Steidten’s Tough Transfer Decision

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West Ham, led by Tim Steidten, appears to be targeting one from a choice of three wingers to bolster Julen Lopetegui’s squad ahead of the forthcoming season.

The first player linked with the Hammers is Corinthians’ 19-year-old starlet Wesley. The left winger has shown improved form since West Ham first expressed interest earlier this year, and it is understood that an £18 million fee had been agreed between the clubs. Subsequent reports appeared to contradict that claim, however there does appear to be genuine interest.

Next on the list is Vitória de Guimarães’ Portuguese wide man Jota Silva. At 24 years of age, Silva brings more experience than Wesley and boasts a significantly superior goals and assists record. Steidten is understood to have scouted Silva extensively although talk has cooled in recent days.

The latest player to be linked with West Ham is Luis Guilherme Lira dos Santos, an 18-year-old Brazilian winger from Palmeiras. Despite his youth, Guilherme is considered to have the highest potential among the three contenders. Football transfer expert Fabrizio Romano has suggested that West Ham is close to completing a deal for the player, with a rumoured transfer fee of €30 million.

It appears to be a straight shootout between these three targets, with West Ham’s director of football, Tim Steidten, traveling to Brazil to finalise the signing of Guilherme. Regardless of which player joins, it is an exciting time for West Ham, marking a departure from their usual practice of completing transfers at the end of the window.

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  • Westham64 says:

    I’m seeing a marked change in approach by Steidten. We appear to be scouting and monitoring younger players whose potential indicates that we would be looking to trade them over a season or two to “Champions League” clubs whose spending power is greater than ours. I’ve got no issue with this if, say, over 5 to 10 years of buying low and selling high we also put ourselves on a financial footing that allows us to compete with the so called big 6 at home and potentially reach the hallowed ground of the Champions League ourselves. Interesting times.

  • Jeeps says:

    There has been over 21 strikers associated with whu and transfer season hasn’t started yet.
    One of the latest is Wilfred Saha, hardly a spring chicken.
    May seem like it’s a 3 horse race but there are still many more runners.
    Decision will probably go down to the wire maybe eleventh hour.

  • mrcynical says:

    I think after thourough background and stat checks that Tim goes through with players i believe that once presented with the options the manager will say yes i like this one go get him then Tim informs Sullivan and he asks is he the cheapest? if not look again!

    • Graham says:

      Your name sums up your comments. Just look at the amount of money Moyes was given and that nullifies your thoughts. So many stone age fans making comments on here recently.

      • IronItOut says:

        Well just to make you aware, most of the money Moyes spent was generated by Moyes team and his runs in Europe. It was money the club earned from being successful. In fact throughout the whole of the Moyes tenure, Sullivan very rarely had to put his hand in his pocket!

  • Dave says:

    I am a long standing Season Ticket holder and I have supported West Ham for nearly 50 years.
    For what my opinion is worth, I would just like to say that, I am watching West Ham again, with interest, even though a ball has not even been kicked under the new regime; it has definitely got my attention. Why?

    This is an entirely new direction for the club and no mistake. Gone, hopefully at least, are the days of non-stat related, appalling signings or colossal wastes of money. All I can say is that, Steidten thus far, even with his hands allegedly tied behind his back by a manager with a final veto on signings, has already unearthed incredible gems. Look at Kudus, Moyes allegedly didn’t want him. 100m now? Yes. Thank heavens the club did not sign Phillips on a 40m permanent, which is jist one example out of a sloshing basketfull of multimillion pound squanderings. There are too many to list.

    This, therefore, to me at least, is a refreshing approach, and one which defintely smacks of moden day football, and it is modern day football the club need if we are to get anywhere.

    They might not get this right, the jury is out, but it has been right so far and I am just glad that the frustration has lifted, and Steidten has now been set free. Brilliant! Thank heavens!

    I am personally loving Supersonic Steidten’s efforts and I don’t buy the sentimental rubbish anymore. Look at our managerial/coach decision. The club acted like lightning and with many top clubs having already lost their own managers and now seeking replacements, our club have been proven correct.

    It also seems like Supersonic Steidten is altlready at it in the transfer market, way before tine and any other clubs, nd has been for months.

    I am utterly for this, and I also renewed my ST on this basis; no matter what happens. I genuinely could not watch another season under David Moyes, even though I thought he was a gentleman. No sentimentality, and a business first approach has literally got my vote, and my money.

    Long may it continue.

    Come on Supersonic Steidten.

    I am just going to get behind the new coach until he proves me wrong…..and Stedtem replaces him, or not.


    • Paul says:

      Dave….. I’ve been a supporter for 70 years and your summing up completely endorses my views. I was tossing up whether to renew but as soon as Moyes went, I did just that. Iam really excited for entertaining football and long may it continue.

  • Raymond Burke says:

    I think the three horse race for a winger seems very shrude. As long as it’s just a small quota of candidates and doesn’t turn into the Grand National.

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