‘Ordinary’ Sullivan declares: I have no desire to sell!

small_320_David_SullivanDavid Sullivan has made it clear he has no desire to sell West Ham – or even take a profit!

The co chairman – in an interview with Esquire magazine – explained:We genuinely support the club that we’re chairmen of.  We’re British, which is a declining thing. We’re not in it for the money at all. We have no desire to sell the club or take a profit. 

“We’re not some guys from America who’re just venture capitalists and see a football club as an opportunist investment; we’re just very ordinary people working very hard.”

And explaining the ethic which has seen him arrive in his present position, he said: “I’d say hard work, persistence, perseverance and common sense. I’m omnipotent in life. 

“It’s a British disease for people to say ‘it wasn’t meant to be’ when things go wrong; what you actually should be saying is ‘we haven’t got what we want – how do we get it? Let’s go again’.” 

He also speaks of his relationship with David Gold, declaring it as “very amicable” and adding: “We think very similarly. We don’t ever disagree on a decision – if one of us didn’t want to do something, neither of us would do it.

The interview in full can be read at http://bit.ly/1LAJ2Ci


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16 comments on “‘Ordinary’ Sullivan declares: I have no desire to sell!

  1. Nice talk. let’s see the walk. Go get ’em!

  2. We haven’t got what we want- how do we get it?Lets go get it,
    We haven’t got a winger IE Mose,s we haven’t got a back up centre forward IE Yilick
    You get it by spending some of our season ticket money / TV money
    Let’s go ( not again ) now and do it in 24 hours,
    DG wont disagree
    We will back you 100%

  3. ‘I’m omnipotent in life’ – what does that mean?

    I thought ‘omnipotent’ means ‘all powerful’ – ‘I’m all powerful in life’?? – no still don’t understand!

  4. The ‘ordinary man’ must be getting ready composing his message for the day after the transfer window shuts.How we tried to buy all these big names but just couldnt quite do it because of agents,players & the other clubs all dumping on us,lol

  5. Mr Sullivan if you do not want to sell the club any chance you can help Slav out with a few players as without the tools he aint got much of a chance of doing a job he loves but if you dont & we get relegated your soon sell up next season to highest bidder im not keen on you or Gold as you treat us fans like fools either put our money where your mouth is or sell up & go your making our great club laughable

  6. I really dont like the way they seem to treat fans like fools,we can guess when the window closes we will have Jack tweeting doing their dirty work,telling us how deals brokedown for a few ‘world class players’ as they like to call anyone worth more than about 5 million.They may have done many things that have helped the club but they also treat the supporters like morons sometimes.

  7. I really don’t feel like I am being treated like a moron, but I am a bit disillusioned as to the spin that comes out from some of our so called ‘insider sources’ and young Jack. Earlier in the week, JS tweeted that our striker problems will be solved by midweek…… I thought Wednesday was mid week !! Perhaps He means next mid week, or is it just the fact that we may have sold Maiga and that cures our financial situation.

  8. Ok fair enough 6 i understand what you are saying.But things like this pee me off.Ok its from Yilmazs agent but i bet there is much truth in it-
    His agent also commented on a potential move, saying: “Burak Yilmaz wants to leave and if €9 million [£6.6 million] is bid, we will approve the sale.”

    Slaven Bilic’s team have previously bid £3.5 million and £5 million, neither of which satisfied the Turkish team…..

    So we have a lack of fit strikers & we want to fart about over 1 million in what is only a 6m transfer.Its mickey mouse stuff by the club or chairmen,however you want to look at it.6m for a a recognised international with european experience,but no,we want to put in stupid undervalue bids like 3.5m,a factual amount that Galatasaray released a statement on to say they turned it down.Its a joke.

  9. And you just know what will happen.While we fanny about penny pinching someone else will come in,slam a 6m bid in & he will be off into the sunset with them!

  10. To break into the top 4 of English football and Champions Leage and all the things other clubs need you need a good manager (which imo we now have), a state of the art stadium (which we will soon have) and a stack of cash to build a world class squad (which we don’t have). We will never have the last part as long as DS and DG hold the purse strings because they do not have that kind of money. Yes they are wealthy but not Abramovich or Middle East wealthy. To get there they will have to give up control. Meantime we will always be the Trotters Independent Trading of the Premier League.

  11. All very true 4life.We even have to put up with there Del Boy type statements as well 😉

  12. Omnipotent? Does he think he’s some sort of all powerful God or something? I thought he was going to keep quiet for the rest of the season.

  13. just read we are going to offer nolan a new contract!!!!!!!!!!!! please tell me this is not true

  14. Report just out say he has left the club a few hour ago…

  15. DS I know you probably love the club but enoughs enough, you supported the fat turd with 18 million for Glass foot, 11 million for one season wonder Jarvis, 7 million for the other winger who needs to be told by his manager that he loves him, you agreed 50k a week for captain fantastic, paid 4.5 million for maiga the great, not forgetting JOB,Maynard and others you invested in at the request of the the most overrated manager in history. It’s time to support Bilic and give him the funds ,no more ****ing excuses about FFP and mugging us fans off with your ” We tried till the last minute” ********, I respect you and DG for stopping us going under but for **** sake support Slav with investment not just bargain basement ********..

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