Striker hunt has been a FOUR year embarrassment

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West Ham United’s striker woes seem like a never-ending story. The hunt for a long-term replacement for Michail Antonio continues, with reports suggesting a reignited interest in young French striker Elye Wahi. But is Wahi the answer, or will this be another failed attempt?

For a long time now, West Ham have desperately searched for a striker who can not only fill the void left by Antonio’s injury struggles but also seamlessly integrate into the system. Unfortunately, their efforts have been met with disappointment.

Th issues can probably be tracked further back than the quest to replace Sebastien Haller. In fact, we could go back to David Moyes first stint to find a time where the club had little or no idea how to incorporate Javier Hernandez.

A new manager often brings a fresh perspective, and Julen Lopetegui‘s arrival might be the catalyst for change. With a revamped system, West Ham has a renewed opportunity to find the missing piece upfront.

While the managerial change brings a sense of hope, the continued links to previously targeted strikers like Guirassy, En-Nesyri and many others suggest a lack of clear direction. However, the emergence of Wahi’s name offers a glimmer of something different.

West Ham’s long-standing admiration for the 21-year-old is no secret. Wahi, himself, seems open to a move, adding another layer of intrigue to this potential transfer. His impressive goalscoring record at Lens and Montpellier highlights his undeniable talent and potential.

Despite his young age, Wahi already boasts three seasons of Ligue 1 experience, making him a mature prospect despite his age. This blend of youth and experience could be exactly what West Ham needs.

West Ham might face a significant financial challenge to secure Wahi’s signature. With his recent move to Lens, his price tag will likely be high.

Despite the potential cost, signing Wahi would be a bold statement from West Ham and Tim Steidten . It would signal a clear shift towards building a squad with a long-term vision. However,  this is could be yet another name added to the list of failed striker acquisitions.

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  • B says:

    West Ham’s struggles to buy superstar goal scoring strikers probably goes all the way back to the days of Cottee/McAvennie.

    A long succession of players with underwhelming returns is far longer than the list of successes.

    However. Every Premiership club is equally ’embarrassed’ in this endeavour, not just West Ham

  • Pongo says:

    The propaganda department of West ham United still spewing out garbage as usual in the last year alone we must have heard that we are interested in this player and that player and even more laughable is that we supposedly enquired about kyllian mbbappe, in total more than 150 names at the last count and out of all of those we sign Ed 4 last season, mavropanus, alverez, kudos, and ward prowse, and here we go as usual with the normal bulls**t we are interested in all of those signings, really well if we were really interested we would have made it happen by now, and yet we are supposed to be getting all our business done early and just how many have we signed thus far, oh yeah a big fat zero, considering pre season is only 5 or 6 weeks away and we are 8 players light from our squad it looks like West ham are going to in another relegation fight next season and with our lack of defence and the amount of goals we concede I think we will be bankers to go down. So why do you spill out all this claptrap. It certainly doesn’t help the club at all, why don’t you just concentrate on the players that have been signed instead of the rumours and trying to make it seem like west ham are ambitious, well the answer to that is that sullivan isn’t ambitious oh yeah and we haven’t actually signed anyone. But you do have the bulls**t down to a fine art. I reckon your getting all your info from the daily star!

  • Simon says:

    Seems C&H has changed over the last 2 months not just the web site design. Clear focus on getting people to click to improve advertising revenue. Shame used to be my go to site for facts not gossip.

  • Conrad wilcox says:

    Am I right in saying that we have used 53 center forwards since gold/ sullivan took over? I have to admit I really did like Samacca

  • D says:

    Calm down Pongo the transfer window hasn’t opened yet it opens on Friday at the same time as the Euros.
    You can start venting your spleen after that…… .

    • B says:

      Pongo may have not spleen left to vent by then…. unless they change out his regular for decaf.

      Not quite sure of his point though, football gossip has been around since I can recall, it’s followed by millions, and gives us something to get excited about in the off-season….

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