Sullivan offers help to homeless hero man

steve2The story of a homeless man in Manchester called Steve Jones who helped after the cowardly terrorist attack which killed 22 people has touched West Ham United’s co-owner, David Sullivan.

Speaking on ITV, Steve told viewers: “Just because I’m homeless doesn’t mean that I’ve not got a heart. I’m still human still. They needed the help, I’d like to think that someone would come and help me if I needed the help. It’s just instinct to go and help, if someone needs your help and it was children. I mean, it was children with a lot of blood all over them.”

Sullivan is desperately looking to find Steve because he wants to give him six months free accommodation and some money to help him out. Sullivan was a guest on BBC Radio 5Live yesterday and said: “It looks like he needs some help, so we are desperate to find who he is and give him six months free accommodation and a little bit of money to help him on his way.”


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13 comments on “Sullivan offers help to homeless hero man

  1. Respect to DS. What the guy really needs long term is work, a bit of training but this is a decent gesture.

  2. Total, total respect for this offer from DS. Whilst it doesn’t guarantee that this bloke will beat forever the demons that have led to his situation, it hopefully will be a massive step in the right direction. Well done again

  3. Decent Dave, he didn’t have to do anything, plenty wouldn’t.

  4. Very decent thing to do, lets hope they find the guy and help him out to getting his life back on track. Mind you don’t be surprised if DS doesn’t give him a trial to see if he can play up front and solve our striker situation……:-)

  5. Nice gesture indeed.Its rather sad that after the tragedy in Manchester and all that has happened some fans are accusing him of only do this for some self publicity.They have some pretty twisted minds when they use this situation as a way of having a dig at him.
    It has got to the stage that some of them have no limits because they are so blinkered and tunnel visioned towards finding ways to crucify the daves and brady.
    Its all a little sad in my book.

  6. Dead right Stan. As I was writing my comment above I was thinking ‘How long before he is accused of doing it for himself/ not doing enough he is loaded etc but haven’t seen any of these myself..’ What’s wrong with just looking for the good in people? The evil is easy enough to see, especially this week.

  7. I read it last night Hammer64 from a handful of fans on various sites.Thankfully not the majority but given the situation in manchester sometimes isnt it better to keep those thoughts to yourself just for once.
    Someone said he could have done it without the media coverage.Another fella made me chuckle when he replied how was he ment to do it without a media appeal,was he ment to send an email to the homeless man lol

  8. Nice one!

  9. Just read todays laughable blog on WHTID. Not satisfied with his depressing, one sided rant yesterday, he has had another go. ” I’m not a doctor” he says “so am not qualified to talk about injuries”. Then goes on (and on and on) about the psychology and mental condition of the team. So must be a shrink eh? As for quoting Leicester’s success last year as down to a sports psychologist,just laughable. What happened to him this season? Must have had a breakdown. COYI X

    • The worst or perhaps i should say scariest part of yesterdays​ blog from him was that some of them actually AGREED with him.Now not being either a sports psychologist or shrink im not sure what goes in their heads but nevertheless it is still a tad concerning lol
      But lest we forget many of them have experience in football administration management and coaching lol
      On my that blog yesterday still makes me chuckle when i think about it.

  10. With regard to some saying it’s for publicity that is nonsense a friend of mine runs a charity and DS has donated a 6 figure sum without it being made public he also donates to cancer organisations

    • But that isnt what the lame brains want to hear.I can take or leave our owners but a kind gesture is a kind gesture in my book without be sad enough to look for ulterior motives.When something like Manchester occurs to then try to turn it in to a go at one of our owners is sick minded to me.

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