Stoke city star warns Arnautovic

CharlieStoke midfielder Charlie Adam has warned Marko Arnautovic he has to improve if he is to be accepted by West Ham fans.

“He will need to improve because he’s going to be the record signing, and the West Ham fans, they won’t take anything,” he told Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast on Talksport radio.

They won’t take him not tracking back, covering the full-back, helping his own full-back – they will be on him so he’ll have to improve.”

“Maybe at our place he can get away with it a little bit because going forward he’s a match winner and coming to a team like West Ham they need someone like that.

“He’s got the talent to go play for one of the big ones but he’s going to West Ham because sometimes going back the way he doesn’t do as well as he should do.”

“He was in yesterday saying his goodbyes and it’s a shame because he’s been excellent for us over the four years he’s been there, he’s been terrific on the pitch and off the pitch as well.”


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21 comments on “Stoke city star warns Arnautovic

  1. Very true and let’s hioe a move brings out the best of him that u see in Austria or when he is really on.
    Sometimes a move gets more out of a player and I hope it does ses him become more consistent bc if he does he will be brilliant. Should hold onto Ayew see others who think we should sell but need him to compete w Marko and hopefully push each other. Bc Ayew has the better record in premier with 18 goals in 59 games seaoson in half and Marko 26 in 143 apps 4 seasons.Marko has a good cross tho and his assists will be welcome but what surprises me is he scores most from right foot and has nevered scored a header in premier league which for his size is strange. Ayew has think 8 from left 5 right 5 head I believe somewhere about.
    But both good players who can push each other

  2. Charlie’s got the assollee , even if his comments are correct , you dont make statements like that , mind you it suits him , dirty swettysock 🙂

  3. All you can do is judge him when he plays for us.Its always different amongst fans what they see in a player.Look at last season,you had some fans said Ayew & Calleri were lazy while others thought they put in good shifts.
    I dont particulaly like Adam on the pitch,he is a snide dirty little tosser imo.

  4. Childish comments from Charlie keep your opinions to yourself in that position. It shows more class but he is in the twilight of his career which is goin downhill at a rapid pace. Na na na na na

  5. I don’t like him but that has been the comments out of stoke from their supporters about him that he doesn’t always apply himself to the defensive side of the game and often wants to be purely on offence, well I am sure Cresswell will get into him if he doesn’t do that for us but hopefully we will see the best of him, am looking forward to it COYI !!!

  6. Adam isa p****

    A dirty one too.

  7. I think you have fans of every team who have a moan up about their attackers not doing enough defensively….at different stages of seasons i have read it about Lanzini Payet Feghouli Ayew etc etc…If your winning games no one says anything….lose a few and it all starts…

  8. Spending this kind of money on a mediocre player at best is a joke….lets hope Bilic has got it right as he must be running out of lives now with his other grave errors in judgement….

  9. I think we should judge him on the first 10 min,s 🙂 thats more than fair IMO , give him a chance , that’s more than ample 🙂 🙂 🙂

  10. Well pidge has him written off already…lets forget the ten mins Lazarus..lol

  11. Evedently the doctor at the medical asked him to go back to the office for his results and Arnie told him to feckoff 🙂 🙂 cress well would pick em up tomorrow 🙂 🙂

  12. Little fat Charlie Adams giving a lecture on running back lol. You couldn’t make it.

  13. There has been a lot of stuff about W Ham’s ‘highest paid player ever’etc & although I would not call him mediocre it does seem an awful lot for what he is. I think the way to look at it is that it’s the result of wage inflation coming from another injection of tv dosh. I haven’t paid an awful lot of attention to the transfers going on at other clubs but if what we are paying for A&H is in line with what Chelsea Man U & City are paying for their superstars (& with what Leicester & Bournemouth are paying for e.g. Defoe) then just go with the flow.

  14. I was in a bad mood last night when I called Adam a *****
    I have slept on it & had a think about it. He is still a *****
    The stufff about tracking back is probably correct but the time and place showed up Adam more than Arnautovic. At least Arnautovic has the chance to improve. Adam is only going one way.

    • Lol 64. I like a man that takes time to reflect on his opinion. I have too and I still think Adams is a fat dirty little git.

    • All right 64 , certificate on its way 🙂 any more then their a tenner each 🙂 🙂

  15. Forget the transfer fees…forget the wages..thats for the pen pushers too worry about…if they can accomodate the fees and wages in the budget then as fans just enjoy the football..

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