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Sullivan vows London Stadium experience will improve

David Sullivan insists the matchday experience at London Stadium will improve as the season goes on!

The new ground has had its fair share of critics over the last few months, and the Irons supremo has vowed that, while he is well aware that it is not perfect, it will continue to get better. 

He told the club’s website: “We realise the stadium is not perfect. We’re realise we’ve got to try to make it a bit better.

“It will take time to be what we want it to be and for people to get used to it. The Olympic Stadium gives us a platform for greater success but I believe it will attract better players and make us more successful over time.

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“We’re a working class club, we think it’s important we have cheap season tickets. We want to be a club with a conscience, we want to be a club that provides affordable family football.

“Over time it will be a much better match day experience. Rome wasn’t built in a day. I’d like everything to be perfect for them and I know it isn’t. But it is better than when we started.”

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A journalist with 10 years' experience of working on National newspapers, now chief reporter covering the club that I've loved since I was a boy. Upton Park remains the greatest football stadium ever built.

4 comments on “Sullivan vows London Stadium experience will improve

  1. Bolloxxx to the PR brand !!! Failed to tell us what it is he’s going to improve !!maybe a new level lofl!!! Just PR bullshyte !! Nothing can be changed !! So what’s he talking about shelves for beer and more toffee on the popcorn ! This guys skin is thicker than a rhino,s !!
    Telling us its cheap doesn’t compensate for not spending money and making insulting bids on players ! 10th march let’s see if he likes that experience 😎 so we move to a top of the range stadium to compete at the top ! But unfortunately were only a working class club ? What total bolloxxx waffle !! Just shut up ! Fekin amateurs!!!

    • For once Lazarus I do agree with you. Sullivan is talking nonsense. The trust has gone. Don’t believe a word Sullivan says, and he’s only reacting to the RWHFAG. He wouldn’t have done a thing otherwise.

  2. How? It’s fundamentally flawed as a venue for watching football, a horrific cavernous bowl in the middle of nowhere. I understand that the design of the stadium isn’t the Board’s fault but they did undoubtedly lie through their teeth about what it would be like, how far the seating would be from the pitch and so on. And ultimately, they were wrong, and the experience of watching the match is garbage in the opinion of many, I would say the majority.

  3. Let’s thank levy and Hearn for stopping us getting given that stadium,can you imagine if the tax payers hadn’t spent another near 300 mil on it as our owners wouldnt have spent money on doing it up,what on earth would it have looked like

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