Sullivan: ‘We could buy someone for £15m’

jack215 year year old Jack Sullivan has penned his second column for WHUFC.com t0 give his thoughts on the new kit, transfers, fixtures and  Europe.

On transfers the Chairman of the Youth Supporters Club says:

‘The transfer speculation continues to surround who we could bring into the Club. I know that my dad is working extremely hard to bring in new players and we are trying to get value for money. We could buy someone for £15m but it has to be right for the football club and we are not panicking as there are still seven weeks to go before the Premier League season gets underway.I am sure we will be signing more players in the next few weeks.”



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21 comments on “Sullivan: ‘We could buy someone for £15m’

  1. So Austin is a possible,
    but is it true

  2. ” David gold ” ; we were having a good season and then players started dropping like flies .
    Question : So just what did Sam Allardyce do wrong ?. And what will Bilic do that is any different , considering the ambition of finishing 10th or higher .
    I understand the fans frustrations ( and mine ) playing a kind of football that was , at best survival tactics ,, but we did survive to fight another day .
    Big Sam’s days were numbered at Newcastle ( old pals act ) and rightly so for the kind of football that showed no ambition or will to win . West Ham were betrayed at St , James park . …. But to hand Big Sam an excuse only to stab him in the back is out of order .
    He did us proud ,, but we must look forward to the new season with a new Manager .
    Hope that everything turns out right , because if it doesn’t ,,, we are Fuc@ed .
    The two David’s and West Ham fans only want to see us grow and become a Bigger force in the Prem and Europe … It’s a tough world where we must grow or die .
    Come on you Hammers ….. Vamos West Ham .

  3. ahah… nooo Kevin, forget the Genius! It looks like you’re going through some withdrawal… lol 😀

  4. Bit of negativity crept back in there Kev.Dont slip back.Dont want to have to put you in Hippo Rehab again 😀

  5. Ahh Kevin those Sam Syndrome antibiotics were three times a day after meals it looks like you’ve skipped a few,please back on them and rejoin the happy ship lol

  6. Ffs,few weeks ago we had Sully Snr telling us we could spend 30m on one player if he was exceptional.Now Jack has halved it to 15m if it was good for the club,lol.By the end of the transfer window we will be down to two quid 😉

    • Yes chicken it’s time for G & S to get some extra quality into the playing group.They seem to look at the weekly specials near their use by date with the hope of getting a bargain.It’s time to open the cheque book and show some real resolve rather than only talk about it.Off load the dead wood including Carroll to Newcastle.You only have to look at their history in the transfer market.Yes I know they were at odds with fatso about purchases but he has left the building.No more excuses. I want to see the players signed that will take us forward.They want to be like Southampton but they have signed 2 already.Our tally is 1.I hope we don’t end up as Chicken says with 2 quid specials.We have quite a few of them already.

  7. ahah.. anyway, I don’t know why Jack used this particular picture, his name with number 9… I hope he’s okay …lol 😀

    • Matte surely some of your Italian brothers with dancing feet would love to play for WHU? I didn’t mean Morrison either.Tell them to email or ring G & S ASAP thanks.

  8. Then bloody spend it on Charlie Austin. What are we waiting for – Jan 2015 all over again.

  9. I aint going to knock ’em until the window is shut.Long wat to go yet.But i really have little belief in them when it comes to the transfersThey consistently talk the talk but dont walk the walk.Start of every window we are going to sign ‘world class’ players or players ‘the fans will love’.Reality is often far from the bluster & big talk during the window.We get told to be patient but in the meantime other clubs are snapping up targets.We will see.My moneys still on Carlton back day after the window closes,lol 😀

  10. This is the two times of the year that the Daves do **** me off.They do as people say come out with these ‘we could buy a 30m player if we wanted’ comments or tell us to expect ‘a couple of world class signings’.However when it comes down to it they get excited about a 5 or 6m player like they are world beaters,lol.Either spend this type of dough on a higher class of player or keep things more level-headed & dont build things up if it aint going to happen.
    I saw a football show where the panel were discussing us & they were saying other chairmen were wondering if we were going to lay down a marker & show intent this summer by spending the cash big time.I always spat my coffee across the room,lol.Yeah sure we will 😀

  11. I saw that Rads.It was The Sunday Supplement on Sky.I was the same as you.Thought they obviously dont know the wheeler dealers G&S then.Dont think we will ever see the cash splashed while they own the club.Need a Sheik al bin ali lodsa dosh to buy us before we see that 😉

  12. Yes mate,it was the sunday supplement i saw it on.One of the guys said he had been talking to a chairman from another club who said that there were a few chairmen wondering what we would do in the market this summer.Well on 25/30m it aint going to be alot assuming that is roughly what the budget is.Might get Messis big toe i guess 😀

  13. Know what you mean lads.Yes the window hasnt opened yet but i always get an inpending feeling of doom when it comes to the Daves in the transfer market.The reoccuring theme seems to be that the window shuts,we get told how they went for some big,big names but either we got beaten at the eleventh hour or the player changed his mind at the last moment.We then end up bringing in a free agent because in 3 months they didnt fill one of the positions we were light in.Think they like us to believe we are going for these big or biggish names when the reality is they had no intention of signing them.Maybe im just cynical but it seems a regular thread running through our transfer windows.Last summer we were very fortunate with the majority of the signings who didnt cost the world but we wont always be so lucky plucking people from lower divisions or leagues!

  14. As I have said before young Jack seems to have more gumption than his father and co owner.Give the kid a go.I too have that fear of impending doom.The spuds are sabotaging the Cabaye deal and now Chelski are derailing the Song deal.Good grief!

  15. I wonder sometimes how much deals are taken away from us or we were never really realistically trying to buy some players.Not particularly these two but others.I get the feeling sometimes they like us to believe we are trying to buy some big names when infact they have little intention of buying them.They just say they are in for these names to please the fans knowing they have no way of getting them either because of the fee or the fact theses names will never come to us.As i have said before,historically i have little faith in the daves when it comes to transfer windows.Im sure we will have some free agents lined up for the days after the window shuts when they tell us all how things went pear-shaped during the window & we didnt get the chance to spend the huge amounts they were wishing to spend 😉

  16. Love a conspiracy theory Baz but I think there is substance to your claims.

  17. Wouldnt be a transfer window if we didnt have to bring in a free agent after it shuts,lol,seems every time we need to get some clubless player in after the close of the window because we didnt get the job down in the 3 months available to negotiate or get players on deals before or during the window.

  18. Maybe the 18yr old Norweigan lad we got is our big signing of the summer,lol 😀

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