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Sullivan announces ‘top class manager on the way’

David Sullivan has used the club’s official website to claim the club is entirely confident of appointing a “high profile” manager.

And he adds that he can explain that the chosen one will have a “proven record in Premier League and European football.”

In an unusual move, the co chairman announced the club expects to make an announcement within seven days.

He said:  “I would like to reassure our supporters that we have left no stone un-turned in selecting the individual we believe is the right man to take West Ham United forward.

“We have followed a process that is progressing entirely to plan and are now very close to reaching an agreement.

“This is an exciting time for our football club. We are preparing to appoint a manager who has a proven record of success at the highest level of the game.”


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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

18 comments on “Sullivan announces ‘top class manager on the way’

  1. It’ll be Rafa!


  3. Does he never learn?! What a ****. He must be referring to Rafa or Pellegrini but until either of them have signed on the dotted line keep you trap shut. Only setting himself up for yet another fall.

  4. It’s obvious Benitez is signed sealed and delivered and has has been the man in waiting for the last few years. If not him then some other manager has obviously been signed sealed and they are just sorting out minor details before he is announced. While this may be good news going forward it would have been much better if Moyes had been given a chance, a years contract to show what he can do and reward him for doing a good job of what he was asked to do and Benitez had served out the last year of his contract with Newcastle knowing he had the West Ham job in the bag should Moyes not work out. Whilst a fresh manager might help paper over the cracks of a bad season for the owners and appease the malcontents and keyboard warriors and deflect criticism away from the board ( at least for a time until they start calling for Benitez out or whoever the New manager is. It won’t be long believe me) it still leaves a sour taste in the mouth and doesn’t detract from the shabby underhand way in which Moyes Pearce’s and the rest of his backroom team have been treated.

  5. Outside bet could be Lady Brady’s Ex Arsenal mate Mr Wenger!!!!!!!

  6. Please not Pellegrini. I can almost understand Rafa most of the time. Also he does not look like he is about to burst into tears all the time. That is not a good start if you are coming to West Ham.

  7. Benitez seems the only realistic possibility; and then only an outside chance.
    If it’s him then I will support him, but he is no great improvement on Moyes.
    Moyes deserved his chance to carry on his good work. Rafa will have to strip it down and begin all over again ( yet again ).
    The only major difference between Rafa and Moyes is that Rafa has a funny foreign name and a funny foreign accent. Of course that turns the crank for some people. For me that doesn’t make it worth it to reset the clock to zero every few months.
    5 managers in the 8 year reign of the 2 Davids already !!!! How embarrassing.

  8. Who is the “we” he is referring to? David Gold wanted Moyes to carry on and the Baroness is too busy with her TV work and writing her next Sun column!
    He’s using the “Royal we” isn’t he ?

  9. Pellegrini is still odds on with Ladbrokes. I think it is him. Don’t see how he could have got that far down the line to be confident of wrapping it up in a week with Rafa without some leaks.

  10. Just when I thought it could get no worse Sullivan pops up – and goes further in totally destroying the great name of our club amongst true football fans and people.

    I am so incensed by this latest pronouncement I have to rant –

    I used to classify myself as moderate and relaxed re Sullivan and Brady believing they had done a good job and as a club we were heading in the right direction – until this past awful season and the true grimy personalities of Sullivan and Brady have shown themselves to the fore. How wrong could I have been.

    I don’t believe David Gold can be in the picture other than in name and as a figurehead – who in their right minds states he hopes Moyes stays on the night before Sullivan summararily dismisses him and his terrific back room staff in the most appalling manner.

    They appear to have no care for the good name and values of our great club.

    Please not Pellegrini, nor Raneiri. Rafa I could take but thats about it.

    What will we get this summer? More spin, more lies, more expectations on transfers and how great they will be…..never to materialise – laughably more hints about how unbelievably hard Sullivan is working on our club’s behalf, pictures on an operating table on the phone – as if anyone is taken in by such hogwash.

    What he doesn’t get is we don’t want him to work hard on our behalf. He totally cocks things up and was with Brady totally responsible for the total mess of last season. We want the professional football people to do it.

    Whats clear to me is Sullivan and Brady are totally disconnected from the true fans, our values and the club, I truly hope I am wrong but I am more than convinced they will take us in the wrong direction, every utterance from the two of them is an nothing short of an abomination. Roll on the day they can sell up and good riddance to the lot of them.

    So B’er off Sullivan and Brady and the sooner the better.

    My apols but rant over

    Have a happy summer everyone

  11. “In an unusual move” What’s unusual about Sullivan gobbing off the day after the club announce “The Club will be making no further comment until a new managerial appointment is confirmed.” ?

  12. My money is on the Tinker Man. Sullivan comments rule out most of the list (“has managed in prem and in Europe”), that leaves the two big names, or Ranieri, who left his club today. That’s assuming it’s not Ancelotti or Hoddle or some other remote possibility.

    I don’t think they will pay for/get either Benitez or Pellegrini, so Tinker Man at 16-1 will do for me..

  13. Why doesn’t he realise that “high profile” doesn’t necessarily equal “good”? Speaking personally, I don’t care whether we have a manager that everyone knows, provided we get a manager with a decent CV, a good record, and a will to win. It’s the same with always wanting to buy a striker for £25m – I’ll happily take a player that costs £2m but has a goalscoring record.

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