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Sullivan confirms Carroll issue

sully1Andy Carroll will be missing from action for up to a fortnight with a groin problem

Jack Sullivan has today confirmed precisely what ClaretandHugh told you last week – that the big striker has issues with an ongoing groin injury.

We reported that AC had headed straight for Spire Roding Hospital on his return from the squad’s tour of the United States where he underwent a scan on the groin problem after continuing to be troubled by problems in the area.

Carroll has made the trip to Austria and hopefully will make progress although Sullivan jnr has claimed he will be out for about two weeks despite pictures emerging of the striker in training.

Questioned by a follower on Twitter (above) about the injury Jack made it clear that Carroll was indeed injured and would be out for “about two weeks.”




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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

20 comments on “Sullivan confirms Carroll issue

  1. Does anybody else feel like we are the only fans to keep continually getting kicked in the bolloxs with the same old crap ! Ffs when will the penny finally drop on this bloke !
    So that’s no forward line now , let’s hope for a light to steer us clear of the problem ?
    2 weeks , a groin ? Fucc right off ! 4-6 at least !!!! This is carol we are talking about !

  2. And so it begins again with our 90k a week so called striker, no doubt we’ll be hearing how ****ing indispensable he is, how he’s unique and unplayable on his day by the all knowing intellectuals elsewhere while they totally forget this bloke has cost a fortune for delivering next to **** all for 3 years.

  3. Just wait for the two week period to end,then we will get the update…”Unfortunately the injury is more serious than first thought”…I can see it already.

  4. hahaha… The Unplayable (considering he’s always injured) Calamity Andy… he’s the winner of the prize “Bargain of the century”… the prestigious award will be given to his father, Sir Samuel Allardyce of Dudley… lol 😀

    • Yeah a big thank you to the Hippo for delivering this walking advert for BUPA.. Thanks Hippo for turning down Bony and wanting the flop from Liverpool you are the wisest of all managers you deserve a reward how about the England job FFS.

    • Ha ha , yes matte ,
      Sam alardice of dudley = sad !!!!

  5. The same calamity Andy who scored home and away against Chelsea, a hat trick against Arsenal, at Leicester and against Liverpool? At least he wants to play for us….

    • Yeah… I’d give him a raise considering the poor Andy is honouring us with his presence… he deserves a loyalty bonus, 90k a week to do nothing for 3 years are peanuts… 😉

    • Yes the one and only ,
      Great on the park , WHEN FIT , Ffs no body is questioning his ability , just his fitness or should we say lack of it ?
      He’s a crock , anyway you want to look at it .

  6. So he seems to be out in Austria training.Training for what? An audition for the sound of music?

    • Lool… 😉

    • It goes like this ?
      Farewell , so long , aufviedasein adure ! ( no effin chance )
      He had the chiek to say he can’t wait for the season to start and in the next breath he says he will PROBABLY miss a couple of pre seasons friendly’s,

      Or is it the hills are alive with with Andy’s bull****tttte !

      • Strange happenings on our sites tonight.Mention of The Sound Of Music on here & Wetlands are wittering on about operas.FM what’s going down lmao.Now I fully expect it fom them but on here is spooky lol

        • Its to do with the educational cariculum Stan as debated on the Sunday politics show , its to do with removing the arts and emphasising more on the sciences ,
          We thought we would show compassion favouring the arts , what’s you’re preference Stan , the arts or infatuation of the science vocation of wet pants !
          Where thesis and anti thesis rule the thumb of the outcome .
          The arts or both , difficult one this ?
          Maybe you’re vote could sway it .

  7. Don’t like all the hate against Carroll, by all means he is injury prone (at best), but as mentioned above he wants to play for us and there was is no attitude bull****. He can do a great job when fit (arguments against?)… is it only me that has not forgotten all the soft tissue injuries in general ( think back last autumn), maybe we should have another look at that.

  8. Not to worry , when Big Sam’s England’s Manager Carroll will be playing for England !!!

  9. When fit iron , or come back worse than when he went , if that’s possible .?

  10. So carol now says he is not injured , it wasn’t true ?
    Well there we have it folks , We are all thick ???
    He can’t wait till the season starts but might miss a few pre season friendly’s ,while he builds his fitness up ?? Yes OK carol ! Its a precautionary , just in case !
    Playing tonight then Andy , get that fitness up and running ??

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