Steidten’s Gamble or Defensive Gem?

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West Ham United are edging closer to signing Brazilian defender Vitão from Internacional, according to Revista Colorada. The move highlights the club’s faith in Director of Football Tim Steidten’s ability to unearth hidden gems.

Steidten, known for spotting overlooked talent, identified Vitão as a potential solution to West Ham’s defensive woes. The 24-year-old Brazilian fits the profile: tall, strong, quick, and athletic.

Reports suggest West Ham are pushing for a swift conclusion to the deal, with a potential announcement as early as next Monday. An initial offer of £6.8 million has been made, but Internacional are holding out for closer to £8.5 million.

On paper, Vitão seems to be the answer West Ham have been searching for in central defence. His physical attributes directly address the leaky defence that plagued us all last season.

However, a shadow of doubt hangs over the transfer due to Vitão’s lack of European experience. Some fans believe his arrival might be part of a larger defensive overhaul, potentially accompanied by the signing of a more established central defender.

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  • Phil McDonald says:

    A shadow of doubt hangs over every transfer. Guilherme hasn’t played in Europe either. But Steidten has already done enough to at least get the benefit of the doubt. And after dithering Dave(s) he’s a breath of fresh air. Are you a glass half empty person in all aspects of your life?

    • Hammerpete6 says:

      Totally agree Phil McDonald I’m also sick of this negative nonsense. The reason we’ve got Tim Steidten is to find the talent and secure it, and he does that. Compare and contrast Julen and Tim to David Moyes, no contest. A bit of belief and backing required here.

      • Kane says:

        Respected points. But is Brazil full of more or less gems than the UK? Also just because those players can, may or should go on to be world class. Do they or do we fit them?
        Brazil when playing football manager sounds amazing.
        Back in the premier league, it’s a different balll game

    • Awis says:

      Agree with your statement sir. Yes not all wonderkids players do wonders in the long run however, it’s all to the gem players to step up & improve themselves.

  • My middle leg says:

    Earlier in the week you told us West Ham had no chance of getting him as Nottingham forest had flexed their financial muscles 😂😂
    Either you think we’re all idiots or maybe it’s just you 🤔

  • Al says:

    He’s literally played in Europe. Jeez

  • Graham says:

    So the Ukraine isn’t in Europe? Things you learn on C&H huh. It seems Simon Leylandis intent on running a once half decent website into the floor with his hourly nonsense, Shame.

    • Archie Andrews says:

      He should go on a panel with Keys Deeney Merson cos they spout **** all the time and how square head can call anybody a weasel is beyond me

  • Pongo says:

    We have heard so much tripe coming out of this supposed in the know man whose close contacts with the board are just to spout clap trap to make it look like sullivan is ambitious, which we all know isn’t true, we have heard kilman, toney and lots of other big names being banded about on here, and as I said weeks ago it won’t happen, and what i predicted was cheap signings, free transfers or unproven sorts. Was I correct yes of course i was, sofar we have a young unproven talent, possibly a free transfer gk and a cheap defender 8 to 9 million pounds possibly on his way to us, even though we hears on here that Notts forest had high jacked the deal with their financial muscle. 😂😂😂😂😂 Financial muscle my arse. There just like us and will go for the unproven cheap as chips sorts just as we do.

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