Watford skipper Troy Deeney looks certain to be missing from Project Restart should it ever happen after a passionate ‘family first’ public declaration.

The relegation-threatened Watford skipper was – with Mark Noble –  reported to be one of the most vocal at the recent players’ meeting  but it’s not clear whether the Hammers captain shares the same view.

However, it looks pretty well certain that the Hornets will have to do without the front man should the League manage to get its way in allowing matches to star.

The 31 year old in a statement that will resonate with many footballers at every level made it clear that money and possible loss of wages is not an issue saying: “What are they going to do, take money off me? I’ve been broke before so it doesn’t bother me.’ 

He has taken little of comfort from the players’ meeting and added that football is of little interest to him right now adding that his family health is the only thing he’s concerned about.

He continued: “‘If I feel that I’m not looking after my family, then I’m not going to do it. I am not going to put my family at risk.

‘He then raised concern over the lack of social distancing footballers would be doing, in comparison to the Government advice given to the rest of the nation.

He added: ‘They’re talking about not playing in front of fans until 2021.

‘So if it’s not safe enough for fans to be inside a stadium why should it be safe for players to be in there?

‘At corners, Watford have 11 men back so you’re talking about having 18 or 19 men in a penalty area. That’s not social distancing.

‘They’re the kind of questions people have been asking but we haven’t had the best answers at the moment. Not because people don’t want to give you the answers, it’s because they can’t give you the answers.

‘The Government say we can go back to work from June 1 but we can’t get a haircut until mid-July.

‘How do you justify that?

‘I feel like they want to get us back to work so they can take more tax off you. Premier League players pay nearly £4billion in tax a year.’

Deeney finished by adding that he would like to return to football, but only when the circumstances are appropriate.

‘I am all for going back. But I am not for going back when it is not clear on how the steps are going to be made.

‘But what happens if a second wave of pandemic comes.’