Steidten finds himself with a tricky dilemma


Tricky dilemma for Steidten

The rumours surrounding the stalled transfer for Ibrahim Osman have raised more than a little concern for me. Not because the deal for the player himself might fall through.

Osman appears to be a talented player, but judging the standard at which he plays is challenging. He has scored four goals and created another five in around 20 games in the Danish League this season, which seems reasonable. Certainly, these numbers would be a decent return for a young player in a competitive league. However, at this point, Sunderland’s Jack Clarke and Norwich youngster Jonathan Rowe look like better prospects.

But it doesn’t really matter what I think because it’s not up to me. It is important what the director of football thinks, though, and in this instance, Tim Steidten has recommended the player. Most would agree that Steidten has done a pretty good job with his recruitment during the summer window. As a result, one would have expected him to be allocated some of the budget to select his picks.

Tim Steidten will be looking to make one big January signing to make a difference at West Ham

Tricky dilemma: Steidten needs to be allowed to make West Ham signings

David Moyes has been appeased with the loan signing of Kalvin Philips, and Steidten, it seems, has identified Osman as the left-winger who can go on and achieve big things in the game. I’m not entirely sure how much of the story of Steidten being overruled I believe, but if it’s true, it’s not a healthy situation.

Back him or sack him dilemma

The German would be well within his rights to reassess his situation at West Ham if he feels that he’s no longer being backed. Identifying players and signing them is probably 90% of Steidten’s job. If we remove or over officiate his ability to do his job, then he may well ask, “What’s the point?”

We’d certainly leave ourselves open to another club offering him the opportunity to run a recruitment department without constraints. It might all be nonsense, of course, but if it’s not, West Ham could find themselves on the lookout for a new director of football

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  • Eug says:

    I don’t think the issue here is Steidten, is not being backed over Ibrahim Osman. I believe his position is to identify top young up and coming talent at a reasonable price before they become over expensive. There will all ways be a risk because there are no guarantee’s. But at the right price it’s worth the risk. With Ibrahim Osman Steidten may well have identified a potential good player, but the risk is to great at 25 M Euro’s. That’s the issue here.
    At that price it’s just not worth the risk. At 15 M Euro’s the deal fits Steidten’s criteria. But not at 25 M Euro’s.

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