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DS: “If we don’t bring anyone in it is not the end of the world”

LEWISWest Ham co-chairman David Sullivan has been speaking to the Daily Mirror’s Darren Lewis

On the sale of Sakho Sullivan said: “He is not for sale until we get players in. Until we bring strikers in, we simply cannot let strikers go.

“James Tomkins was different because we had a surplus in the centre-half department. But until we get at least a couple of strikers we can’t let any forward go.”

DLOn landing a top striker Sullivan told Lewis: “The problem is every striker you go for, there are 10 others clubs interested in him. So the player is just hanging about looking to get the best deal. I can’t say I blame him.”

Sullivan added: ”I would say to people if we don’t bring anyone in it is not the end of the world as we were the fourth highest scorers in the Premier League last season – and we haven’t lost a striker.

“In a perfect world I would like to think we will bring in a top class striker but we’ve all got limits on what we can pay. I am a little concerned because I’d like to have signed one by now. But it is what it is.”

On Andy Carroll Sullivan said: “Andy has just had the best six months he has ever had for the club and now he has had a couple of operations he should be over all his injuries.So hopefully he should have an injury-free season and get 15-20 goals.”

According to Darren Lewis West Ham have offered Carlos Bacca a deal worth around £90,000-a-week.

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9 comments on “DS: “If we don’t bring anyone in it is not the end of the world”

  1. Well that’s reassuring, after banging on at the end of the season about how we’re going to sign a striker and now it doesn’t matter if we don’t get one. But we have one striker who will probably refuse to play and another striker who also wants out but at least he traveled with the squad. Andy I love him but you know he will get injured so who we left with? Fletcher and Martinez don’t get me wrong both could be good for the future but are they ready now? I doubt it. This looks very worrying to me the only upside is that Calleri looks like he might be joining but again unproven.

  2. And AC is injured right now does no one tell the owners,
    Why not keep quite until a deal is done,and no other clubs go through this bull to sign players it’s like it every year,it not loosing players to better clubs or richer clubs that hurt it when championship clubs and lower tier clubs pinch the player. Why we are counting our green shield stamps,

  3. His comments are not logical , Ffs he sounds confused to me , lost the plot , so everything is honky dory then Dave is it , nothing to worry about !
    Looooooool, its tongue in cheek isn’t it , someone needs to have a word surely ?
    Everyone’s taking the pee out of the club , the only striker were likely to get is on the side of a swan Vesta box,
    The thing is sullys matches are damp !!

  4. Why don’t we go after Daniel Sturridge? Tried and tested goal scorer in the Premier League.

    • Because he’s a sick note probably ?
      Mind you he could keep carol company lol .

      • Still probably the best striker in the Country.
        Because we cannot attract the very top strikers, we are now looking at paying top dollar for untried and tested unknowns with no guarantee that they will be able to do it in the premier league. Some of the names being banded about are costing double what we will receive for Sakho and Valencia and not necessarily as good.
        I believe Sturridge would be a lot better choice.

  5. So what do we see here? Tactics, Lies or Delusion or any combination of the above I guess. For someone who likes to talk a lot he doesn’t half come out with a lot of self defeating twaddle. The only argument for it is to keep the fan base informed but if this is what he calls information then it can only aggravate the fan base who know full well that what he says bears no relation to the reality.

    So a few pointers Mr Sullivan.
    1) Our top scorer is still on holiday, isn’t a striker and may not even be at the club the coming season (god forbid)

    2) The strikers who started or featured last season have either gone, are going, injury prone or not good enough as yet.

    3) There is not a chance in hell that AC will remain injury free all season, you don’t cure the fundamental problems he has and his own son told us in the last couple of days he will be out for a couple weeks (though I can’t say if this is accurate, misinformed or whatever, however having said it it contradicts his father’s hopes and claims).

    4) Sakho won’t even play for the club and we now know that all the claims of injury both from him and the club to explain these multiple events are simply not true.

    5) Valencia also wants out and though a decent pro is simply not suitable for UK football. Equally he would hardly want to get cup tied.

    6) The youngsters will only play a minor part in the coming season unless a totally unexpected breakthrough occurs.

    So we can see that in no way are we fit to play a season without new recruits in that position, so then we are back to the options I gave above as to why Sullivan would make those particular comments. Whatever the answer it would have been far better to say nothing, or simply, if that is too much for him to cope with, say he has nothing new to add. How the hell does he think the press through to the fan base are going to respond to this having only a few months ago when season tickets were being promoted he was claiming on TV that he might have to spend 20, 30, 40 mill to get the striker we need. He may think we are idiots but probably best not to effectively say it to our faces.

  6. There are plenty of Forwards out there that would come to us if we go about it in the right way,
    Look how we treated Sak before he came to us, brought him here made him do a medical sent him back in tears argument over no money
    Then rushed over to sign him for mega money,
    Since then we have thrown him bread crumbs and talked for months about other strikers,then we moan when he wants to leave,
    Enner was going great guns with Sak until AC decided to play then he could not play with AC and nothing has gone right since,
    We played Emineke every game and made him sit waiting for a chance and that worked out well,
    If Enner goes to Swansea he will be successful and be a cheap bargain,
    We need to get our finger out,Bring in Bony and Barahino with Callagrie after the Olympics,
    Let the other 2 leave and get the season going,that won’t cost the earth 2 Daves and leave us in a better place,

  7. “We need to get our finger out,Bring in Bony and Barahino with Callagrie after the olympics”.

    Best line i think you have ever written bubs.

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