Stand up for FA Cup against the wreckers

The FA Cup has become of the utmost importance to us Hammers this year but ClaretandHugh FB member CAROL COMBES fears that Football Association suggestions to turn it into a midweek competition with no replays will harm it irreparably. She declares: “It’s not about the football… it’s about the money.”


FA Cup.jpg-pwrt3Remember the FA Cup?

That question could be one some of us will be asking each other in years to come.


Because there are growing rumbles that will result in the high profile of the FA Cup being weakened.

We are hearing ‘suggestions’, (which in my experience usually means ‘done deals’!), about midweek games, no replays, etc. I suspect that most agreeable managers are from the Prem League!

Why is this important? Simply because this is about the money – NOT the football!

Clubs/TV companies don’t earn as much money from the FA Cup as they do pimping their players, by flying them around the world, playing exhibition matches!

Whatever benefits the clubs tell you, they don’t seem to be worrying about their biggest ‘stars’ getting injured/tired, or playing too many games in a season, when there is money to be made!

Maybe the players would enjoy more rest if we stopped the International Tournaments? No flying players around the globe, during our season, for World Cup/African Cup or Euros games? Wonder why they don’t want that to happen-maybe the answer is, yet again, money?

To many ‘lesser’ clubs, the Cup is a chance to earn a financial lifeline, something which means a lot to clubs NOT in the ‘Money-No-Object’ League! If they earn a replay against one of the ‘big’ clubs, (as my lovely local club Exeter City have done, more than once!), it can make the difference in surviving or closing.

To devalue this Cup is an insult to all clubs not in the Prem AND fans!

We HAVE to speak up, before it’s too late, and tell them how much it means to you?

How many of us have NOT watched a match, shouting for that underdog to beat that Prem club?

Speaking for myself, I LOVE the FA Cup. I remember when it was treated by both clubs with respect!

The excitement of FA Cup Final Day!

The BBC would spend the whole morning with one team, ITV the other. You would watch whichever side had the team you were hoping would win. Cameras on the coach to Wembly-chatting to the players.
All before a ball was even seen!

Please, stand up for FOOTBALL – not business! Leave OUR FA Cup alone!


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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

5 comments on “Stand up for FA Cup against the wreckers

  1. I remember that to Carol the whole day was dedicated to the final we followed the teams at the hotel even the coach ride to the stadiums etc. It was a huge event but is not treated the same way now 🙁

  2. This is the fallout from the Champions League & Europa League , two competitions that drag on for far too long and often resulting in boring negative games where the aim is not to lose a tie . I would much rather watch a good old fashioned cup tie any day . LEAVE THE FA CUP ALONE !! If they must change anything it should be these so called elite competitions by making them knockout based like they used to be played over two legs . Now that was when playing in European competitions really meant something !
    Luckily , i can still remember those days !

  3. With you on that Pete. The ECWC was a much better competition. Europa League is dull and should just be knock out competition. Champions League should actually be for Champions, not the 4th placed team or whatever in each league, plus the title holders (in which case the 2nd placed league team could join if that team wins the league again). The FA Cup is great, it’s the biggest club competition in the world where practically every registered club in the country takes part with preliminary rounds starting in something like July or August culminating in a great May day final. For some teams making the 1st Round is a big deal and making the 3rd like an FA Cup Final in itself. These proposed changes or “ideas” should not be allowed to go ahead. Re-think the schedules in another way rather than messing with domestic competitions – which is where it all starts and is born and bread!

  4. There are several separate issues: 1) Weds only which personally I don’t support 2) No replays (which I do support) 3) I think the semis should be at Wembley (if they aren’t already). 4) Is moving to Weds only paving the way for Sat Euro champions games? If so, I don’t support that. 5) With olive branch of reducing games by no replays, the Euro Champs competition should also reduce their games. Well known fact such teams play badly in their next game.
    PS Can anyone think of a better way to decide than penalties? I think penalties are a terrible way to decide.

  5. As always it’s all about money not what we want,FA Cup is entertaining and exciting and the under dogs all ways have a chance,
    Man U stated this under Ferguson because they wanted the money from the European football,and he and his club thought they were bigger then any team in England and that their club was the only English team that could play against the top European teams,
    Now take a look,they are not even a top 4 club,their owners rob them blind,
    Like the price of seats the fans need to make a stand now
    We need the FA cup so does English Football
    Well said Carol

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