Sullivan raises the Bony issue again!

sullivan_5535cDavid Sullivan has again raised the “Wilfried Bony v Andy Carroll debate”  and the big difference of opinion it cause between himself and Sam Allardyce!

The co chairman repeated that he would have signed Bony but eventually bowed to the judgement of the manager.

It means that Carroll cost him a £16 milllion transfer fee and £80k a week wages – half the Carroll deal in both cases..

He told the Telegraph: “”I would have bought Wilfried Bony – £8million and 40 grand a week. Swansea paid £12m. I had him bought for £8m.”

Swansea are understood to be willing t listen to offers for the in-form striker, who had scored nine goals this season – the same as Diafra Sakho who has revealed recently that he was a Sullivan signing






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12 comments on “Sullivan raises the Bony issue again!

  1. All this stuff doesn’t sound good for BFS’s future does it?

    David Sullivan keeps coming out with stuff that is detrimental to BFS – I personally won’t be sad to see the back of him but his replacement will be very important for us – I have no idea who that should be!

    NB – BFS saying that Zarate is not good enough for West Ham is another bone of contention between BFS and Sullivan – even if it is true (and I’m doubtful about that!) he should never have said it in public – totally unprofessional!

  2. Sam is as bad for regularly putting his foot in it, then his insistence of playing Carroll even when his form is simply not good enough, as least the owners can say it is their club, I admired Mr Gold at first on twitter, but now sometimes?? and then Mr Sullivan? Don’t know what the answer is? Sam is just stubborn!

  3. bony didn’t want to sign

  4. Mr Sullivan should stick to flogging his sex toys and porn – that’s something he does know about…he also must have authorised the money payment for Carroll, who definitely hasn’t lived up to his price. But a credit to Mr Sullivan for Sakho, who actually wanted to come to the Irons and has already done enough to prove that he is a bargain. .

    Carroll is too easy to neutralize, that’s for sure.

  5. Danielson makes a good point. He didn’t want to come. Shut up DS stop the point scoring and run the club you are doing a good job of that.

  6. More to the point,instead of banging on about a player we didnt sign he should be questioning the reasoning behind Carroll always playing while we never see Sakho/Valencia playing together anymore.Himself & Gold were raving about this pair together early in the season.Now they just sit back & watch BFS constantly pick AC with one or the other.If he has something to say about strikers then dont worry about who we could or should have signed,but worry about why the best,most exciting partnership we saw for years has now been broken up & never seen together anymore.Obviously Sakho is injured now but come on Davids,if you got something to say,say it about the ridiculous situation in front of your own eyes.Concern yourselves with what is happening on the pitch,not some geezer who didnt come to us 2 years ago.I would love to know why there seems to be no input on this situation.We read every week when they played together from pundits,ex pros such as Leroy & TC what a fantastic pairing it was but now it seems destined to be shelved for god knows how long.Im not a guy to spit my dummy about every little thing but this is doing my head in.Come on Hugh,youre a man of influence,get it sorted out 🙂

  7. You want the chairmen to pick the team then Rads

  8. Didnt say that at all.But in all honesty it wouldnt be the first time & certainly wont be the last time a chairman has picked a side.I really dont have a problem with the owners of a club questioning the managers selections if they dont make alot of sense.Why shouldnt they.They & the club pay the managers wages,he doesnt pay theirs.Perhaps i am the only one who cant workout or isnt happy with this selection policy of AC + another every match.All i know is the club is heading towards stands of disgruntled fans again if we dont start playing what we all enjoyed earlier in the season 😉

  9. How do we know they aren’t questioning him? I think what’s happened is he gave the Telegraph a long interview and rather than run it as one piece they have broken it up and putting out as separate stories.The only people happy with the Carroll thing btw are Carroll and the manager

  10. Well i certainly hope they do question it,because there is no logic behind this insistence on playing AC every game.I have no dislike of Carroll as a player,but he doesnt have a god given right to start every match,though maybe a Sam given right it appears.It just truly frustrates me Hugh,to see some of the lovely football we played with Valencia & Sakho upfront & to now be seemingly regressing back to too much of last season type football.Dont get me wrong,we are having a season beyond manys expectations but i just see alot of good work going down the pan.How long before we have a disillusioned Valencia when he ends up back on the bench.Song isnt daft,he will be watching how our football is taking a step backwards.He isnt going to want anything to do with the long ball to carroll set up.Dont know about Everton game,but i can see us going to Swansea & Anfield in the league playing AC up top on his own.Because Sam might be concerned we might try too hard to score a goal with two upfront as was his complaint after the WBA game 🙂

  11. I wrote a blog several days ago that agrees with this at all points

  12. I know,i read it.Sorry if i am repeating what you said.But i got to say Hugh,this is really bugging me.Soon i am going to find myself camped outside one of the Davids mansions with a sign saying ‘Valencia & Sakho upfront’.The more i think about this situation the more it bugs me 🙂

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