Steidten Halts Brazil Scouting Mission

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Tim Steidten is currently in Germany scouting players participating in Euro 24, which is being held in in his homeland.

The Hammers’ director of football spent two weeks in Brazil closing the Luis Guilherme deal and is expected to fly back to South America to finalise deals on other targets if necessary.

For the moment, his focus is on Europe and specifically Euro 24. The club has understandably refused to comment on which individuals Steidten might be watching in Germany, but it’s probably fair to say they’re not English.

Scouting for players on the eve of a new season does appear to contradict the stories of West Ham having an already established list of targets. Therefore, it’s safe to assume that anyone Steidten is watching during the Euros has already been extensively scouted and this is just an ‘eyes-on’ final look before making a bid.

Either that, or good old Tim is just having a jolly-up in his homeland on David Sullivan’s company credit card… and who can blame him?

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  • Hammeroo says:

    I can blame him! Where’s the other Brazilian players we were expecting to sign while he was over there? One player isn’t going to cut it. I hope Tim has more sway in his homeland!

  • Benny the Aussie says:

    I’m quietly hoping Tim has it all in hand and he is just casting his eyes like Gonzo said, before placing a bid.
    I’m still trying to figure out if the 50mil for our budget is smoke and mirrors? I hope so because we need a rebuild

  • D.f.butcher says:

    Trouble is we ain’t got European football to tempt anyone, should have ditched Moyes sooner and gone for a new manager bounce to get us over the line?

    • Hammeroo says:

      You can blame David Sullivan for that! Now we are seeing the consequences of his reluctance to sack Moyes. And it has been said that Alvarez might want to leave for Man U where he could get European football – if he recovers from his hamstring injury soon. There seem to be more players wanting out than wanting in right now. Glass half empty?

  • Paul Taylor says:

    Steidten should be scouting the Copa America tournament as he seems so kean on the Brazilian and the South American market. I’ve not seen any promising, unexposed and exciting young players so far during the Euro’s . Most international teams seem reliant on tried and tested very experienced player’s so it’s difficult for younger player’s to get much game time. Let’s hope he can find a couple of exciting prospects, a CB and a CF would be good.

  • whistler says:

    Something does’nt ring true.
    If our transfer pot is so small then why are we going in with a third bid for kilman?

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