham have done nothing yet according to the above line.

    Waiting in anticipation!

  • John Ayris says:

    Are we really in for another Brazilian prodigy at £30M already having bought one when there’s a number of more pressing things to spend limited money on…

    It doesn’t seem very likely does it.

  • terry lidster says:

    i think he would explode at tottenham…sign him up

  • Bernard Palmer says:

    I think we should send our home grown youngsters to Brazil and when we get them back they will have all be wonder kids.

  • DJHammer says:

    Can we resurrect the C & H rumour rater?
    Always found it useful .

    • Dan says:

      We should spend the money on decontaminating our stadium. Strontium, thallium, thorium, polonium. Its shocking. The London stadium is the most radioactive building in London. Literally. We’re used to hearing about rubbish on the pitch, but nuclear waste underneath it? Stay away from the North part of the stadium. Chernobyl on Thames.

  • John says:

    Another true story!! Honest

  • FarTooMuchGossip says:

    Yet again C&H going down some speculative rabbit hole and just running with it. Posting some irrelevant information that is designed to cause speculation for absolutely no reason at all what so ever. Wesley was old news in January and how have Spurs jumped ahead of us when we aren’t even in for him now? I guess clicks are more important nowadays! Why are you quoting from Sky Italy and not Sky Brazil or Sky UK? Is it really that slow a news day that u needed to post this irrelevance? Or maybe its a way of trying to revive old stories that aren’t in main news cycle in the UK, so it looks like u are relevant and have sources? And if u are serious about armchair journalism, its West Ham “were” not “was” reportedly close to securing a deal to sign Wesley. An absolute joke of a website now!!

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