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Sullivan Finds Unlikely Ally in Jordan

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West Ham co-owner David Sullivan is back in the spotlight following David Moyes‘ departure from the club.

The way West Ham handled Moyes’ exit has been met with criticism, especially from media figures who support Moyes. However, consider the fact that the club’s decision to explore alternatives could be seen as justified given Moyes’ initial hesitation to sign a new contract and fan concerns about his playing style.

While Sullivan’s handling of the situation could have been improved, the club was in a difficult position. Delaying a decision on a replacement manager would have resulted in criticism as well. Put simply, if West Ham had allowed Moyes to walk without lining up a replacement it would have been negligent.

Surprisingly, Simon Jordan, a former Crystal Palace owner with a history of criticising Sullivan, has come to his defence. Jordan highlights that West Ham offered Moyes a new contract in February, which he didn’t sign at the time.

He argues that West Ham shouldn’t have been expected to wait until Moyes’ contract expired without exploring other options. Jordan also places some blame on Moyes himself for not initiating contract negotiations sooner.

All in all, we could have handled this a lot better. The Ruben Amorim situation was not a good look, However, it comes back to an an employee (Moyes) with an expired contract who needed to be replaced.

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  • Ess_Bee says:

    It’s hilarious that these pundits are making such statements! They don’t know what was said between Moyes and the board. They just make assumptions. Moyes will have been fully aware of what was going on. His contract ran out this summer and therefore would have had to reapply for the position as manager… like in any other f***ing business!
    Pundits are getting money for sweet FA!

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